Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim: "Become self-confident through vision work".

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"In the past, I couldn't have imagined standing on a stage today. The fear of failing, having a breakdown or being laughed at was too great. In fact, that's exactly what - the stage - has been part of my daily vocation for many years: And I love it!", Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim (46) reveals quite openly during her appearance at the Speaker Nights at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz in Cologne. In her speech, the coach talked about fear of loss and her new beginning and how you too can manage to become self-confident. Learn more now!

Christina Grahn: "Many of our fears originate in childhood!"

What did Christina do to get Fears to overcome them and become more self-confident? She looked at them and managed more and more not to let them block her. "I think we all have these fears. It's what binds us together. But you can't let them slow you down from living the life you actually want. These fears are personality-dependent, for sure. But almost all of them arise in our childhood," Christina knows from experience. Her fear of loss is no exception.

No room to become self-confident

In her childhood, the coach experienced violence, sexual abuse, and a mother who was completely overwhelmed was. Christina constantly had a fear of loss, the feeling: "I'm not really supposed to be there!" Nevertheless, there was one person in her childhood who gave Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim support: her dad. In his presence she had the feeling that she was allowed to be who she was.

Christina: "I felt like it was all over at that moment"

Then there was this one night. Tuesday night. Nine o'clock. Christina is 15 years old and putting her little sister to bed. The doorbell rings. Her grandma is standing there, breaking the news of her father's death. "I felt like it was all over at that moment. I'm falling and falling and falling. There were only two choices for me:

  1. Give up
  2. Fight

My mother assured us that we could do it as a team and stick together," Christina remembers very well many years later. So she fought.

From fear of loss to doer mode

A few months later, Christina's sister entered an asthma boarding school and her mother had decided to start a new life in Spain. "And I was left alone in that house. The only refuge I had at that moment was my parents' business. I took it over when I was 18. Because giving up was out of the question for me. For my age, I was very self-confident at that moment. Even though I had a lot of fears. At the same time, I studied business administration.

Outwardly, Christina appeared confident

The following years Christina lived fully in her pattern: "Somehow I have to manage this!" It worked out: the balance sheets got better, employees could be paid, she drove a fancy car and owned a great house. "But I was totally miserable on the inside. I had a really blatant eating disorder and was depressed, had panic attacks," the author speaks of "Heart Over Head - The Simple Formula for a Happy Life". quite honestly about her past.

Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim: "Life is a coaching session!"

One day Christina finds herself in hospital. A doctor stands before her and makes a clear announcement: "If you continue like this, you will only live a few more years!" This moment the young woman awake: at the age of 25 she put her energy into all the trainings around personal development. Christina would like to share the most important insights of her past 20 years that have made her more self-confident:

  1. Life is a Coaching-Session: It brings the same situations into our lives again and again - only with changing protagonists. Until you have recognized the "learning" behind it.
  2. Sometimes we sit in a cage of self-created thoughts and Beliefs. Some of them are very old because we inherited them from parents or grandparents. For me, it was fear of loss. But ask yourself: Do they do anything for you anymore?
  3. We always have a cloud of energy around us at all times. You radiate something through it. It's like a beamer that you create through. You draw into your life what you think and feel. Check if you still need this energy cloud for yourself. Because tomorrow you might already have in your life what you think today.

For self-confidence: Five minutes of investment in your development

If you really want to make a difference in your life and become confident, Christina has a great recommendation for you: "Let vision work become your daily ritual." Because every day Coach meditates, go within. Into stillness. "Even just investing five minutes in your development can do so much," she knows too well from her own experience. "Ask yourself what you want - and live it. Then gratitude and joy will automatically move into your life."

Vision work makes you self-confident: How to attract joy into your life

If you had a bad childhood, that's (unfortunately) no excuse at all, says Christina. On the contrary: "It gives you an incredible amount of potential and strength. I have also managed to Fear of loss to become smaller and smaller. Now it's time for you to create the life you really enjoy. That's what you're here for!" And so you set the Vision Work um:

  1. Take five minutes a day out for yourself
  2. You imagine what you want
  3. You feel into your new life, your new you, as if it's already there...

Suddenly you are no longer the ship that lies quietly in the harbor. But you have aligned your compass, it goes off and the water carries you safely. Dare to use your Leave comfort zone and look forward to lots of great new things.


So you finally become really self-confident

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