Leave your comfort zone - you can do it!

Leave your comfort zone - that's how you do it!

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I'm sure you've read that line or something like it. Maybe you've even taken a running start, set out to jump - and hesitated at the last moment? Then you are like many others who shy away from risks and categorically reject challenges. No wonder, because the comfort zone is comfortable, cosy and above all safe. Those who leave it venture into unfamiliar terrain and risk stumbling over small or major pitfalls.

Get out of the comfort zone

However, the safe comfort zone offers numerous disadvantages: it symbolises regulated processes, brings little variety and surprises and ultimately means standstill. It stands in the way of change and prevents you from growing. And sometimes it even gives you the feeling that your life is passing you by while you stand and watch helplessly. Be honest: How do you want to live? What do you want to experience? Do you want to be a silent observer, or do you want to take your life into your own hands and actively shape it? 

If you hope for happiness and success in life, you will not be able to avoid leaving your comfort zone sooner or later. Because fulfilment, freedom, friendship, love, health and lust for life are not necessarily found in your comfort zone. On the contrary: Those who only ever take on familiar tasks, meet the same people and reject any form of responsibility or change, miss out on much of what life has in store for them. You do not always have to jump into the deep end. But every now and then you should have the courage to put your comfort aside and leave your comfort zone.

What's stopping you?

Much in life is easier said than done. And although you certainly have no problem understanding, you may fail to implement them. But what's stopping you? What concrete fears, doubts and worries plague you and prevent you from leading a free, self-determined and fulfilled life? The first obvious thought is comfort and unwillingness. But in all probability there is much more to it than the desire to avoid effort. In fact, most people are stuck in their comfort zone for a completely different reason - fear.

Fears, blockages and insecurities can cover your wishes, goals and visions like a heavy black cloth. The nasty: The longer they lie there and find confirmation, the more they manifest. Your initial doubt ("Can I even do this?") turns into a negative belief ("I just can't do this."). In the worst case, a profound fear develops - for example, the fear of failure ("If I can't do this, I'll fail.") or of rejection ("If I fail, I won't be loved."). A downward spiral that only you can break.

5 tips for more courage

We would like to explain how this works with the help of five practical tips. Pick one or two tips that you like the most and try them out. Leave your comfort zone behind and rise above yourself! Whether you're at work or at home, you'll find it's not that hard.

1. strengthen your self-confidence

To leave the comfort zone requires a minimum of self-confidence and self-esteem. If you often doubt yourself and are not at peace with yourself, you should definitely start at this point. Self-confidence does not develop overnight, but with the right mindset and a positive environment it can be done. Deal with Personal developmentfind out what really motivates you and get to know your goals and visions. Maybe this will work in conversation with others, but maybe silent meditations will work especially well for you. Never forget: You are unique, wonderful and valuable. Believe in yourself! Give yourself the trust that you deserve. 

2. forget the barrier in your head

In the same breath, realize that the comfort zone is an imaginary barrier in your head. It is exactly as large or small as you allow it to be. The comfort zone exists in your thoughts and you alone decide when it is time to break through it. You can put it off forever or change everything from now on. Be brave and stop blocking yourself!

3. re-evaluate your feelings

You're about to try something new. But suddenly that tingly feeling sets in again. You can feel nervousness coursing through your body. At the mere thought of a new, unfamiliar situation, sweat appears on your forehead. Your hands begin to tremble and your stomach cramps up. The mistake: You automatically associate the tingling feeling with negative associations such as fear, discomfort and doubt. The solution? Try re-evaluating the emotion. Combine it with a sense of adventure and anticipation. Tell yourself that you have reached the end of your comfort zone and that everything that comes from now on stands for growth, freedom and strength. You can do it. Believe in yourself! Condition yourself and transform the feeling of restlessness and ignorance into a positive feeling of anticipation.

4. catch you on excuses

Suddenly you can think of a thousand reasons why you shouldn't do it? You don't really remember how you could even come up with the idea to dare something new? It's perfectly normal. You feel that you are in an extreme situation and your inner voice is doing everything to get back into the comfortable starting position. It finds numerous excuses why you should leave your comfort zone tomorrow - or the day after tomorrow, or not at all. Catch yourself immediately when you realize that you are falling into the excuse mode. And then: stop thinking, start doing. Just do it!

5. stay on it

You have to leave your comfort zone over and over again. After all, it is not a one-off action, but a process that repeats itself throughout your life. The good news is that the more often you leave your comfort zone, the easier it will be for you. While you initially fight against fears, doubts and comfort, after some time you really want to break through routines, discover new things and rise above yourself. Don't you think so? Then try it out! We wish you lots of fun and success.

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