Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Overcome Depression? Get your life on track!"

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Life is a river: it's allowed to flow, and in the meantime you'll bump into things here and there. It was quite different Dr. Stefan Frädrich 20 years ago. At the time, the founder of Greator was still a medical student. "Inside me it looked black, grey and empty. I had a torn cruciate ligament, every step hurt. Nothing tasted good to me, I smoked, drank. Being home alone wasn't an option either. That's why I hung out in pubs a lot," Stefan says openly at the speaker night in the Lanxess Arena. He worked in oncology. There, Dr. Stefan Frädrich had to deal with deaths on a daily basis. "That was hardly bearable. I cried to relieve tension. My nights became even worse. Thoughts circled and circled. I felt drained. The Speaker wondered how he could overcome his depression.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "Overcoming Depression? Don't paddle in the wrong direction!"

"Depression is common. But few people talk about it. I would like to give you two important facts about the life crisis on the way - and also tell you how you can get out of it again!

  1. Disposition

It is there by genetic determination and cannot be undone.

  1. Lifestyle & Psychology

Sometimes we are in the flow in our life. Every now and then a sandbank or stone comes along. The trick is to paddle past it. Some people get stuck, though. That's the stupidest thing you can do. You can only get out of this situation - whether in your job or your partnership - by jerking your boat yourself. Or, if someone gives you a push from the outside. "Don't stay in the situation. Don't paddle in the wrong direction. That's energetic madness!", Stefan advises you. In other words, you too can overcome depression.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "My 4 steps out of the life crisis!"

Possibly you have also asked yourself the question, "Do I have to have almost fallen down the precipice before I can get back up again?" - "Yes, it definitely did for me! And that hurt a lot. But I needed the depression," looks the author of "Günter, the inner bastard" ...back. He will tell you his four steps how to find your way out of this valley:

  1. Clean up your life: What's not good for you?

We talk a lot about change at Greator. I know from personal experience that sometimes that's easier said than done. You may try to chug free in your boat more and more. Maybe asking yourself, "Is it good for you to be with this person and spend time? Feel your way in there!" This mindset will help you get over your depression.

  1. Therapy? Careful!

Get therapy from people who are in control of their own lives.

  1. Gedankentanken:

There are incredibly good thoughts out there that you are welcome to internalize for yourself. Especially when it comes to the subject of personality development. To become psychologically healthy, you may learn communication. Find outwho you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are. What values and visions do you have? Embark on your journey!

  1. Follow the flow!

All of us get stuck in our flow of life at times. But depression is not the end of your life. Realize, "Your boat isn't sick, you're not sick. It's just stuck!" Most of the events that significantly shape you happen in childhood and adolescence.

This results in patterns and Beliefsthat manage and rule your life. Stefan's tip: Jerk off with your boat. Go up to people, let yourself coachRead books, order a different dish, get to know new cultures. In between, take a break, pause and feel the gratitude inside you for the great moments you give yourself.

Have a great boat ride - and thanks to you for thinking along! And don't forget: You too can overcome your depression.



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Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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