Practical savings tips - leaving enough money to live on

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Practical savings tips - leaving enough money to live on

The money has already been spent, and there is still so much month left. You just have to budget better. Saving. But how can you do that? The heating costs keep rising and you're already panicking about the next bill. You're only dreaming of a raise. Pumping money? Don't start with that. So cut costs. Which savings tips are suitable for you? From the classic budget book to unusual savings tips, you'll find a few useful ideas here.

Saving money in everyday life: 20 savings tips for more money

Looking for money saving tips? Here you will find the best money saving tips. Some of them require some discipline, others are quite simple. You'll be surprised how much money you can save. With the right strategy, your income will actually last until the end of the month. Who knows, you might even be able to put something aside for your next vacation. 

The following money-saving tips will get you on the right track.

  1. Save on food - is sometimes quite simple and brings a lot. Of course, it's more convenient to grab a quick pizza or eat in the canteen. But it's cheaper if you make something yourself. It takes a little time, but you know exactly what's in it. And you also save money.
  2. Smart shopping - the nearest supermarket does not always have the best offers. Browse through the advertising brochures of other stores and discount stores. Some discount markets sell the same products as the big store brands - sometimes in different packaging. The weekly market doesn't have to be expensive, either. Go there just before closing time: That's when you'll get some products especially cheap.
  3. Make yourself a Shopping plan. If you buy a few things every day, you usually spend more money than if you make a bulk purchase once a week. Also, larger packages are usually cheaper than small packages. Pay attention to the shelf life. Find out about special offers and compare prices.
  4. With Points and cashback programs you also save money. Check out the supermarkets' apps and programs and register. This can be worthwhile even for a one-time purchase.
  5. Tap water is super cheap and good. Why spend money on mineral water and then lug it around? If you prefer sparkling mineral water, it's worth buying a fizzy drink. It costs a little more money at first, but it soon pays for itself.
  6. Check rates: How much do you pay for phone, cell phone and Internet? Ask your provider for a cheaper offer or change your tariff. It's not that complicated. By the way, your current provider may offer you a better rate so that you don't switch.
  7. Throttle heating: Nobody wants to freeze, but there are a few tricks to reduce consumption costs. Are all radiators vented? Do you turn down the thermostat in the evening? Do you ventilate properly? In winter, it makes sense not to turn off the heating completely: The apartment would cool down too much. In addition, large furniture should not be placed in front of the radiators: after all, you want to warm up the room, not the furniture.
  8. Save hot water: This already works on a small scale. An economy showerhead in the shower, cold water for washing your hands - there are little tricks everywhere for reducing hot water consumption.
  9. Reduce power consumption: Standby costs more energy than you think. Just unplug the appliance and the power supply is cut off. That way, your year-end electricity bill will be a little lower.
  10. Compare electricity tariffsSome electricity suppliers offer new customer bonuses for switching suppliers. Check beforehand whether the consumption costs and the basic fee are really cheaper. Your local supplier may also offer you a new, better rate.
  11. Cheap fuelUse a fuel cost calculator and comparison apps. This way you can see exactly where gasoline is cheap. There are also credit cards with fuel discounts. At first glance, you'll only save a few cents, but these can add up to 60 euros or more over the course of a year, depending on how much you fill up your tank.
  12. Drive economicallyYou can't do without a car, but you can drive economically. Is the tire pressure correct? If not, the vehicle will consume an unnecessary amount of fuel. Too much weight also affects fuel consumption. You can switch off additional electronics that have no influence on driving safety.
  13. Compare travel costsIs carpooling worth it? Do you even have to drive again or is the bus cheaper? With the bike or on foot you are on the road for free and strengthen your fitness at the same time.
  14. Cheap train tickets buy: The sometimes confusing pricing on the railroads can be an advantage. Take advantage of saver fares and plan your train journeys in good time. Depending on the day of the week and time, there are really cheap tickets.
  15. Check subscriptionsWhen is a subscription worthwhile and what advantages do subscriptions offer? Get an overview of the magazines, streaming services and other offers you order. What do you really need? Cancel the unnecessary subscriptions as soon as possible.
  16. An Fine notice flutters in - but is it even correct? In fact, many fine procedures are flawed. Challenge the fine: It costs nothing and you stand a surprisingly good chance. Typical reasons are incorrect signage, missing protocols and evaluations, missed deadlines or faulty measurements.
  17. Is it worth Move? It takes a lot of effort, but it can be worth it. If the rent is too high for you, you should definitely think about it. You might also find a roommate with whom you can share the rent.
  18. Not really a money saving tip, but a good way to boost your bank account: Sell unnecessary things. You can find buyers for anything on the Internet. An unused laptop, a shelf that looks like new, old books, clothes - with relatively little effort you can get rid of these things and get money for them.
  19. Smart savings when buying technology: B-Ware often has small defects that do not affect the functionality. Sometimes they are also exhibition items. These goods are often much cheaper than the new items in original packaging.
  20. Saving money at the bank: What about your Bank conditions off? With many online banks, you get a checking account for which you only have to pay a small fee.
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Useful tips for saving money in everyday life

These useful everyday savings tips will help you get through this tough time of inflation. Whether you're shopping at the supermarket or online: Savings tips run through your mind everywhere you go. Don't shop hungry, pocket less money, the quench mile in front of the checkout is taboo - with these tricks you can better resist the tempting treats.

Traditional household savings tips will also help you keep your money together. Try keeping a budget book. That way you can see what you spend on what. Food, fuel, rent and utilities: everything seems to be getting more expensive.

Savings potential through insurance check

The 7 savings tips from Finanztipp show you a few good options. Depending on how much money you have left, a smart investment strategy can make sense. And check your insurance policies and loans - there's often a lot of savings potential here, too.

Find the right savings tips for your household and stay cool during times of inflation. Some of these savings tips can also be applied to larger projects. Smart investments in the future, responsible decisions - in our Magazine you will find interesting articles that delve into the individual topics.


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