Mini adventures: 5 tips to help you stay young

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Mini adventures: 5 tips to help you stay young

Are you aware that there are so many possibilities sleeping inside you? Remind yourself that you and your life are full of miracles. You can still go through so many doors. And maybe there's an unforgettable mini-adventure waiting for you behind the next one. This is your chance. Because you alone are allowed to leave your comfort zone at any time and open up to the magic within you....

Mini adventure: Leave your path and discover something new

"Body and mind like habits - that's convenient when it comes to brushing teeth and driving. But our soul loves it when we leave well-worn paths and discover new things," recommends LIFEcoach Laura Malina Seiler. "Only through this can our lives move and unfold. Because when we retreat too much into our supposed comfort zone, we sometimes lose faith in our dreams and resign. But your heart is still alive and just waiting to feel free, brave and happy. You don't even have to go far for this, it's best to start in the middle of your everyday life. Every day is unique, just like you!" For you, here are the expert's 5 tips on how to stay mentally and physically young.

5 tips on how to stay mentally and physically young

  1. Don't wait for the right time, take the step to change now. The great new life doesn't come knocking on your door. You put one foot in front of the other and eventually it becomes a path. The great moments in life can only come to you when you are finally ready to follow your dreams.
  2. Get in the habit of living as alive as you want to live. Don't bury yourself in your pillow or on the couch. Allow your heart to live wildly and laugh as much as it wants.
  3. When you experience something exciting, dare something, move on new paths or unknown terrain, the happiness hormone dopamine is released. Your horizon and your mindset expand. Neurons fire, synapses network, neural pathways are stimulated. Our Leave comfort zone again and againQuestioning and breaking down patterns of behavior and facing our fears takes us so many steps forward.
  4. What is adventurous for you, you decide alone. What do you feel like doing? What have you never done before? Follow your intuition, your inner voice. This is bound to set something in motion. Suddenly you see new possibilities and doors open.
  5. Start with small things to get into the flow. Maybe a new hobby? Or are you interested in a workshop where you can express your creativity? Our brain loves small, manageable risks, that puts it less on alert than big changes.

Your mini adventure: Don't be afraid of a new beginning

Perhaps you can already think of the first ideas with which you can bring a breath of fresh air into your life. Open yourself to the fact that Changes in your life are allowed to tread. Then they will knock on your door with hocus pocus fidibus. Be it that you spend time with people who are younger and inspire you thanks to their different perspective. Or that you stay active. What are they for Beliefs in your head that might now pop up and stop you? Are you more the comfortable type and prefer to stay in your usual rut? Or do you shy away from a fresh start? No matter how old you are - that's just a boring excuse!

Set yourself new goals again and again as a mini adventure

Don't stop setting yourself new goals again and again. It's balm for the soul and keeps you fit. And if it's your job that's holding you back from living in your full creative power at the moment, then change something. But don't lie to yourself with thoughts that it's probably just a phase right now... Open yourself to the beauty in front of your eyes, to the beauty within you. What would be a mini adventure for you?

  • to finally finish the tax return
  • get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to start the day more relaxed
  • to spend the night on the balcony in summer instead of in bed
  • take the train to the final stop and walk back home from there
  • ride a roller coaster with looping at the funfair
  • Compliment 5 people
  • go to a cafe or to the movies by oneself
  • just stay in bed for a day, with cocoa, sweets and lots of episodes of a great series
  • A walk through the forest in the dark - of course with your loved one.


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