Stage fright - 4 tips for a confident appearance

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Stage fright - 4 tips for a confident appearance

"The human brain is a great thing. It works from the moment you're born - to the time you stand up to give a speech."

(George Jessel)

So shortly before the performance, our knees tremble and our mouths go dry. We are under stress. You can't have that in front of the stage. Now you could say: close your eyes and get through it. But we have a few more methods that will help you to get through your next presentation well and safely.

Stage fright - nobody needs that! Or?

Stage fright is a completely natural body reaction. Adrenaline is produced, which makes us more alert and attentive. Two things that are very useful and sensible shortly before a speech. A good speaker convinces with his impressive energy. So stage fright is like a freshness kick or a booster for the needed energy.

But how do you deal with stage fright? Our body reacts in a variety of ways. Our emotions go crazy. Our thoughts circle around wildly and our body reacts as well. Everyone has stage fright. It is only differently strongly pronounced. We can never get rid of stage fright, but we can learn how to deal with it. How do you still go on stage confidently and positively?

overcome lemp fever

Stage fright: 4 tips for a confident and sovereign appearance

1. have respect, but do not be afraid.

First of all, stage fright is perfectly normal. You can have respect for your task. Because that shows you your goal: You want to offer real added value and inspire your audience. That should be your focus. So what you owe your audience is good preparation. That means: practice, practice, practice.

Good preparation gives you security - the feeling of losing control gradually fades. Because: Yes, you are leaving your Comfort zone and dare new things. But you know exactly what you're talking about.

2. trick your body with a ritual.

If your heart rate gets too high and you feel like you might be unconfident, breathe in and out calmly. Stand upright and rock your feet from heel to toe. It is important to keep a steady slow pace while doing this. Repeat this a few times. Rolling your feet lowers your pulse and calms you down.

Find your performance ritual or an immediate measure when stage fright strikes. Because rituals also give us security. What have you done so far to combat stage fright that has really helped you? See what feels good to you and prepares you well for the stage. 

3. radiate self-confidence.

So close to their appearance, even the most confident top speakers are nervous. There is only one crucial difference: Either you can see their excitement or not. There's a very simple way to exude confidence - make eye contact with your audience. Because people who are confident can look others in the eye.

But eye contact alone does not lead to a confident presentation. Your body language must also be used in a targeted manner. Do you just let your arms hang down? That quickly comes across as bored. But where to put your hands? The ideal starting position for your hands is just above your belly button - in the neutral area. Your elbows do not stick to your body, but are completely loose.

With these two techniques, you'll already look much more confident. And we have one more piece of good news for you: Uncertainty less gets out than you think. Did you know that the audience only perceives about one eighth of your feelings? In that case, that's already reassuring.

4. stage fright: believe in yourself and your success.

Remember situations in which you demonstrated real skill and recall the feeling. We usually pay less attention to things that were super successful. Now you get to actively remember your moments of brilliance. Be it that you inspired others or made them think.

Focus on what you can achieve with your words. Through courageous appearance and targeted words, you release a lot of power and energy, which you automatically transfer to your listeners. 

You want proof? Then read the following quotes:

  • "I have a dream!" (I have a dream!)
  • "Yes, we can!" (Yes, we can)
  • "Nothing will work unless you do!" (Nothing will work unless you try!)

You probably know at least one of these quotes, don't you? Here, language has sometimes triggered huge political movements and driven a rethinking in people's minds - just through the power of words! So it's time for you to open your mouth and face your stage fright.

The more often you dare to step out of your comfort zone, the greater your Self-confidence and the belief in your abilities.

You want to captivate people and stay with your audience for a long time. Memory stay? In our Video tells you the keynote speaker and mental coach Oliver Geisselhart, how you can use visualization and storytelling to give good presentations and reach a large number of people. Do you feel like being inspired and sweeping people off their feet during your next presentation? Then Oliver Geisselharts Impulses just right for you.


We wish you the courage to step out of your comfort zone - again and again - and to expose yourself to stage fright before presentations. You'll notice from time to time that the things you're afraid of Fear have, are becoming easier and easier.



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Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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