Online Coaching: How to tap your full potential independent of time and place

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Online Coaching: How to tap your full potential independent of time and place

The Internet is out of our everyday life indispensable. We shop online, take care of financial matters via our smartphones and sometimes even work online. So why don't we also let ourselves be coached via the internet or become become an online coach yourself?

The Internet brings exactly the Flexibility and mobilitywhich is necessary for it, with. No matter whether business, financial, fitness, mental or Life Coaching: everything is possible online. The market is booming, which among other things Marburg Coaching Study shows. The field of business coaching alone is growing by about 10 % annually in Germany. But what exactly is the job of a coach?

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Online Coaching: What does that even mean?

The Coach Sync and corrections by n17t01 Advisor, helping hand and companion at the same time. He shows his client the best and most effective ways so that they can achieve their Goals achieved. Along the way, he stands by him with support. All this can also virtual will take place. Then the Talk about online coaching.

It can take place at any time and in any placewhether in the comfort of your own home or on the road. All the client needs for this is a PC or a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and of course a working internet connection. So the coaching will take place in the ordinary everyday life of the client.

Online coaching vs. traditional coaching: what's the difference?

The two forms do not differ in contentbut much more in the way the coaching takes place. The traditional coaching takes place offline face to face instead of. The client makes regular appointments to meet with his coach and is therefore usually also Fixed.

Online coaching, on the other hand, can completely independent of time and place take place. It is also not necessary to make an appointment, because the client has access to the associated materials at any time.

Online coaching offers these advantages

The well biggest advantage of online coaching lies in its Flexibility. It doesn't matter what time it is or where the client is. So he can even focus on Get coached on a business trip to the other side of the world. In addition, the very simple and convenient integration of coaching into everyday life, which is made possible thanks to the time and location independence.

This naturally also results in big advantage for the coach. He can reach significantly more clients. Since meetings are not held at a fixed location, it doesn't matter where the client lives. The feel-good factor also plays a role. In it is often easier to open up in familiar surroundings..

If the client lives abroad, but still wants to talk confidentially with a coach in his native language, a very lengthy search usually begins. Thanks to online coaching he can easily connect with a coach from his home country.

Neither time nor possibilities of mobility set limits to online coaching

Online coaching primarily provides people who are very busyan enormous advantage. Even after a long working day into the night, these can still be used by the associated make use of video material. Whether the coach it came from is still awake or not doesn't matter at all.

Also during the coaching the Client not under time pressure, because he knows the appointment's almost over. Online he has all the time in the world to look at the view or read through content as often as you like and reflect on it at your leisure. By the repeated occupation with the contents, these are internalized at the same time better - what the Success of the coaching supported.

Participation in face-to-face meetings is often difficult, and not only because of time constraints. Due to lack of mobility, physical limitations or old age, the way to the coach can be difficult. If everything takes place online, the degree of mobility is completely irrelevant.

Always available - technical advantages of online coaching and convenient working from home

Always available, no matter when and where: An overview of the technical advantages

The low-threshold access to online coaching appeals to all those who value lasting Accessibility and flexibility lay. Especially in situations where the client has doubts and needs immediate advice or motivation, online coaching proves its worth. He does not have to wait until he gets an appointment, but can immediately access the available material. This minimizes heavy phases of doubt or displeasure and increases the success of the coaching.

If the online coaching takes place via a specially designed tool takes place, the documentation is simplified. The coach must do not make notes on current content and progress yourself, because this happens automatically. Coach and client can view these records at any time.

The list of advantages that online coaching brings with it is long. But one important point should be mentioned last but not least. Many people find it very difficult to open up to others. This is especially true when they are sitting across from a complete stranger. This was shown in a study by therapy researcher Prof. Dr. Christiane Eichenberg.

It examined the Internet usage behaviour of 2,411 Germans with regard to health-related topics. 63.5 % of subjects regularly sought health advice onlinealso in the psychological field. If you also see yourself as part of this group, then online coaching is a very good choice, because the distance can often make it easier to talk about personal things.

Are there any disadvantages to online coaching?

What one person sees as an advantage may be more of a disadvantage for another. This applies, for example, to distance. Some people find it difficult to online and time-shifted much easier to open up. Others, however, need personal contact with a coach.

Does online coaching go with anonymity of the clients, the personal connection is naturally missing.. This, in turn, can change the discourage the sharing of honest feelings. Moreover, neither coach nor client can interpret facial expressions and gestures of the counterpart - important parts of communication.

Does it go to emotionally intense topics, it is quite important for some people, to create a basis of trust in advance. If the communication between coach and client is quite impersonal, it is difficult. Concerns could also be raised about the security of one's own data be voiced. For online coaches, it is therefore particularly important to ensure this and, among other things, to rely on encrypted messages. But more about that later.

These are the skills you need to coach online

Every coach, whether they work online or offline, should of course be familiar with the necessary degree of empathy equipped. He must be able to put himself in his clients' shoes. He should also be able to interpret signs of non-verbal communication. Only in this way can he determine whether the client is just actually open about what moves him or her, or whether certain points need to be questioned more closely.

It is important that the client is informed exactly about itwhat awaits him in the context of online coaching. For this purpose, it is indispensable for the coach to work in a structured and organized manner, no matter in which area he is active. The individual steps of the coaching must be comprehensible for the client, because that creates trust -. the basis of every coaching.

Media competence and user-friendliness: All about the technical requirements to start your online coaching

Of course, the coach must also certain technical requirements meet the requirements. Media-specific competencies should therefore be available. This applies equally to the areas of media communication and online security.

An important point here is also the User-friendliness. Unfortunately, every tool, no matter how intensively worked out, is of little use to the client if its handling is complicated. After all everyone can benefit from online coaching - also people who are rather less tech-savvy. No one should have to get hung up on technical difficulties, but should be able to concentrate fully on personal progress in coaching. Of course must also the coach himself be confident in the use of the tool and be able to guide his clients accordingly.

At best, coaches offer a way for clients to get in touch with them independently of this tool. If there should be technical problems, the coach can then help quickly or offer a temporary alternative. It is advantageous if the required tool can be used on any device. Especially on the smartphone, the use should not be a problem, because it is usually always with you and therefore indispensable for online coaching on the road.

Secure all around, even when it comes to personal data

Let's get back to the subject of security. Of course, the personal data and everything that clients disclose online in any form are protected.. The technical provider must operate within the scope of European data protection law. The cooperation between provider and provider must also be contractually regulated.

Personal data during online coaching must be protected

How does online coaching differ from live, face-to-face coaching in real time?

The biggest differentiator is already evident in the names. Live Coaching is actually taking place livein real time. With online coaching, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

The Live Coaching imitates quasi a personal appointment with the coach. He talks face to face with his client, but virtually. The communication that takes place in this way is not comparable to that which takes place in a face-to-face meeting, but it represents nevertheless represents a good alternative.

With online coaching, on the other hand, the focus is on pre-made mediawhich can be called up at any time. This enables an enormous flexibility. The client is free to choose whether to use a video or audio function. For example, he can also opt for an anonymous consultation and limit himself to the text-based exchange. It is therefore all the more important that online coaches are technically well equippedas far as the means of communication are concerned.

Live or Online Coaching - Which is more effective?

With the question of how live and online coaching differ in terms of their effectiveness or likelihood of success, numerous studies have dealt with. A large-scale Metastudypublished in 2014, evaluated 13 previously conducted studies with a total of 1053 subjects. They came from Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. Some of the studies examined only a short period of time, while others extended over a longer period. five years and more.

The corresponding Metastudy could show that the Real-time contact not decisive for the success of coaching. The efficacies of online therapy and face-to-face therapy were effectively equivalent. It is also important to mention that online coaching can be a very good introduction to live or traditional coaching.

Psychologist Thomas Berger conducted corresponding Interviews on people with mental health problems. He found that 30 % of the participants would never have sought a coach without the possibilities offered by the Internet.. 60 % of the test persons could actually be helped during the online coaching. This corresponds to the rate of live coaching. It is important to mention here, however, that a regular exchange between client and coach is a prerequisite.

Your entry into the online coaching business

You want to offer online coaching, but you're not quite sure how to begin? We have three helpful Beginner's tips for you.

1. Don't address them all, but limit yourself to a certain target group. This makes it easier for you to get a focused start. Later you can always expand the circle of your potential clients.

2. show yourself as a specialist in your field and not as an all-rounder who superficially covers all categories.

3rd digit prove your competence. Anyone can make claims, but only very few can back them up. So publish as many references as possiblethat prove your expert status. Reviews of existing clients, if any, are also included.

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