Leave your comfort zone - this is how you do it!

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Leave your comfort zone - this is how you do it!

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I'm sure you've read this or a similar saying before. Maybe you've even taken a run-up, set out to jump - and hesitated at the last moment? If so, you're like many others who shy away from risks and categorically reject challenges. No wonder, because the comfort zone is comfortable, cosy and above all safe. If you leave it, you enter unknown territory and risk stumbling over small or large pitfalls.

Get out of the comfort zone

But the safe comfort zone offers numerous disadvantages: It symbolizes regulated processes, brings little variety and surprises, and ultimately means standstill. It stands Changes in the way and prevents your growth. And sometimes it even gives you the feeling that your life is passing you by while you stand impotently by and watch. Be honest: how do you want to live? What do you want to experience? Do you want to be a silent observer and always be the inner bastard or do you want to take your life into your own hands and actively shape it?

If you hope for happiness and success in life, you can't avoid leaving your comfort zone sooner or later. Because fulfillment, freedom, friendship, love, health and love of life are not necessarily found in your comfort zone. On the contrary, if you always just take on familiar tasks, meet the same people, and reject any forms of responsibility or change, you'll miss out on much of what life has in store. You don't always have to jump in at the deep end. But every once in a while, you should have the courage to set aside your comfort and leave your comfort zone. Overcome your fears and also the inner pig.

Leave the comfort zone: 5 tips for more courage

We would like to explain how this works with the help of five practical tips. Pick one or two tips that appeal to you the most and try them out. Leave your comfort zone behind and grow beyond you! Whether professional or private - you will see that it is not so difficult.

1. strengthen your self-confidence

Leaving the comfort zone requires a minimum of Self-confidence and self-esteem. If you often doubt yourself and are not at peace with yourself, you should definitely start at this point. Self-confidence does not develop overnight, but with the right mindset and a positive environment, it's doable. Deal with Personality DevelopmentFind out what really motivates you and get to know your goals and visions. Perhaps this can be achieved by talking to others, perhaps quiet conversations will work. Meditations ...but you're also very good at it. Never forget: You are unique, wonderful and valuable. Believe in yourself. Give yourself the confidence you deserve.

2. forget the barrier in your head

In the same breath, realize that the comfort zone is an imaginary barrier in your mind. It is as big or as small as you allow it to be. The comfort zone exists in your mind and you alone decide when it's time to break through it. You can put it off forever or change everything right now. Be brave and stop blocking yourself.. Overcome your fears.

3. re-evaluate your feelings

You're on the verge of taking a chance on something new. But suddenly that tingling feeling sets in again. You feel nervousness coursing through your body. At the mere thought of a new, unfamiliar situation, sweat breaks out on your forehead. Your hands begin to shake and your stomach tightens. The mistake: You link the tingling sensation of Feeling automatically with negative associations such as fear, discomfort and doubt. The solution? Try to reevaluate the feeling. Relate it to a sense of adventure and anticipation. Tell yourself that you've reached the end of your comfort zone and that everything from here on out represents growth, freedom and strength. You can do this. Believe in yourself. Condition yourself and turn that feeling of restlessness and unknowing into a positive feeling of anticipation.

4. catch yourself making excuses

Suddenly you can think of a thousand reasons why you shouldn't do it? You don't really know anymore how you could even come up with the idea of daring to do something new? That is completely normal. You feel like you are in an extreme situation and your inner voice is doing everything it can to get back into the comfortable starting position. It finds numerous excuses why you should leave your comfort zone tomorrow - or the day after tomorrow, or not at all. Catch yourself immediately when you notice yourself falling into excuse mode. And then it's stop thinking, start doing. Just do it!

5. stay tuned

You have to leave your comfort zone again and again. After all, it is not a one-time action, but a process that repeats itself throughout your life. The good news is that the more often you leave your comfort zone, the easier it will be. While at first you'll fight fears, doubts, and comfort, after a while you'll really feel like breaking routines, discovering new things, and rising above yourself. Don't think so? Then try it out! We wish you a lot of fun and good luck.

What's stopping you?

Many things in life are easier said than done. And while you certainly don't have a problem understanding, you may fail to implement. But what is holding you back? What specific fears, doubts, and worries plague you and keep you from living a free, self-determined, and fulfilled life to lead? The first obvious thought is convenience and unwillingness, our inner pig. But in all likelihood, there is much more to it than the desire to avoid effort. In fact, most people are stuck in their comfort zone for a completely different reason - they find it difficult to overcome their fears.

Fears, blockages and Uncertainties can drape themselves over your desires, goals and visions like a heavy, black cloth. The nasty thing: The longer they lie there and find confirmation, the more they manifest. Your initial doubt ("Can I even do that?") turns into a negative belief ("I just can't do it."). In the worst case, a profound Fear - For example, the fear of failure ("If I don't succeed, I'll fail.") or of rejection ("If I fail, I won't be loved."). It's a downward spiral that only you can break.

How to get out of your comfort zone

In this article, we have already given you five tips on how you can manage to acquire more courage to leave your comfort zone and overcome your inner pig.

In order to sustainably release your blockages and overcome fear, you may first and foremost venture a journey back to your childhood. How to do that? One way is Greator coaching. Using the method of the Lying Eight, the coach takes you to a situation in your childhood where you may have experienced the feeling of fear for the first time. Often we associate such formative experiences with negative. Beliefs that accompany and block us until today.

Coaching is about healing this situation. By letting the fear be there for a moment, accepting it, giving it a space. And then you may change your old belief into a beautiful, positive sentence. Let go of the old, a little more every day. Overcome your fears in this way.

How to release your blockages and for you finally inner peace and clarity, you will learn in our free course "Solving Blockages". Register now.


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