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Mindfulness - Full of mindfulness into a happy life

You know what that is? You perform a task and are not aware of it? Take cleaning your apartment, for example. You make phone calls. We have to hurry, the bus is coming. And bang, the key is thrown into the wrong drawer and the important letter ends up in the waste paper. That's the way it is with carelessness. Careless moments, when your head is somewhere else. And then you spill your coffee. Out of sheer carelessness. Mindfulness - what does mindfulness mean? 

In the end, it means that you are aware of your actions and of yourself. Mindfulness is your Focus on a conscious action. In the moment of mindfulness you are in the here and now. You are not distracted by disturbing thoughts. No thoughts about tomorrow's problems, and no thoughts about what you could have done better in the past. You give yourself mindfulness. You give yourself Awareness and attention.

And this attention refers to your mind, to your body, to your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness in your life enables you to better perceive your own feelings. Mindfulness also means that you get to know yourself better. Eventually you come into contact with yourself. Take Mindfulness as your task and eexplore who you are and live every moment. In this article you will learn how to bring mindfulness into your life. Very easy and without much effort.

Mindfulness - Just switch off

"Just turn it off" - which is so easy to say, it's harder than I thought. What can help? Make yourself independent of your electronic devices and turn them off: Your cell phone, your laptop, and with them, your mind carousel. Just ten minutes are enough to get you started and you will notice how the silence covers you.

You wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is to reach for your mobile phone? Why don't you just try to lie still and feel inside yourself?

You use social media regularly and sometimes more than you like? Try a break. How does it feel to just be offline With Instagram, for example, you can easily deactivate your profile and reactivate it at any time. Three hours break or just a whole week? In the end, you can decide what feels good for you.

Just doing nothing

Just don't allow yourself to do anything. Combine the first exercise with doing absolutely nothing. Don't be distracted by the fast moving world around you. Because, especially when things are going really stressful in your life, you should Moments of timeout take. Take ten minutes and just do nothing. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Sounds easy, doesn't it? But it's very hard for most people. Because doing nothing also means no tea, no books, no painting. Just sitting, and let your mind wander.

Mindfulness - analogue instead of digital

You like taking pictures? Why not try to capture moments with an analogue camera instead of your mobile phone? At flea markets you will surely find one or the other sweetheart, which is easy on your wallet. And then go for a walk. Explore your surroundings. And keep an eye out for motifs. You will notice: If you look through a viewfinder at the moments you want to capture, you automatically walk more consciously through your environment. You determine the moment when you press the shutter release. 

Bodyscan brings peace

You'd rather do a quiet exercise? It's no problem. Lie down on the floor and try a body scan. Originally the body scan comes from the Buddhist Vipassana tradition. In a body scan you try to consciously deal with yourself and your body. Step by step you go through every single body part with your mind. Explore your body. Bodyscans also work very well with the help of a friend, who tells you to which part of the body your journey should go.

Lie on your back for it. Relax. Let go of all your cares and breathe deep and hard. You don't have to do anything now. You can just surrender to your observation. Let go of your thoughts and pay no attention to them. Just let them run in the background. After all, this is about your Mindfulness and attentionYou can also close your eyes during this exercise if you wish. Watch you. Watch your breath. Feel how with every breath your abdominal wall rises and falls.

Try to direct your breath into your individual body parts. For example, direct your attention to your fingertips. How do they feel? Do you feel a tingling sensation? Are they particularly cold or warm? Do you feel nothing? (This is also completely ok. Everyone has a different feeling.) It is about your Awareness to your body. Go into your stomach, into your toes, into your calves, feel your back lying on the floor. Acknowledge your feelings. Feel your way forward. Go with your attention along your entire body. Scan it. In the meantime, maintain your breathing. Your thoughts and emotions remain in the background during this exercise.

Mindfulness: Patience is a virtue

Oh, the eternal waiting. Who doesn't know it? There you are at a traffic light and it seems like it never changes. Your right eye is twitching, your foot is tapping, and you have to get to work fast. And even when you go shopping, you're always at the wrong checkout anyway? You notice how your stomach starts to bubble? You're dissatisfied and your good mood takes a turn for the worse.

That look familiar? Then take a deep breath. Don't let a bad mood get you down. It is much nicer when you are careful with yourself and your surroundings at exactly the same moment. Use these moments and practice patience. Breathe deeply and bring peace into your everyday life.

Your diary is your companion

Reflect regularly. Notice how good it feels to keep a diary regularly. Record your emotions and thoughts. How did your day go? What was good for you? When were you angry? How consciously did you experience that day?

It's not bad if you can't manage to reflect every day. It's enough if you sit down consciously once a week and reflect on them. How was the week? Was it stressful? What happened to your body and what happened to your mind? By putting everything on paper once, you manage to re-sort yourself and that too is mindfulness.

Mindfulness: Close your eyes and feel

Ever walk through your apartment at night without turning on the lights? Then try this Mindfulness exercise during the day. Close your eyes and try to find your way around your home. How many steps do you need to take from the kitchen to your bathroom? What looks familiar? After all, you walk around your home every day, but don't focus all your attention on the paths. Change that and try to perceive yourself and your surroundings in a new way.

Acknowledge your own feelings. Live every moment, accept yourself as you are. Your LIFEteam wishes you lots of fun!

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