Good mood can be learned: instructions and tips

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Good mood can be learned: instructions and tips

Good moods are not always omnipresent in everyday life. Stress and obligations can dampen the mood all too quickly. The good news, however, is that good mood is not a question of external circumstances. It is very easy to learn. With the help of a few simple tricks and behaviors, you can conjure up a good mood in no time.

We will explain how this works in the following article.

Good mood makes everything easier

Good mood describes a state of cheerfulness and confidence. Those who are in a good mood find it easier to cope with the demands of life. The reason for this is the optimistic attitude. Surely you've noticed it yourself: If you don't feel like doing something and think you can't do it anyway, you're usually right.

Fortunately, the same is true the other way around: everyday or professional tasks that you approach with good humor and optimism you conclude with successful Result. In the specialist book on the subject of "Optimism - Why some get further than others" by Jens Weidner, numerous studies and scientific studies picked up.

Furthermore, good mood is also advantageous in the interpersonal area. It is a door opener to more social contacts. People who spread bad moods are often not very popular. No wonder, after all, no one wants to be dragged down by the gloomy mood of a sourpuss. Good moods, on the other hand, are attractive.

5 things that instantly improve your mood

Once you're in a bad mood, the worst that can happen is that you'll be in a depressed mood all day. But you can do something about it! Our 5 SOS tips will bring your good mood back immediately:

1. listen to your favorite music

The positive effect of music on the mental state is well documented. Music can lift your mood and even relieve pain.

Listening to your favorite music stimulates the release of the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine. These hormones act like a euphoric cocktail. The bad mood vanishes immediately. It's important to choose music you like. The emotional component plays a decisive role.

You usually associate your favorite music with memories and emotions. When you hear the song, it immediately puts you in a positive mood.

2. smile, even if there is no reason to do so

Your brain can't distinguish between a real and a false Smile distinguish. You should take advantage of this fact to lift your mood when you're in a bad mood. Stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a smile. When you pull up the corners of your mouth, your brain perceives this muscle movement and releases happy hormones.

That sound strange to you? Just try it out right away. You will be surprised how strong the positive effect is.

3. make you laugh

Even better than a "fake" smile, a hearty laugh helps. What you laugh at is irrelevant. Watch funny videos or read jokes. Of course, if you like, you can make faces in front of the mirror until you laugh. Even a short laugh will bring back your good mood. You immediately feel more balanced.

4. practice gratitude

When you're in a bad mood, you should let your thoughts consciously on all the positive aspects in your life What are you grateful for from the bottom of your heart? In which situation have you been really lucky? What achievements are you particularly proud of? In view of all the positive aspects, the reasons that triggered the bad mood often seem insignificant to ridiculous.

This exercise is especially effective if you do it in writing. Be creative and make yourself a good mood collage. This brings us to the next point.

5. live out your creativity

Creative people have an outlet for their bad moods: art. It doesn't matter if you want to paint, write or play music. The main thing is to find a way to express your emotions. There are two options for using creativity to boost your good mood. Which one works for you depends on your mentality.

Option 1

Create a happy mood with your creative activity. Write funny verses that make you laugh. Paint colourful, atmospheric pictures. Play a happy song. The negative thoughts will be driven away by the positive impulses.

Option 2

Sometimes the trigger for the bad mood needs to be made tangible so you can let it go. This means that you put the negative thoughts on paper. This is incredibly liberating. Unlike the first option, you write, draw or sing something sad. You let the bad mood out. Afterwards, your head is free again for positive thoughts.

Good humor can be learned

Good humor can be learned

Good mood is not a random state. Quite the opposite: it can be learned and influenced. However, very few people know this. Many feel helplessly at the mercy of their moods. In ancient times, mood swings were associated with the changing phases of the moon. If someone was in a bad mood, the unfavourable position of the moon was (supposedly) to blame.

In fact, the mood can be influenced by external circumstances. The weather, a fight with your partner, a private or professional defeat: all this can dampen your mood. Your task is to no longer allow this to happen. At least not to the extent that it spoils your day.

Perhaps there is a cheerful person in your circle of acquaintances who seems to be resistant to all external influences. No matter what happens, he or she is always in a good mood. You can learn that too! Granted, it may be easy at first. But since bad moods waste precious time and even make you sick in the long run, it's worth staying on the ball.

A small part of your cheerfulness is genetic, so it can't be changed. For the most part, however, your disposition is inbred or socially shaped. This is where you can start. Our tips will help you.

8 tips for a good mood

You should take the following basic tips to heart in order to promote good moods in everyday life. Whether you are in a good or bad mood depends to a large extent on your lifestyle, your diet and your inner attitude.

1. use the power of essential oils

Smells are similar to music: they have a direct influence on your mood. Smells can be associated with both unpleasant and pleasant experiences. Use your sense of smell to put yourself in a positive mood. This works best with essential oils. You can either sniff the vial directly or drizzle on a handkerchief.

The following essential oils help against a bad mood:

In case of trouble

  • Orange
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Patchouli
  • Bergamot
  • Rose

With stress

  • Roman chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Grapefruit
  • Tangerine

For inner restlessness

  • Tea Tree
  • Melissa
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Palmarosa

2. drink enough

Did you know that dehydration is considered one of the main reasons for bad moods? People who don't drink enough are often restless and irritable. However, many people have forgotten to pay attention to their sense of thirst. Often thirst is even confused with hunger. This is neither good for the line nor for the mood.

Prevent yourself by drinking at least one glass of water every hour. Keep a water bottle on your desk at work. Stick post-its on your PC so you don't forget to drink. Alternatively, you can set an alarm clock.

3. eat yourself happy

Some foods promote the release of serotonin, dopamine, and/or endorphins. These include:

  • Chocolate (preferably with a high cocoa content)
  • Bananas, plums and pineapple
  • Noodles
  • Dried fruit
  • Fish
  • Chili, pepper and hot peppers
  • Coffee and black tea

Overall, make sure you eat a balanced, varied diet! Two to three pieces of chocolate as a mood booster are perfectly fine. However, make sure to keep it in moderation for the sake of your health.

4. make sure you have a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals

Let's stay a little with the topic of nutrition. Chronic bad moods often indicate a deficiency. Ensure your supply with the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin D (e.g. contained in salmon, mushrooms and egg yolk)
  • Zinc (e.g. contained in meat, fish and dairy products)
  • Selenium (e.g. contained in meat, fish, eggs and nuts)
  • Vitamin B1 (e.g. contained in pork, wholemeal products and oatmeal)

5. pay attention to your environment

The mood of those around you has a direct effect on your own mood. If your partner is in a bad mood or there is a tense atmosphere in the office, your good mood will probably evaporate. This aspect can't be avoided completely, after all you can't change other people.

In your free time, however, you can make sure to surround yourself mainly with cheerful people. This immediately rubs off on you.

6. say goodbye to procrastination

Procrastination puts you in a bad mood. Unfinished tasks migrate into the subconscious and continue to stew there. Sooner or later, the repressed tasks come back to the surface, where they cause stress and Fears trigger. Therefore, always do unpleasant things first. This also promotes your Self-confidence.

7. spend time in nature

Nature radiates peace and tranquility. A jog or a walk in the forest blows away the Head free. The green environment has a calming and anxiety-relieving effect. To achieve a lasting effect, you should walk in nature for at least 30 minutes a day. Leave your cell phone at home and concentrate on the sounds and smells around you. You'll see that you'll immediately be in a good mood.

8. learn to understand your own personality

Whether you are in a good mood or not is largely up to you. In order to create a good mood, you should first and foremost be in touch with your desires and Needs occupy: What really makes you happy? What brings a smile to your face? It's best to make a list in which you collect all the good mood factors.

Good mood sayings

Good mood sayings for more happiness

Good mood sayings help you to shift your focus to the positive aspects of life. You learn to reflect on the essentials and to appreciate your personal happiness. Below we have compiled beautiful and inspiring good mood sayings for you:

"Give every day a chance to be the best day of your life." (Quote from Mark Twain)

"Three things help to bear the troubles of life: the Hope, the sleep and the laughter." (Quote from Immanuel Kant)

"Smile and the world changes." (Quote from Buddha)

"It may be said of good humour that it is one of the best articles of clothing that can be worn in company." (Quote by Willian Makepeace Thackeray)

"The clearest sign of wisdom is persistent good humor." (Quote from Michel de Montaigne)

Conclusion: Good mood is not a question of external circumstances

As explained earlier, good mood is largely dependent on your personality structure. Understanding yourself is probably the most important step in figuring out how to put yourself in a good mood. At this point we would like to introduce you to the scientifically based DISC test which you can do for free with us. 

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