Individual coaching: Focus on your individual concerns

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Individual coaching: Focus on your individual concerns

We all ask ourselves more and more often how we can optimize our lives and get the most out of our abilities. Building on strengths, shaking off weaknesses, gaining more self-confidence and walking on the path to success - who doesn't wish for that? Treading the path to a better you alone is not so easy. A coach supports you on your journey. This works particularly well in one-on-one coaching. Here you can read about the advantages and benefits of coaching and how it can help you.

What does individual coaching mean?

In individual coaching, it's all about you alone. Your coach advises you personally in private. That's why it's incredibly important that the two of you are on the same wavelength and get along well. In the near future, your coach will become a close confidant, but you will only celebrate successes if you feel comfortable and can open up.

Together you will then work on your individual goals in a concentrated manner. In the individual coaching you define your wishes, practice in Self-reflection and develop solutions together with your coach. He gives you the necessary impulses so that you can go your own way, and does not simply give you all the answers.

What goals can you pursue in individual coaching?

In individual coaching, the focus is on your own personal goals. You define where you think your path should lead and you set yourself intermediate goals that you work through step by step. Often, however, the environment is not taken into account. This often reveals whether you perceive certain things very biased and thus stand in your own way. This brings us to one of the most important goals in coaching: broadening your own perception and taking off the blinders.

If you open your eyes to everything that is really happening around you, it will be much easier for you to analyze where you are right now and how you can best adjust your patterns of action. The exact goals you pursue in individual coaching are, of course, completely up to you. In most cases they are of a professional nature. But no matter where the origin lies - the path to the goal usually leads through your own strengths. If someone asked you to list your three greatest strengths right now, would you have an answer ready?

Most are sure they have one at the first moment, but then falter. Do you feel the same way? In individual coaching, you define your strengths in detail and determine where there is still room for improvement. Potential is in it. This gives you security and increases your Self-confidence. Finally, you realize where exactly your competencies lie and what doors they can open for you. Very typical goals in the professional field are, for example:

  • Optimal Positioning in the new job
  • Facilitate the professional entry
  • More self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Courage to put forward your own ideas
  • Confidence in one's own competencies

Private matters in focus

You feel totally comfortable at work, but in your private life you are somehow dissatisfied? Of course, you can also use your individual coaching for private matters. Is the ceiling falling on your head at home? Do you feel more secure at work than in your free time, because it gives you a certain support that you lack after work?

Do you have the feeling that something is missing for your personal happiness, but you don't know what it is? Do you give much more in your partnership than you get back or do you expect much more from your better half than you give to him or her? Countless questions haunt us again and again in everyday life. In individual coaching, you get to the bottom of them and set out on the path to your happy and balanced self.

The big picture in view

Quite often it can be observed that clients start coaching for professional reasons and then it turns out that the problems are really in their private life. Lately you prefer to be at work rather than at home because your partnership is not going well. Or you are solo and the fact that no one is waiting for you at home after work makes you feel uncomfortable. unhappy. Maybe you're also stressed from family life, because you have the Feeling, you have to take care of everything all by yourself. You keep forgetting appointments or deadlines and think the problem is that you are too disorganized. You simply sleep too little or too badly, because you are completely stressed and restless inside.

As you can see, problems at work don't necessarily have to originate there, and the same goes for your private life. Dissatisfaction at work also very quickly affects the private sphere. So it's all the more important to look at the big picture to find out exactly where the sticking point is now. This is exactly what individual coaching sessions are perfect for.

Individual coaching advantages

For whom are individual coaching sessions particularly suitable?

We have already touched on this briefly: Coaching is particularly popular among executives. But executives are no longer the only ones who have understood the valuable help a coach can provide. Self-employed people and freelancers in particular like to make use of the appointments. This is especially true for solo self-employed people, because they often lack the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

But of course, individual coaching sessions don't just help you in your professional life. They can also help you as a private person. This is a great instrument for the Personality Development, which is accessible to everyone.

How long does a one-on-one coaching session last?

Basically, you decide how extensive your individual coaching should be. As a rule, however, it is designed for the long term so that your coach can provide you with comprehensive support. In this way, you will succeed particularly well in internalizing all that you have learned and integrating it securely into your everyday life. The basis of every Coachings is a lively exchange between the two of you and this can only take place intensively if you get involved in longer coaching.

A one-on-one session can only begin to show you where you are right now and how you can reach your goals can. However, if you want to have intensive conversations and work out individual solutions, then a longer-term Coaching the better choice. Then your coach has the chance to get an insight into your private life and can find out together with you whether an apparently professional problem has its origin there - or the other way around.

This is how individual coaching works

If you decide on a longer-term individual coaching, you will have enough time to go through each individual step in peace. Of course, every coaching is individual, but there is always a certain basic structure. First you start with a preliminary talk. The goal is for you to get to know each other better, to warm up to each other, and to find an approach to each other. You tell your coach why you have sought him out and what you hope to gain from your collaboration.

You give him a glimpse into your life and tell him how you live, what you do for a living, what your private life is like and how you spend your free time. This gives your coach a good overview of your current situation. During this first meeting, it is not yet primarily about talking about concrete goals and solutions. It is more about building up a certain trust in your coach. Do you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence? Then you are ready for the next step.

The general conditions

Now you will take a closer look at your wishes and goals. Do you have very specific ideas about what you want to change and how, or are you not so sure where your dissatisfaction comes from? You also clarify how many sessions there will be and when and where you and your coach will meet. You also discuss the financial aspects.

Now it really starts

You have now met your coach, he was able to get a first impression of your situation and you have also discussed the contractual matters. Now you can finally start with the individual coaching. In this main phase, your coach will repeatedly ask you specific questions to gather all the information he needs to identify your personal problem areas. He will analyze where exactly the sticking points are that you need to work on together in the future and where your secret strengths are hiding. This gives him a comprehensive picture of your starting position and creates the basis for the following sessions.

He gives you initial feedback and explains which strategies are particularly suitable for you. He will not tell you how to live your life from now on, but will give you the right impulses to which you can react on your own. The change arises in yourself and is not imposed on you from the outside. This is very important so that you realize that you are your very own source of power and with the right impulse you can achieve everything yourself. Of course you always have the possibility to ask for specific details.

With willpower to success

All the things you have talked about so far will now find their way into your life in a practical way. The action steps you worked out in individual coaching now become very concrete everyday tasks. Discipline is required. New Habits It's easier said than done, and that's exactly why you need a lot of stamina and willpower during this phase.

For this reason, longer-term coaching sessions are also the better choice, because then your coach can support you to persevere and to give you again and again valuable tips that will make the changes easier for you. Check again and again whether the implemented steps were successful and what has changed as a result. From this, you deduce what comes next and what further changes would be useful.

Did the path you've taken so far lead you in a different direction than you thought? Don't see this as a setback, but as something you can learn from. Your coach and you simply develop new strategies that fit better into your professional and private everyday life.

A fitting end

You should never simply stop a one-on-one coaching session. In a final session, your coach and you will look back on your journey and see what has changed for you. You will be amazed at what you have mastered. This will be balm for your soul. It is also important that you ask yourself honestly whether you are ready to go your way without your coach in the future.

Do you really want to stop coaching or are you afraid that you will then fall back into old patterns? Are you still too unsafeDon't be afraid to ask your coach for further support. Don't risk undoing all the successes you've fought for so long. If, on the other hand, you look to the future with positivity, self-confidence and willpower, then "go for it"!

What are the advantages of individual coaching over team coaching?

There are certain things that you just don't talk about in front of others. We all don't like to show our weaknesses, fears and insecurities and would rather keep quiet about them than talk about them in front of a group, even if they are like-minded people. Talking one-on-one with someone you can trust works much better.

Team coaching is always the right choice when group cohesion is in need of improvement, there are problems with communication or the team spirit just doesn't want to revive. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with very personal issues that have nothing to do with the group, you are better off with individual coaching. Here you can open up and be sure that your concerns will be heard.

This brings us to the next advantage: In individual coaching it is only about you and your problems do not get lost in the crowd. In team coaching, on the other hand, this can happen under certain circumstances. The reason for this is not that you don't get a chance to speak or that the others drown you out - a professional coach has this under control. Often, not everyone dares to speak openly and prefers to keep their concerns to themselves.

Individual coaching, on the other hand, is all about you - look forward to taking inventory of your life.


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