Laura Helser 3/3: How to feel your life force!

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Laura Helser 3/3: How to feel your life force!

During the talent show with Robert Gladitz Laura Helser spent an entire month in Bali. This time gave her the courage to put her ideas and dreams into practice. And so she started her first online course. It had 50 places and was sold out in just six hours. She proudly says: "I will never forget this feeling in my whole life, because it was like a liberation for me. I was finally able to prove that it really is possible to make money with your passion."

I was finally able to prove that it is possible to make money with your passion.

Laura Helser

Laura Helser had managed to create her dream life. She felt like she would never have to work again. After that, things went from strength to strength for the Cologne native: She relaunched her online course, wrote her cookbook and finally flew to Bali again with the talent factory - this time as a coach. In the interview she reports: "A lot really happened last year. I can't even imagine that it's only been a year. It feels like it was 10 years ago because so much has happened since then."

Laura Helser: "Find Your True Power!"

Laura Helser is a real bundle of energy. There is no such thing as standing still for her. The 27-year-old loves new impulses and is constantly on the lookout for positive changes. Her business also thrives on new ideas and changes. She explains: "At some point I wanted to get away from the topics of fitness, nutrition and balance. Because these topics only form the basis and have become so natural for me that they no longer appealed to me. I wanted to take it to a new level, so I rebranded."

Laura Helser asked herself the following questions:

  • What is really my core competence?
  • What am I really in the mood for?
  • What excites me?

She says, "That's how we came up with TRUE POWER. It's about having the energy and courage to create your own dream life. Rebranding has changed my target audience yet again. Before, I had a lot of women in my online courses who wanted to lose weight or learn about nutrition. Thereby it was always my goal to bring them into their life force and to give them more energy to lend. But getting people up off the couch is not my thing. I need people who are already motivated. That's why my current target group now consists of women entrepreneurs."

Laura Helser: "Who Are You Really?"

Laura Helser believes it's important to feel your own life force. She says: "It makes a huge difference whether you really feel it or not. For example, I was so into my new online course and I'm already looking forward to the next round. I've arrived and think it's cool to track your own development." Still begs the question, how do you manage to become so successful at such a young age?

But Laura Helser has a much better question: "The much more exciting question is: Who am I really? This question changed everything for me, because it made me realize that I wasn't the perfect personal trainer. I am the one who gets people excited about sports. But I'm not the one who can offer medical fitness training to someone. And if I had compared myself to all the personal trainers back then, I would have felt very quickly, not good enough To be."

The great freedom

Whether Laura Helser was ever afraid of failing? Whether she felt pressured or stressed? In the interview, she reports, "No, because I was free and could build a life on my own terms." Currently, Laura Helser is a mentor, helping women in business come into their full power. Authenticity is especially important to her: "It's a core value in my life, and I also want to encourage others to show up for who they really are."

In addition, today's entrepreneur has a very important tip for you: "Every time you feel that you are not satisfied, then change something. Love it, leave it or change it! Because it is your life. It's in your hands to create that life the way you want it. When I look at it all in hindsight, I could have never dreamed my life to be like this. But it worked!"

Always reinvent

Currently, Laura Helser and Robert Gladitz's team consists of ten employees and is made up of freelancers, interns and permanent staff. She reveals: "I have merged my business with Robert's business. We completely live out our core competencies in our team. And I still have so many dreams: I want to set up festivals, retreats and eventually cafes. In what order that will happen, I'm not sure yet. We always plan year by year."

At the end of the year, Laura Helser and her life partner take a month off to go completely into entrepreneur mode. She explains, "In doing so, we create space for ourselves to reflect on the last few months and see who we really are again. Because I always have to reinvent myself and it's exciting going forward." We wish Laura Helser a lot of fun and all the best! 


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