Positive change: How to bring them into your life

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Positive change: How to bring them into your life

Life is not about reaching one big goal - but about mastering many small stages. Laura Malina Seiler is a Mindful Empowerment Coach and an expert in mental strength and mindfulness. She knows, "Our lives are the sum of the choices we make every day. We are what we repeatedly do." So every once in a while, it's time for something new. However, change doesn't come easily to most of us. That's because change and innovation require us to do something fundamentally different than we did before. Laura Malina Seiler: "Many people always do the same thing, but hope for different results. That can't work." She tells you how to create positive changes into your life.

But why do we actually find change so difficult? Why are Habits so powerful that we can hardly break away from them? One of the reasons is that our habits are predictable and comfortable. Change, on the other hand, is physically and mentally exhausting. Our environment doesn't always play along either, making the process even more difficult. The positive news is that you can learn to embrace change. That's why today we want to introduce you to exciting facts about change that can become an absolute game changer for you. Are you ready to take charge of your life and make room for positive change? Well, let's do it!

For positive change: Detach your inner conflicts

Our habits form our Comfort zone - and we are extremely reluctant to leave them. That's why we can only take a really big step in the rarest of cases. But that's not a bad thing, because it's usually the many small steps that lead us to the life we want to live. There is a biochemical reason why sometimes even small steps are very difficult for us. Laura Malina Seiler explains, "If you've conditioned yourself over a long period of time to do something specific, your body will release neurotransmitters and happy hormones as soon as you do that thing. The catch? Because of the positive neurotransmitters, your body produces a pleasant cocktail of hormones - and does everything it can to keep getting them.

Laura Malina Seiler: "Your body wants the info that you're doing this thing again so it gets its hormone cocktail. If you don't, the feeling comes up 'This doesn't feel right somehow.' That's how your body gets you to stick to habits." So when you want to change something, your body and mind are in disharmony for a short time. Laura Malina Seiler: "Your mind wants something different from your body at that moment. Your body wants the same hormones that it normally gets. Your mind, however, wants to change something because it is more rational." In the moment of disharmony we feel unsafe and bad. And that's why most people don't change anything at that moment.

Emotional reinforcement

But of course, that's not the solution. So what can you do to trick your body and create positive Changes in your life to bring? Laura Malina Seiler knows, "What you want to achieve has to be more emotionally positively charged than what your body has been getting so far. So you need to create a feeling that's stronger than your body's addiction to its hormone cocktail."

Visualize big goals, but still think in many small steps. Make change as easy as possible for yourself. Your body has gotten used to something and wants it back. But that has nothing to do with whether that thing is right or wrong. Because often it is sugar, cigarettes, alcohol or other stimulants and consumer goods. Your body does everything it can to get to its goal - even though sugar and the like are of course not good for it.

Positive changes

So your goal is: Be mentally stronger than the biochemical craving of your body! Discipline is like a muscle that you can exercise. Laura Malina Seiler: "How you can end this inner conflict? By gradually restoring the harmony between your body and mind. Because at some point, your body no longer asks for the old information, but for the new. You can reprogram yourself so that soon your body will be working for you again and not against you."

So success comes when you get into action. Laura Malina Seiler: "We are what we repeatedly do every day. If you want to achieve your vision someday, you have to start in small ways today. You are stronger than your need to get the happy hormones right now. Be stronger than the short-term stimuli that triggers you everywhere. Long-term thinking is more important than a short-term release of Dopamine. Don't give up what you want to accomplish in your life in the long run for something you want right now."



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How to overcome your fear of change

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