Yvonne Schönau: "Emotions always have something to do with you!"

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Do you know people who sometimes have difficulties with emotions? The topic of emotions was the subject of the lecture by Yvonne Schoenau at the speaker night at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz in Cologne. Be curious about her model on emotional protection strategies that completely changed Yvonne's life and career.

Yvonne Schönau: "Emotions always have something to do with you!"

"We learn so many things at school and university, most of which have nothing to do with ourselves: Processes, structures, goal plans. You might know how to Visionboard you create. But not how you deal with yourself. With your own emotions," says Yvonne Schönau. Emotional Leadership" is about dealing with people again. Emotions are part of being human - whether we like it or not. They are something for the courageous. For people who want to make a difference out there in the world. Because emotions always have something to do with you. That's why you get to start with you!"

"Emotional Leadership" is the latest trend

"Emotional Leadership" is the "must have" of the 21st century, says Yvonne Schönau. "And it's also not always pleasant to suddenly be at a point in your life where you question everything. You need courage for that! But if just one person walks out of my talk here today and says that this speech changed their life, that's enough for me!"

Yvonne Schoenau: "Look at your emotions!"

Do you know people who wake up in their relationship or at work and realize that they are totally unhappy are? The realization is often painful. But it's good to take a look. With the "Emotional Leadership" program by Yvonne Schönau you are awake and clear. And therefore no longer manipulable. Not by others and not by your subconscious. Look forward to much more fun and deeper connections!

Learn to deal with negative emotions - then comes success

Emotional Leadership is important. 80% your success in life depends on the emotional quotients There are lots of studies on this. "Because you succeed especially if you have the ability to deal with unpleasant emotions. But we've all had experiences in our lives that at some point have led us to close our hearts.

4 protective strategies to deal with your emotions

For this, Yvonne Schoenau summarized her self-defined protection strategies. "They don't say anything about who you are. But only how you behave in some situations!", she says.

  1. Cactus:

"People used to make fun of me at school because I was good grades had. I was the nerd. So I built a layer around myself: I'll show you! If I don't belong, then I want to be the best in this class,'" recalls Yvonne Schönau. That's how she became top of her class. She lived the pattern of performance to perfection.

  1. Mimosa:

These guys have heard the same thing as the cactus - "you don't belong here" - but they are backing off.

  1. Birch:

Then there are people who skip their emotions. They are interested in the facts.

  1. Sea anemone

You know those people who always - especially when it's quiet - have to make jokes? That's the sea anemone. She talks and talks and talks.

Yvonne Schönau: "You make the difference!"

It is important that you recognize which model is currently at the start with you. With whom may this recognition begin? With yourself, of course! "This is 'emotional leadership'," explains Yvonne Schönau. "When you are good to yourself again, you give others the space to finally take care of themselves. Once that happens, families, companies, cities and countries can change. You make the difference!


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