Laura Helser 1/3: Come into your true strength!

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Laura Helser 1/3: Come into your true strength!

Laura Helserwho prefers to be addressed by her nickname Loa, is a life force coach, "soulpreneur" and cookbook author. The 27-year-old was born in Cologne, but now lives and works in Berlin and Bali. She first discovered her great passion in personal training and nutritional advice. She reveals, "At some point, though, I realized there was so much more to it than fitness and nutrition." Today, Laura Helser helps others increase their energy levels and live their personal dream life. In this interview, she talks about her work as a mentor and reveals how you too can discover your "True Power" and come into your true strength.

Laura Helser: "I wanted to make a difference in the male domain!"

But let's start at the beginning: Laura Helser completed a classic business degree. To clear her head between exams, she went jogging and started creating outdoor workouts. On the side, she worked as a student trainee for a large company in the health industry. She says: "My goal was to start a full-time job at this company right after graduation and completely change everything there. I wanted to make a difference in the male domain." At the time, she had no idea that everything would turn out very differently.

The rejection pulled the rug out from under me.

Laura Helser

What had happened? Laura Helser: "I worked 20 hours a week as a student trainee for the company. Actually, I was sure that I should get the job as a health management officer after my studies. That's why I didn't apply anywhere else. During the last interview, however, I was told that they had decided on someone else. The rejection pulled the rug out from under me. I had no idea what to do after that."

Laura Helsers unwanted reboot

Laura Helser finally got a job at the company - but in Customer Service, a completely different field of activity. In the interview, she explains: "I thought to myself, 'Then I'll just start at the bottom again and get to the top at some point. But things turned out differently than expected. As a working student, I had previously taken on a lot of responsibility and wasn't earning badly. But in my new job at the same company, things started to go downhill. I didn't enjoy the job."

It was precisely this pain that finally moved Laura Helser to develop her own business after hours. However, self-employment was not an option for her at the time. In the interview, she explains: "For my parents and grandparents, security was always an important value. In addition, my father failed in self-employment. That was also the reason why my parents separated. There were a lot of negative emotions associated with that, which is why I never really wanted to be Self-employed."

Hero story with a happy ending?

Laura Helser is now an entrepreneur and leads her own team. She is grateful for the path she was allowed to take, even though it was quite rocky in the beginning. But she knows: "That's the only way we grow. And it was only through the pain that I had the chance to say, now I'm writing my own hero story!" So after work she started with the outdoor workouts she had developed alongside her studies. Quickly, more and more friends and acquaintances became interested in her workouts. And so the idea for her own business was born.

Laura Helser proudly tells us in the interview: "Around 80 people came to one of my first workouts. And that was the point at which I realized: If I can do all this without any form of publicity, then what all is possible in this life, please? It gave me the courage to pursue self-employment after all. I had built up the workouts on the side. And I asked myself: If I were to put 40 hours a week into it and devote all my energy to it, what would happen? Suddenly I realized the potential."

When fulfillment is lacking ...

Laura Helser said goodbye to the company and landed a job in a start-up: "I started there as a sales manager. That wasn't what I really wanted to do either, because I actually wanted to work in the creative field, but at least it was an improvement. But even in the start-up I quickly realized again: I love the team, I love the atmosphere in the start-up, but this job makes me sick. At one point during a lunch break, I even cried because I felt I wasn't living up to my own potential."


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