More energy: recharge your battery with these tricks

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More energy: recharge your battery with these tricks

We would all like to have more energy in everyday life, wouldn't we? With all the stress that many of us go through every day, an inner battery that simply never runs out would be a great thing. Every day you give your all to balance your professional life, private life and family life. You rush from one appointment to the next, still try to do justice to the people around you somehow, and of course you need a little bit for yourself, too. Time. But that often comes up short.

And that's exactly the time you need to recharge your battery. But that's not so easy in a busy day. So how do you get more energy? The question of all questions ... But don't worry, we're here to finally answer it and give you some great tips along the way!

Why is energy so important in everyday life?

According to a Study by the Techniker Krankenkasse Germans are feeling increasingly stressed. For men, it's their jobs that cause them the most stress. For women, the results show that it is the high demands they make on themselves. The cause is nevertheless the same: In both cases, the energy is simply not enough to cope with the tasks imposed on them by others or by themselves.

Energy is the engine of the human being. You don't just need it to get through everyday life, you need it simply to live. Without energy you can't get out of bed in the morning. You can't move, your brain can't work, and your body couldn't even metabolize. In short, this means that without energy, your organism can no longer perform tasks that are essential for survival.

This is of course the worst case and would only be the case if you were to eat and drink nothing at all. Nevertheless, your body first puts all the energy you give it into survival. Everything what is left, it makes available to you for your everyday life. So the more energy you have, the better you get through the day. You feel more awake and fit and nothing can stop you.

How nutrition helps to get more energy

At the top of the list of sources for more energy is, of course, food. Your body draws strength from it. How much energy you can get from it and how long your organism can draw on it depends entirely on your choice. It should be healthy, of course. Long-chain carbohydrates from whole-grain products, for example, provide you with much longer and much more energy than short-chain carbohydrates, such as those found in white bread or sugar.

They give you a quick energy boost, but it wears off at least as quickly. You find yourself in a perpetual up and down. But if you opt for long-chain carbohydrates, your energy levels will remain high. Energy level significantly more constant. Protein-rich foods such as quark or eggs or healthy fat sources such as flaxseed or avocados also provide you with a lot of strength.

Not to be forgotten is sufficient water. After all, your body consists largely of liquid. You should drink at least 2 to 3 liters a day, or alternatively unsweetened tea, to protect yourself from dehydration. This can lead to listlessness and lack of concentration, among other things.

more energy in everyday life

Why you need more exercise for more energy

To get going, exercise is also a must. In doing so, you get your metabolism going at full speed, get the head clear and reduce stress. So you can start again with much more energy. Don't worry, you don't have to become a marathon runner. Just a short walk during the day is enough to recharge your inner battery.

Why sufficient sleep is so important

Sleep is the elixir for more energy par excellence. Your body needs rest to recover and draw new strength. If you deprive it of this, your reserves will quickly be depleted. Like in a good Relationship Here, too, the golden rule is to strike the right balance between give and take.

So make sure you maintain good sleep hygiene and get at least seven hours of rest. Your sleep will be especially restful SleepWhen it's pleasantly cool in your bedroom, put your smartphone away for at least an hour and block out all light sources.

How stress robs you of energy

Your body needs energy not only for physical activities. Your brain also uses a lot of it, especially when you're under stress. Your thoughts are racing and your grey cells are running at full speed. This also leaves its mark on your body.

Evolutionarily, under stress the human body prepares itself to fight or flee - both activities that consume an enormous amount of energy. And that's exactly why stress is the power robber par excellence.

How mindfulness and meditation help recharge energy

What is the opposite of stress? Exactly, relaxation. It helps you recharge your inner battery. Especially mental relaxation plays an important role here, because only when your thoughts come to rest, your body can also have a well-deserved rest. Time out get

Mindfulness exercises help you stay in the here and now, and worry less about the future or already Past to make. You become more relaxed and can go about your everyday life without all the stress and Printthat you otherwise impose on yourself.

Also Meditations are valuable helpers. Just five minutes in the morning right after waking up can work wonders. You don't have time to waste? Then try a walking meditation on your way to work!

How concentration and focus help save energy

Would you like to do umpteen tasks at once and start countless things, but then get confused and get nothing done? What should actually save you time and energy turns out to be the exact opposite. You lose focus and with it the overview of your tasks. You now have to expend an incredible amount of energy to regain this focus and to get the MayhemThe result of all the things that have been started is to be put in order again.

But if you approach your tasks in an orderly and focused manner, you won't get into this predicament in the first place. If you stay focused, you can do everything conscientiously, forget nothing, make no careless mistakes and thus save a lot of energy.

5 concrete tips for more energy in everyday life

Finally more energy in everyday life - that's what we all want, right? This dream can actually come true! How can it be done? We have collected a few valuable tips for you!

1. find out who or what is robbing you of your energy

The first step to more energy is to find out who or what is actually stealing it from you. Is it your job that's draining you completely? Are you under constant stress? Are you putting yourself under too much pressure? Or are you perhaps in a relationship that robs you of a lot of energy, but doesn't actually give anything back?

2. let light into your morning

The Start the day works much better if you let daylight in. So open the curtains, raise the blinds or turn on the light in winter. This signals to your body that you want to start the day and it begins to produce the appropriate hormones.

3. spend time in the fresh air

You spend your entire workday indoors? Then you know the feeling when the oxygen seems to be completely depleted. During your break, go outside for five minutes and take a deep breath. A short walk will reduce your stress level and lower your heart rate.

4. think positive

Sounds easy, it is. Negative thoughts cost you an incredible amount of energy. If you tend to look for the bad things in life and completely "overthink" situations, then you rob yourself of a lot of energy unnecessarily. Instead, focus on all the positive aspects in life!

Is it raining today? Yes, that's stupid. But on rainy days it's especially cozy at home and you can make yourself comfortable in front of the TV without a guilty conscience.

5. let proximity to

Man is and remains a pack animal. What was once thought of more as self-protection has become ingrained in us to this day. We simply need the proximity of others, because Loneliness has been proven to make us sick and tired. So get together with your friends again, go on that date you've been afraid to go on, or give your family a hug. There is no better source of energy for the soul.


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