Sabine Asgodom: Fail more beautifully - that's how it works!

Sabine Asgodom: Fail more beautifully and accept - that's how it works!

"There are stories that life writes that are better than anything you can make up." That's what keynote speaker Sabine Asgodom claims. For her, the better way to fail is to accept that things don't always go well. She says, "You know the question of whether the glass is half full or half empty. In my life I have found that "Sometimes nothing is the case anymore. That's when the glass has fallen over. Sometimes there are such situations. And it just sucks when the glass falls over." So according to the expert, to fail more beautifully is not only to be able to accept something, but perhaps even to risk your own failure. Learn more in her extremely entertaining lecture!

Sabine Asgodom tells: "I started my own business 19 years ago as a trainer and speaker. And it is exactly 19 years since I first went on really big stages. At that time I retracted my stomach when I spoke in order to look slimmer. But do you know what happens when you retract your stomach when you talk? You breathe differently. And then you don't have enough air and your voice gets higher and higher. Mone listener thought: Why is the fat lady on stage so hysterical? But I wasn't hysterical at all - I just had no air."

Sabine Asgodoms Stories about failure

You probably already realize how much fun failure can be - at least when it affects someone else. And that is why, according to the expert, life is not just about daring to fail. It is just as important that we stand by others who fail. Sabine Asgodom: "I would like to tell you some stories about failure - two examples, three insights." Are you excited? Well, then let's get started!

Sabine Asgodom: "Asking instead of telling can help us to fail less!"

The first story is about gut feelings. Sabine Asgodom: "Maybe you know this feeling when you are absolutely sure that something is going well - absolutely sure of death. I once had a colleague whom I saw in the corridor every day. At one point she wore an Indian dress. I saw her and thought she was pregnant, walked up to her beaming and said: 'Congratulations, when will it be? My colleague turned pale. I got a bright red head and apologized. So the gut feeling is not always right. We became the very best of friends afterwards because we could laugh and talk about it together."

In this way Sabine Asgodom got to know an essential principle which she needs as a coach every day. Her principle is: Ask instead of tell. In a later coaching session, the expert got to know a participant who wanted to become a Formula 1 racing driver coach. At first she was skeptical. Then she enquired how he came up with the idea and asked. In her lecture she revealed: "He told me his story and actually had gasoline in his blood. So asking instead of telling can really help us fail less."

Panic Zone

The second story is about Sabine Asgodom's very first television appearance. She describes him as follows: "It was 24 years ago. At that time I had written my first book, which deals with the balance between work and private life. In a talk show in Hamburg I was to present my book. I've seen myself become rich, famous and happy. And what was the first thing I did? I bought a television dress - a dream of a dress made of reed-green silk. I felt slim as an elf in this dress. It was expensive, but I knew it would come back a million times over. You have to invest in your success sometime. What I hadn't considered was that silk is a very delicate fabric."

And so it happened that Sabine Asgodom got off the plane in Hamburg and threw her dress conspicuous folds. She says: "The longitudinal effect was cancelled and my self-confidence dropped to zero. In the television studio I was sweating like an animal. And what does reed green silk do when it gets wet? It turns black. I had wide sweat streaks under my arms. I was finished with the world. The production manager called me into the studio. It was a live show." That's how the mess got started. But Sabine Asgodom learned a lot from her terribly unpleasant appearance on the talk show. These three things she wants to share with you:

1. risk being yourself

Do not try to be someone else or to play a role. Sabine Asgodom: "I have known since then: When you go on stage, never wear what you haven't worn for a long time." Joking apart: Please don't think you are better when you pretend. Sabine Asgodom: "We humans have to assume much more often that some things are not reserved for us. And sometimes that's a good thing."

2. risk being imperfect

The expert says: "I observe that people think they have to be able to do something perfectly before they do it. And that is why they do nothing at all, because it is not good enough for them. But how much love and joy could there be in this world if we could stand being imperfect? Because there will always be someone richer, prettier or slimmer than us."

3. risk being happy

Last but not least Sabine Asgodom gives you one last important piece of advice: "Risk being happy in your life. I wish you that." We can only join you in hoping you enjoyed Sabine Asgodom's talk as much as we did.

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