Leander Greitemann 3/3: With enthusiasm to a happy life

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Leander Greitemann 3/3: With enthusiasm to a happy life

Besides personal development, Leander Greitemann has two other great passions: music and snowboarding. The beauty of it, in his eyes, is that everything is strongly connected. In the interview, the 32-year-old reveals: "At the time, I was told that I needed to focus more and that I couldn't become a successful speaker if I pursued other activities intensively at the same time. But I think it's good to do several things that cross-fertilize each other in parallel over a longer period of time."

The way in which Leander Greitemann on stage has a lot to do with how he snowboards and makes music. He says: "All these things come into play and ensure that my talks are exactly the way they are. For example, I incorporate sports interactions into my talks or jump on tables to make statements stand out. Of course, I couldn't do that if I didn't snowboard. When you're passionate about things, connections happen and it eventually turns into something very unique."

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Leander Greitemanns Secret tip for everyday happiness

Does Leander Greitemann have an insider's tip for Everyday Happinessto go through life successfully and self-confidently? He answers the question: "Everything I talk about, I try out on myself. That's the beauty of the job, because my content always helps me personally, of course. That in itself is very helpful if you want to live a happy life. My current routines are that I start the day with yoga. In the evening before I go to bed I do a Meditationwhich sometimes lasts longer and sometimes shorter. The less time I have, the longer my Meditation before sleep. If you feel you don't have time to meditate for 20 minutes a day, then you should meditate for three hours."

"Passion & enthusiasm are like fertilizer for the brain".

Another thing that is particularly beneficial to him is enthusiasm. According to the up-and-coming speaker, enthusiasm is like fertilizer for the brain. Because whenever you manage to be enthusiastic, you fire up your synapses and learn in a playful way. Leander Greitemann: "At some point I noticed that the word 'enthusiasm' contains the word 'spirit'. And in 'condition' there is the word 'thing'. Enthusiasm is unconditional. You should not look for your enthusiasm in things, but in your mind. Whenever you succeed in bringing in enthusiasm, you learn much faster and dare to use your Leaving your comfort zone."

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