Authenticity: Find your authentic personality!

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Authenticity: Find your authentic personality!

Do you sometimes have the impression that you don't behave the way you actually want to? Do you feel obligated to do or say certain things in order to be accepted by those around you - and thus undermine your authenticity?

Most of us play a role instead of being ourselves. Only rarely do we behave as we really are. However, living inauthentically is very exhausting and tiring in the long run. Our true Potential we can only exploit if we allow ourselves to go our own way.

Our authenticity helps us to create life for ourselves. make decisions we are independent. Living authentically means embracing our values and beliefs. Authenticity brings you closer to your Life goal a little closer. Here you will learn what being authentic has to do with your personality and how to find your authentic self.

What is authenticity?

What does authenticity mean? The term authenticity comes from the Greek word authentikós, which translated means "genuine". Authentic always means the original or the true. An example of authenticity is to act according to one's own values and ideals without being influenced by others.

In everyday life, however, we are constantly exposed to the expectations of our fellow human beings. Our personality to remain faithfulis therefore not always easy. If we give in to pressure, we act inauthentically, appear fake and are not very convincing.

Authenticity means:

  • Expressing one's opinion honestly and in an appropriate manner.
  • Listening to the inner voice.
  • Only make decisions that are consistent with our beliefs and values.
  • Allowing ourselves to be open-hearted and vulnerable.
  • Set limits (red line).

The following terms best describe authenticity:

  • Credibility
  • Genuineness
  • Reliability
  • Truthfulness

Do you want to find your authentic personality? Recognize your strengths and weaknesses and accept yourself as you are. Your behavior depends on your feelings and motives. Self-reflection helps to make you aware of the reasons for your actions.

You want to be authentic? You can recognize authenticity by these 4 characteristics:

  • Sincerity
  • Awareness
  • honesty
  • Consequence
authenticity example

Live authenticity: Reveal your negative qualities

When it comes to authentic behavior, sincerity is a "must". An embellished self-image looks untrustworthy and can usually only be maintained for a short time. If you want to live authenticity, you should also reveal your negative qualities.

Every person has strong and weak sides. Awareness of one's own person requires self-knowledge and self-reflection. Only those who know themselves can be genuine and radiate authenticity.

There are different opinions on the subject of honesty. A well-known everyday saying goes: "Honesty is the best policy. However, honesty is above all a moral quality. By behaving truthfully towards yourself and your environment, you contribute to being perceived as an authentic personality.

Authenticity: Drop your mask

Refrain from exaggerations. Accept unpleasant situations and view them as challenges. Authenticity means dropping the mask, being honest, not embellishing or exaggerating.

What does consistency have to do with authenticity? Consistent action is a Management task. On the other hand, consequences are the result of an action. Those who take responsibility for their own actions behave honestly and authentically. In this sense, consequence is also a skill that people with leadership personality possess.

You want to live authentically? Respect your own values and Set prioritieseven if this means that you will be at a disadvantage. The opposite of authenticity is the opportunist, who uses every favorable opportunity to his advantage without considering his own values.

5 reasons to be authentic: Why is authenticity important?

Why is authenticity important? Authentic people act in harmony with themselves. Authenticity is just as important in business as it is in private life. Do you make your decisions based on what others might think? Lazy compromises rarely work.

Genuine, authentic personalities present themselves as they really are deep down. Authenticity is an essential building block in building meaningful relationships. In the workplace, you are perceived as authentic when your words, actions, and behaviors are consistent with your identity. Those around you can sense if you are in tune with yourself. People who are open, unaffected and truthful, find friends easier and have more stable partnerships.

Authenticity causes:

Do not fulfill the requirements of other people, but your own! Live authentically by consciously deciding for or against something.

The most important reasons to be authentic are: You...

  1. Live your life according to your own ideas.
  2. Become an independent, strong personality.
  3. Can stay true to your own values and beliefs.
  4. Be more respected when you act authentically.
  5. You have more success.
why is authenticity important

How to find your authentic self

Are you authentic or do you follow the behavior of others? Do you say what you really think or do you go along with the opinion of your friends, colleagues or neighbors? Every person is a unique personality. Find your authentic self so that you stand out from the crowd!

Authenticity means expressing one's own thoughts and openly representing personal points of view. In general, authentic behavior is valued positively. Why do so many people behave inauthentically despite this?

The main reasons for inauthentic, inauthentic behavior are fears, such as:

  • Being rejected
  • Unpleasant to stand out
  • Making a fool of yourself
  • Other people to disappoint
  • Injure other persons

Fears are subjective perceptions. To overcome them, it is important to question them. Authenticity is often avoided because of the fear of disappointing or hurting other people. The fear of being rejected prevents us from developing our personality.

You will find your authentic self when you answer these questions honestly:

  • Who am I really?
  • What personality do I want to be?
  • What are my goals?
  • What do I want to work for with full intensity?
  • Does my job/personal life fill me with joy?
  • Am I on the right course or do I need to change something?

The opposite of authenticity is staging. With self-promotion, you create an artificial self. In the long run, such behavior comes across as unnatural, inauthentic and untrustworthy. A person who is not sure of his or her actions will hardly succeed professionally or privately. Discover your authentic self, show the real you and convince others with your personality!

6 tips for more authenticity

Authenticity means genuineness and credibility. You are authentic when you express your thoughts, emotions and values and act according to your convictions. Self-awareness is an essential prerequisite for being authentic. The following six tips will help you become more authentic:

  1. Act confidently.
  2. Respect yourself and others.
  3. Overcome your Fears.
  4. Stay consistent.
  5. Practice Self-reflection.
  6. Stand by your decisions.

Self-esteem contributes to a strong personality. At the same time, a healthy self-esteem helps you to be more authentic. Show your true personality, even if you might cause offence. Act confidently and stand by your decisions. Avoid overconfidence, because it comes across as arrogant. Learn to accept criticism and deal with mistakes.

First step to more authenticity: self-knowledge

Self-knowledge is the first step to more authenticity. Practice Self-reflection. When you think and reflect, you gain important insights. Do not let your behavior be determined by external influences, but decide for yourself.

Sharpen your self-awareness by asking yourself why you behave the way you do. Personality is constantly evolving. Daily experiences change your perception and influence your authentic behavior.

Fears are bad advisors because they are subjective and usually unfounded. Unrealistic fears can prevent you from being authentic. Overcome your Fears. Every human being has from time to time Fear of rejectionmistakes and criticism. Be honest with yourself. Admit to yourself that you are not perfect. But you have characteristics and qualities that make you a unique person.

Wrong decisions are an important learning process

Think of a bad decision as an important learning process. Being authentic also means allowing yourself to get things wrong. Your experiences help you become authentic. People who use their life experience purposefully come across as likeable and authentic. Trust your inner voice. Your intuition enables you to recognize facts and contexts correctly and to make appropriate decisions.

Respect yourself as well as the people around you. If you want to be perceived authentically by others, avoid overplaying your negative qualities. Accept criticism if it is justified. Be open to requests for improvement and make your own suggestions on how things could be done better. Speak your mind, but without hurting others.


Authenticity is the basis for success at work and in private life. People who act authentically know their value. Equally important is the significance of authenticity for personal development. Living authentically helps, Self-confidence and self-determination. An authentic way of life increases performance, because you don't have to play a role, but can be yourself.

Moreover, authenticity is considered an expression of a strong personality. Use our scientifically based Personality Testto better understand your personal behavior and to fully live your strengths. Start with your individual Personality Development and just be authentic!


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