What is a business coach and what training opportunities are there?

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What is a business coach and what training opportunities are there?

Climbing the career ladder is one of the biggest priorities in life for many people. Professional success goes hand in hand with financial independence and recognition. However, these goals do not achieve themselves. If you want to achieve professional success, you must use your qualifications to perfection! If you want to learn how a business coach can help you advance your career, you should definitely read the following article. The same applies if you are interested in a career as a business coach.

What does a business coach do?

As a business coach, you can either work independently or be employed by a company. Your task is to help people to overcome professional hurdles and to fully exploit their potential. Your focus is on trained communication and problem-oriented thinking.

The coaching sessions can take place in groups or as one-to-one meetings. Conflicts and other causes that affect the motivation and performance of employees are analyzed. As a business coach, you work with employees to develop problem-solving strategies in order to improve their performance. Satisfaction in the workplace. You are not in a dictatorial role, but in an advisory capacity.

business coaching

An Training / continuing education as a business coach is an interesting option, especially for executives. As Executive you need to be able to manage crisis situations in your team. The training to become a business coach will familiarize you with the necessary skills.

Or maybe you'd like coaching for yourself to help you improve your professional Achieving goals. You should make sure to find a competent and certified coach. Since the job title is not protected, the ignorant can all too quickly fall for self-proclaimed would-be coaches who want to make a profit with your wishes and desires.

What are the reasons for a career as a business coach?

There are many reasons to pursue a career as a business coach: You get the opportunity to help people achieve their professional goals. Motivated employees form the basis for the economic success of a company. As a coach, you make sure employee satisfaction which in turn leads to better performance.

It will be fulfilling to watch your efforts bear fruit. The success of the company and its employees is your success. As a business coach, the successes of your work are immediately noticeable to you. This is something that many people miss in their professions.

You deal with interesting and complex issues in the areas of Psychology and operational Organization. You will also benefit from this personally, as you will have to constantly develop yourself and respond to current circumstances. Another argument in favour of a career as a business coach is the attractive earning potential.

How do I become a business coach?

The Education is not exclusively reserved for executives, but is also suitable as a Basis for your later independence. The training can often even be implemented online, but of course also offline. Here you decide which variant is best compatible with your (professional) life. If you are employed, part-time training may be the better option for you.

Greator Business Coach
The coaching program for entrepreneurs, self-employed and managing directors 

Learn in 9 months the most effective coaching skills to use your professional and human strengths in the best possible way, to finally reach your true goals and to lead a life full of influence, prosperity as well as reputation.

What requirements should you meet for a business coaching education?

To work as a business coach, the following descriptions should fit you. You:

  • You're confident.
  • Don't get rattled so easily.
  • Have an interest in business organization and psychology.
  • You like working with people.
  • Think solution-oriented.
  • Are able to concentrate on the essentials.
  • You're socially competent and empathetic.

Of course, the above mentioned competencies will be deepened within the Business Coaching training. Nevertheless, the basic tendency should already be present.

What does training cost?

The training costs actually vary depending on the provider and the duration of the training. With distance learning, for example, you have to expect higher costs of around €4500 to €8000.

What does a business coach earn?

What does a business coach earn?

How much you earn as a business coach depends mainly on whether you are employed or self-employed. In self-employment, your income varies depending on how high your order situation is. If you have already built up a large client base from which you are regularly booked, you will earn more accordingly. If you acquire no or only a few orders, you earn less.

If you are employed as a permanent business coach in a company, your gross annual salary is between €35,000 and €65,000. The hourly fee of a business coach is between 100 € and 200 €.

Where does a business coach work?

As mentioned at the beginning, they can be employed or self-employed. A self-employed business coach is booked by different companies. In the employment relationship, he only takes care of the concerns of a company. Business coaching is usually not or only rarely used by private individuals.

Fields of activity in Business Coaching

In the following, we would like to give you a compact overview of the possible fields of activity of a business coach. Keep in mind, however, that the content and prioritization can vary depending on the company:

  • Conflict consulting
  • Psychological content & operational organization
  • Methods of cognitive restructuring
  • Quality Management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Consulting Practice
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Coaching of executives

Alternatives to the Business Coach

An alternative to the business coach would be the Training for personal coach. Methodologically and in terms of content, the training content and objectives overlap in numerous points. Just like the Business Coach, the Personal Coach has the task of supporting people in solving problems and using their personal potential. The methods used for this are almost identical.

The difference between the two forms of coaching is that business coaches focus on the professional success of a company and personal coaches address both professional and personal concerns of their client.

The Greator Business Coach Training

It's time for a new definition of leadership! Because being a good manager or leader is no longer enough to achieve measurable results in business. What is really important are coaching skills! And you will learn them in our Training as a Business Coach know. In it, we show you the best experts on how to take people to the next level professionally with business coaching. And you'll take the next step in your career yourself. Look forward to a variety of business coach content.

Special features of the training

In our Greator Business Coach Training we will familiarize you with all the basic coaching tools.

  • The first part of the training focuses on working through your own life issues.
  • We support your learning process each week with high-quality coaching videos, workbooks, and meditations.
  • Our Greator Business Coach Online training is based on the latest neuroscientific and economic findings. 
  • High-profile experts such as neuroscientist and behavioral philosopher Dr. Frederik Hümmeke helped develop the training.
  • You will learn a comprehensive and simple method that you can apply in a variety of coaching situations. Frederik will introduce you to the most effective communication and coaching skills.
  • In the training you can acquire the basic knowledge and the necessary skills. This applies regardless of whether you are a manager or whether you want to work as an independent coach later.

Success Method Greator Results Coaching

As we all know, just knowing that we should change something is often not enough: "Many people know what needs to be done, but don't do it," Frederik Hümmeke knows from experience. There are profound reasons for this, which lie in the organization of our brain. Many aspects - our thoughts, attention, emotions, motivation and more - have to interact. This concept takes all that into account.

You want to learn more about the Business Coach content? Our Greator Results Coaching is based on current neuroscientific findings and combines the rational with the emotional.

You achieve with it for you, but also your team:

  • A higher level of performance.
  • Rapidly visible, concrete results.
  • The method is comprehensive, easy to learn and applicable in a wide variety of coaching situations.

With our Greator Results Coaching method, we show you how to teach your coachees the methods they need to master their challenges. Because coaching is all about practice, our case studies and exercises are also concrete and practical. In this way, you train your perceptive and observational skills and also develop your own coaching approaches.

Maximum flexibility

If you are most interested in business topics (leadership, conflict and stress management), you should become a business coach. You are still hesitant because you are completely busy in your professional or family life? That's not an obstacle at all: our Business Coach Training takes place 100 % online. This guarantees you maximum flexibility in terms of time and location.

The training lasts nine months and takes place completely online. You can participate in the Business Coach Online Training from any location. From month 1-6 you will be in the Greator Business Coach Practitioner, from month 7 to month 9 you will complete the Greator Business Coach Advanced to receive your Greator Business Coach certification.

In our training you can acquire the basic knowledge and the necessary skills. This applies regardless of whether you are a manager or whether you want to work as an independent coach later. Seize the opportunity for your future and apply today free of charge and without obligation.

Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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