With autosuggestion motivated, self-confident and happy through life

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With autosuggestion motivated, self-confident and happy through life

"If you approach the matter positively, then it will also be good!", "Think positively, otherwise it can't become anything at all!", "Positive mind, positive life!". - Well, how often have you heard these and similar sentences in your life? But you haven't really taken them seriously yet?

What sounds like just a figure of speech actually contains a kernel of truth. Your Mindset takes significantly more influence on your lifethan you might think. This is exactly what autosuggestion is based on. What it's all about, how it can change your life and how the whole thing works, we explain here.

Autosuggestion: What is it?

The word autosuggestion is composed of two Latin words: "auto" and "suggestio". Translated, this means in combination as much as "self-influence". This describes the core of autosuggestion perfectly. You actively influence yourself, or more precisely, your thoughts.

With the help of positive affirmations, you can virtually reprogram your subconscious. With this, negative thoughts disappear step by step from your mind and inner Satisfaction spreads. You can do this by repeating your individual affirmations over and over again so that your goals and desires can become firmly anchored in your subconscious.

In this way, they become part of your thoughts and actions. Exactly then you have laid the foundation for positive changes and your thoughts become tangible changes. By the way, autosuggestion is also a valuable part of autogenic and mental training.

Since when has autosuggestion been used?

The French pharmacist Èmile Coué is considered the inventor of autosuggestion. He had noticed that the way he advertised his medicines influenced their effectiveness. If he presented them as particularly effective, quasi as a true miracle cure, his customers reported significantly more frequently that their complaints had been alleviated or they had even recovered. He quickly realized that one's own mindset has a strong influence on one's own well-being, both physically and psychologically.

Does autosuggestion have potential as a panacea?

Even though autosuggestion is often talked about as a true miracle cure, it is not. It is a valuable tool for changing your own mindset, which in turn will lead you to more Self-confidenceIt can help you feel better about your body and have a more stable psyche. Thus, it can also have a positive effect on your health. But for serious diseases that urgently require a visit to the doctor, it can of course not work miracles.

What does autosuggestion do to one's mind?

Autosuggestion is not about chasing flowery dreams and believing that they will come true if you just believe in them. Of course, your inner attitude plays a role, but autosuggestion is not magic. You still need to do something about it to make your Achieving goals.

Thanks to your positive mindset and your motivated attitude, however, it will be much easier for you to take all these things in hand and finally become active. Small setbacks will no longer be able to harm you, because you won't let them drag you down. You will become your very own motivation coach, so to speak, and you will keep pushing yourself not to give up and to see the positive things.

autosuggestion definition

How exactly does autosuggestion work?

"Simple think positive and then it will work out" - it's not quite that easy. Autosuggestion follows a scheme that helps you to manifest your goals concretely and again and again. To do this, of course, you must first determine what exactly your goal is. Picture it concretely and summarize it in a sentence that you can really believe.

For example, if you want to become more confident, the Belief Set "Today I am the most self-confident person in the world" may not be of much use. Because from one second to the next, as if by magic, only so before Self-confidence is not exactly realistic - you know that yourself. Consequently, you will find it difficult to take this sentence seriously. In order for it to have an effect, you need to feel it inside you more and more. We'll explain how you can do that here, too.

So rather choose sentences like: "Today I'll appear a bit more confident than yesterday" or "Today I'll speak in front of others without being too unsettled by their looks." It is important that you can really believe your words, because only then will they help you to sustainably steer your subconscious in a positive direction.

How to formulate your sentences correctly

It is also important that you always formulate your sentences in the first person and always in the present tense. Why? We would like to explain this to you with a small example. Say these two sentences out loud:

1. "A confident demeanor will be important today."
2. "I am performing confidently today."

Which of the two sentences had a greater effect on you? Certainly the second one, isn't it? It's more personal and tangible, and that's what's important in autosuggestion.

In order for your words to really find their way into your subconscious, repeat them regularly until you have internalized them. Say them out loud, even if you feel strange at first. You will see that the effect is much stronger. It can also help to write down autosuggestions and hang them up in places in your home where you often pass by. These can be room doors, mirrors or even the refrigerator.

The advantages of autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is especially valuable when you find yourself quickly in stressful situations, or perhaps even prone to them, Panic attacks to suffer. If you are practiced in autosuggestion and already have a sense of when such an attack is slowly approaching, you can use it immediately and for Provide relaxation. Autosuggestion helps you to mentally withdraw from the situation for a short time in order to better process what is happening around you. You will put yourself in a calm and relaxed state and in the long run you will even become more mentally resilient. You will succeed in reducing stress more quickly and this will also have a positive effect on your physical health.

It's no secret that stress and psychological strain in any form leave their mark on the body. This manifests itself, for example, in inner restlessness, which in turn negatively affects your sleep. You have problems falling asleep or staying asleep and this robs you of energy. After all, your body actually regenerates during the night's rest. If it does not have this opportunity, it becomes weaker.

For example, your immune system may not be able to defend itself as well against pathogens and you may get sick more often. Other physical complaints that often accompany an increased stress level are headaches, digestive disorders and increased blood pressure. With the help of autosuggestion, you can counteract all of these. And with a positive mindset, you can steer toward mental and physical health - at least up to a point.

When can autosuggestion be a helpful method?

Autosuggestion helps you whenever negative thoughts overshadow your everyday life and prevent you from being the person you would like to be. All this negativity can take on destructive proportions and, depending on how it is expressed, can even prevent you from meeting friends, meeting new people, asserting yourself at work, or even from simply leaving the apartment. Things that used to be taken for granted can turn into frightening matters, thus significantly limiting your quality of life.

But thanks to autosuggestion, it doesn't have to stop there. It works with the power of Habit. Once the thought that you hate going out because you feel like everyone is staring at you or laughing at you has settled in your mind, it has already become a habit. But the goal is to be habitually happy! And you can do that if you influence your subconscious mind with autosuggestion and stay on the ball.

Change your life with this autosuggestion exercise

If you take autosuggestion seriously, it can be a real game changer for your life. With this simple, yet very effective exercise, you take a first big step in the right direction and gradually change your mindset completely. To be precise, this is a combination of two exercises that can also be found in the autogenic training The heat exercise and the breathing exercise. Together they help you relax your body and mind. This way you will be especially receptive to the autosuggestion and can fully absorb it. So here we go!

Go through each part of the body in your mind and imagine how it is flooded with warmth. Say in your mind, "My fingers are getting pleasantly warm, my hands are warming up, and my arms are also being flooded with warmth bit by bit." Keep talking like this until you have gone through all parts of your body. You will feel a pleasant warmth actually spreading through you, releasing your physical tension and triggering a pleasant feeling that makes you feel positive.

Now is the perfect time to speak your positive beliefs. Take a deep breath and go through them in your mind. Then, as you slowly exhale, imagine the negative things you want to exchange for positive ones flowing out of your body and making room.

Autosuggestion: sentences for practical application

Autosuggestion is a valuable tool in almost every situation in life to break out of prevailing negativity. For this purpose, we have compiled a few suitable phrases for various situations for you, which will help you to go through everyday life strengthened and motivated:

  1. Self-esteem: "I am a valuable being and an important part of our society."
  2. Self-confidence: "I know my strengths and others will recognize and appreciate them, too."
  3. Inner calm: "I am relaxed and calm and do not let me out of the calm bring."
  4. Confident in dealing with people: "I meet people calmly and don't pretend, because I'm perfect the way I am."
  5. Motivation: "I am smart and skilled. I can easily learn everything needed to achieve my goals."

The power of autosuggestion in 3 life examples

There is tremendous power behind autosuggestion that can help you in your job, self-confidence, and even health. You are currently dissatisfied at work, but you actually enjoy your job? Then the following sentences can help you with your autosuggestion:

  • "I enjoy my job."
  • "I get along well with a lot of my colleagues."
  • "I get involved every day and make a valuable contribution."

You'll quickly realize that it's not your job at all that makes you unhappy makes. It's often the fact that you let negative things drag you down. Every one of us has a bad experience at work, like an altercation with a very rude customer. But who's to say he was rude because you did a bad job? Maybe he was having a stressful day himself and just needed to vent his frustrations somewhere. With your autosuggestions, you keep reminding yourself.

Confidently through the day

Would you like to have much more self-confidence and envy all those who are brimming with it? Then try the following:

  • "I think I'm beautiful and I'm valuable."
  • "In my life, I've already accomplished so much - I'm strong."
  • "I attract looks of admiration."

Surely you know this: you're walking through the streets and you have the feeling that everyone is staring at you - pretty unpleasant, isn't it? But have you ever thought that people like to look at you because you have a very special charisma that they would also like to have? It's all just a matter of mindset.

Physical and mental well-being

Someone tells you they have a headache and promptly you have it too. Another person got food poisoning and now you have a bad feeling about everything you eat and you're afraid you're going to feel the same way soon? Then autosuggestions in the health field are right for you, for example with the help of these sentences:

  • "I'm fine."
  • "I feel comfortable."
  • "I'm just bursting with strength and health."

Positive affirmations are the key to a happier life

True to the motto "Happy mind, happy life", the autosuggestions will help you to create a happier and more relaxed life to lead. In combination with perseverance, work and a vision, nothing stands in the way of you and your success. So use positive affirmations and finally live the life you want!


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