Personal values as companions - finding the right balance

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Personal values as companions - finding the right balance

At some points in your life, you may feel weary and hopeless. What should you do? Something is going very wrong. You always wanted something else. Didn't you? Perhaps it has something to do with your values, which you've been living by for a long time. Time suppress?

However, personal values are extremely important. They show you where to go. They give you support and help you to find your own Making decisions. But how does it work in practice? - You'll find out by reading on.

What are personal values and why are they important?

According to the psychological definition personal values your own convictions and priorities. They are closely linked to motives and goals. Guiding principles is a good synonym for personal values - because this is about cross-situational and long-term goals and attitudes.

At work, it's not just your skills that play a role. Personal values also play a role here. They determine your life and your Career.

Which Values and guidelines drive you? What is it that guides you regardless of a specific situation? Without your own conviction, you lack a signpost. You don't know how you should behave? Then it's obvious: you need to work on your self-assessment and find your way back to your core values.

A few examples of personal values:

  • Friendliness and fairness,
  • Independence,
  • Empathy,
  • Loyalty and Trust,
  • Respect.

Discovering your personal values

Thorough self-reflection will make you aware of your own values. The helps youto better understand your often unconscious decisions.

But how can you Recognize personal values? Exactly: by going within yourself. Don't think about what others expect of you. Instead, listen to your inner voice. Only then will you gain Self-confidencewhich in turn makes you happy.

Interesting: If you know your personal values, you will soon realize that you are increasingly meeting people who have similar values.

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5 steps to define your personal values

Personal values are simply there - but how can you recognize them? The following tips from a free personality test help you with self-reflection.

  • Step 1: Make a list of values and write down the ones that are close to your heart. There should be no more than ten.
  • Step 2: Look at the individual values and feel inside yourself. Which Feeling do you have with you? Is that really your conviction?
  • Step 3: Is there a goal behind the values or tasks? What is behind it? It is not only in professional life that there is often a dream or a certain Hope behind.
  • Step 4: Now underline three terms that have a special meaning for you. This will teach you to define priorities.
  • Step 5: Compare your current status with your life exactly one year ago. What has changed - how have you developed? What was important to you then and what is important to you now? What has stayed the same?

You can go one step further and think about what you can do with this self-assessment. Imagine, for example, that you were free to make any decision. What would you change? What would you stop doing?

The connection between personal values and personality

Personal values are directly linked to your character, i.e. your personality. Your actions are based on your values, even if you don't always consciously realize this. For example, you find fairness and friendliness extremely important: that's why you avoid arguments and prefer to hold back a little. However, your openness, which is also one of your values, suffers as a result.

Personal values help with big decisions and in small, everyday situations. If you deny them, you'll get frustrated at some point. Or you feel insecure because others via want to determine you.

If you want to live independently, you are the right type for self-employment. Those who need financial security, on the other hand, prefer to work as an employee. Trusting people make friends quickly. Perfectionists reject help. Such Examples show how personal values and personality are connected.

How personal values influence your relationships

If you understand your own values, you can align your life accordingly. As a result, you will be able to create good and fulfilling Managing relationships. The Psychology of values also shows how important it is to be true to your own values. On the one hand, you are happier with yourself and, on the other hand, can better approach other like-minded people.

If you live in harmony with your values, your life feels meaningful. This in turn makes you more open towards others. Listening properly, being honest, showing a positive attitude - this is how you improve your relationship skills. You don't have to change your values to do this. They are what they are. But you can become aware of them and live them out. This will make you and your social environment happier.

Coaching: Guide to working with your values

If you have difficulties analyzing your values, coaching can help. To get started, the free personality test from Greator. This gives you an initial preparation and you know who you are dealing with: your inner self and your personal values.

By defining your values, you will soon be able to integrate them into your daily routines. Decisions may take longer at first because you think more carefully about which values are important to you. A coach supports you with the Self-reflection and also in your personal development.

Personal values in professional life

Self-confidence improves your ability to apply your personal values. This makes you happier and more successful. Ultimately, your decisions can drive your professional career forward.

Personal values have a major influence on your work - whether they stand in the way of certain tasks and make you feel insecure, or whether they make your tasks easier. That's why you're most productive when your employer has similar values to you.

Challenges in implementing your values

Especially at work, there are often obstacles in the way that make it difficult for you to follow your personal values. This means that your own convictions can cause stress. Perhaps the value of "financial security" conflicts with self-employment. Or you need to be absolutely secretive, but don't want to lie to your colleagues. You can only overcome such challenges if you correctly assess your personal values. However, these can change over time - just like your life situation and career path.

Long-term benefits of aligning with your values

If you live by your own values, you will be happier with yourself - and feel good about yourself. You might step on some people's toes, but ultimately it's about your development. Conversely, you will feel bad if you act against your convictions.

What about your sense of values? Do you live according to your values? Do you have a clear view of your decisions and can you justify them? This is a good sign, even if some things only become clear in hindsight. This is precisely where the advantages of being guided by your own values become apparent.

Conclusion: Your values as a compass for a fulfilled life

Personal values are therefore a kind of compass that shows you the way to your goal. Sounds logical: if you know where and how to move forward, you have a good chance of success. So think about your values often and put them into practice in your everyday life. The free personality test at Greator: This will help you understand your own behaviour and recognize your strengths. Also work on developing your values, because life is not static. As you change, so do your personal values.

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