Dissatisfied? 5 tips to overcome the feeling

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Dissatisfied? 5 tips to overcome the feeling

There are days when nothing goes right - at least that's what you think. They are actually just like any other day, but somehow you can't get into the flow. A strange feeling stays with you all the time and you feel restless and simply dissatisfied. That's how we all feel from Time to time.

However, a bad day can also develop into a bad week, a bad month or even a bad permanent condition. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it is important that you recognize your dissatisfaction, classify it and actively work on it. We'll show you the best way to do this and give you some great tips on how to finally get rid of this negativity.

Are you dissatisfied with life?

Are you dissatisfied with life and have the feeling that nothing is going the way you want it to? There's always something to complain about in your life. You're simply not riding the wave of success and it's making you totally restless inside. But you can find out for yourself exactly what the source of your dissatisfaction is. We like to make it dependent on external factors or people. But you're actually lying to yourself. Because they are just holding a mirror up to you and are representative of a situation or person with whom you have experienced exactly the same issue in the past. And this can still have an impact on you today.

Maybe your job doesn't fulfill you, maybe you long for a family or a larger circle of friends. Maybe you just want to be fitter or get your mental health in shape. But the reason you're unhappy with yourself isn't always so specific. It can also be completely diffuse and you have no idea what its trigger is.

dissatisfied with himself

Dissatisfied with yourself: The most common types

You have a roof over your head, you are healthy, your family is well and you live in a nice apartment. You are happy with your job, happy in your relationship and actually lacking nothing. And yet you are simply not satisfied. This phenomenon can take many different forms. We present you the most common reasons why people are dissatisfied with themselves.

When one's own person becomes a problem: dissatisfied with oneself

Do you also tend to compare yourself with others all the time? To a certain extent, this is quite normal and also good. The comparisons give you a great orientation when you want to know where you stand right now. But if you give in to this urge all the time, it will eventually become a problem. At a certain point, you start to destroy your joy of life and also interpersonal relationships. Relationships can suffer from this.

Those who are dissatisfied with themselves often have a low Self-acceptance. You often have the FeelingYou feel that you are simply not enough and think that others can do everything much better than you. But that's not the case! Each of us has our own personal qualities, including you!

What do social networks have to do with it?

Social media has become a major problem in terms of self-acceptance. What started out as an exciting way to connect has now become a source of distorted ideals. Sure, who doesn't like to portray their own life as perfect? And who likes to share setbacks on Instagram and the like?

Remember, you're only seeing a small slice on social media. That doesn't mean every second of their lives looks exactly the same. Numerous studies show that Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and similar platforms cause frustration and sadness and give users the feeling that they are under constant pressure to perform. And that, in turn, naturally leads to being dissatisfied with oneself. So don't give in to this pressure and remember: What's on social media happens is not the whole truth!

Constantly irritable and dissatisfied

Again and again there is talk of the desire to have finally arrived in life. After years of wandering through life, one then finds oneself at a point where everything is perfect and can remain exactly as it is now. But who actually determines this point? And does it exist at all?

In any case, one thing is certain: all of life is a journey. Even if you believeAlthough we have finally "arrived," this will not remain the case in the long term. We humans are constantly evolving. Our character changes, we develop new interests and set our priorities always different. Life never stands still and that's a good thing!

We need new challenges, because once we have mastered them, an incredible amount of happiness hormones flow through our bodies. Adventures provide the ultimate rush of happiness! So if you are constantly irritable and dissatisfied with your life because you think you haven't arrived yet - then let me tell you: there is simply no such thing as "having arrived" as a permanent state, and that's exactly right.

Job dissatisfaction

It's Monday morning, the alarm clock rings and you're already looking forward to the weekend. You count every minute until you get off work and long for a job that you enjoy and that fulfills you. Countless people share exactly this dissatisfaction at work with you.

The question quickly arises: Why don't you just look for a new job? Maybe you don't have the necessary qualifications, maybe you're not brave enough to give up your permanent position, and maybe it's just too much effort for you to change careers again.

We spend an incredibly large part of our lives working. So are you on the job unhappythen this can quickly develop into a comprehensive condition and you are simply completely dissatisfied with everything. Always keep this in mind and have the courage to dare the path to professional happiness!

Dissatisfaction in a relationship

"Why does everyone else have a storybook relationship but me?" Do you ask yourself this question all the time? Then now, at the latest, is the time to tell you that it's not true. Do you spend 24 hours with other couples and know what it's like when they're home alone? Probably not. No relationship is perfect, and that's what makes it so exciting, isn't it?

But are you frustrated with your own relationship, preferring to spend time alone rather than with your loved one, and can't remember when you've had a decent conversation without arguing? Then you're stuck in a relationship that simply doesn't satisfy you.

It is not uncommon that you put your happiness in the hands of your partner. You expect him/her to satisfy you in every way and forget that you are responsible for your own happiness. If your partner thinks the same way, frustration is inevitable. You expect the other person to make sure that the relationship runs smoothly, but in the end neither of you takes action.

Chronic dissatisfaction

You live a life that others only dream of and yet you are missing something. You don't know exactly what it is, but that feeling of fulfillment just doesn't happen. Welcome to chronic dissatisfaction!

A wide variety of studies show that the pleasure we take in things we have just acquired wears off quite quickly. Modern man always wants to reach higher and replace old stimuli with new ones. So if you don't learn to really value the things you already have, you will always be dissatisfied with yourself.

dissatisfied with life

Permanently dissatisfied with yourself: Why is that?

People who are dissatisfied with themselves often don't really know why they feel this way. The reasons are actually manifold:

  • You keep comparing yourself to others, forgetting that everyone has different priorities and also different prerequisites.
  • Often you put a lot of pressure on yourself and always tell yourself that you have to be even better.
  • You have Fear from changing the things that make you unhappy.
  • Again and again you deal only with negative things from the Past and forgets to live in the here and now.

Why are old people so dissatisfied?

Possible causes of dissatisfaction in old age are:

  1. Health problemsPhysical discomfort and loss of mobility can lead to frustration.
  2. LonelinessThe loss of life partners and friends increases the feeling of isolation.
  3. Financial worriesLimited pensions and the rising cost of living can cause stress.
  4. Feeling of uselessnessThe transition to retirement can increase the feeling of aimlessness.
  5. Fear of death and the futureConfronting your own finiteness can trigger dissatisfaction.

How to recognize inner dissatisfaction

People who are dissatisfied with themselves often only really notice this when the displeasure is already immense. So how can you intervene at an early stage so that it doesn't get to that point in the first place? With our checklist! We have compiled the most common symptoms of inner discontent for you. You:

  1. complain excessively - even about situations that, objectively speaking, are not worth complaining about at all.
  2. are listless and simply feel completely overwhelmed in everyday life, because you don't know how to deal with your dissatisfaction.
  3. you are very restless inside and have the feeling that you have not yet reached the place in life where you want to go - and you don't really know where exactly that is.
  4. feel permanently stressed and you quickly overreact to relieve pressure.
  5. tend to have depressive thoughts, Anxiety and moments of panic.
  6. you have the feeling that you can no longer rely on your body, because the internal stress puts a strain on your metabolism and immune system, among other things.

Dissatisfied with yourself? 5 tips to overcome this feeling

You've clearly noticed that dissatisfaction is eating away at you? Then it's high time to do something about it! Our five tips will help you to finally leave this feeling behind!

1. recognize your dissatisfaction

The first important step is to recognize and accept your dissatisfaction. You first need to find out what it is based on in order to make meaningful changes to be able to make

2. internalize that you have to take things into your own hands

You alone are responsible for your satisfaction. You cannot hold anyone else accountable for it. If you are unhappy with something in your life, then you have to take action and change something. No one can take that away from you and you should first internalize that.

3. integrate positive emotions

In most cases, dissatisfaction is psychologically anchored. Often, objectively speaking, there is no tangible reason for dissatisfaction on an immense scale. It is anchored to a large extent in your mindset and you can work on that! What things in life trigger positive emotions in you? Integrate as many of them as possible into your everyday life!

4. be enthusiastic about your own life

Are you actually aware of how good your life is? Do you know how great your family and friends are, how nice your apartment is and how happy your partner makes you? Consider your Life from a positive point of view and show gratitude. You will see, the Enthusiasm for all that you already have will grow and your dissatisfaction will fade bit by bit.

5. try journaling

Your Journal is your very personal place for all your thoughts. It's a place for everything that's on your mind. You can simply get whatever is on your mind off your chest. Don't forget to end each entry with something positive. Your last thought before going to bed should always be about something good.

Is there a cure for dissatisfaction?

Coaching can be an effective way to combat dissatisfaction. Through individually tailored strategies, it helps to clarify personal goals, overcome obstacles and develop a positive outlook on life. Coaching promotes self-reflection and self-awareness, which is essential in order to recognize and actively tackle the causes of dissatisfaction. It supports the development of mindfulness and resilience in order to deal with challenges in a healthier way and achieve lasting well-being and satisfaction.

Getting rid of dissatisfaction: How can we be satisfied with what we have?

To get rid of dissatisfaction and be content with what we have, it is important to practice mindfulness and gratitude. By learning to live in the present moment and appreciate the little things in life, we can achieve deeper contentment. It's about changing our perspective and shifting our focus from what we lack to what we already have. This can be supported by daily gratitude exercises, setting realistic goals and accepting imperfection.

Conclusion: Dissatisfied with yourself: This does not have to be a permanent condition!

We are all dissatisfied from time to time. Not everything in life can always run smoothly, and that's okay. We need challenges to grow, otherwise we would always stay put.

However, if dissatisfaction becomes a permanent state, it can be incredibly stressful. Our mini course "Releasing blockages" helps you to free yourself from this spiral. It will help you to live a happier life and dispel negative thoughts. In just a few minutes, you will learn how to recognize and change your blocking thoughts. But also how to become the person you really want to be. What are your Valuesthat you may already be living but want to bring more into your life? We support you in creating a powerful Vision for your fulfilled future.


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