Sports slacker? 10 reasons to start doing sports right away

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Sports slacker? 10 reasons to start doing sports right away

Sport makes you slim, muscular and fit. Everyone knows that continuous endurance and strength training offers physical benefits. But few people know that exercise is also an important factor for the psyche. Because that's how you can overcome your worries, Fears and depression literally run away - or grab them by the collar and take targeted action against them. Whether you choose to dance, swim, box, climb, hike or rollerblade: Sport is a real benefit for your body and for your mind.

The physical & mental superpower

Even your organs benefit from regular workouts. And what is even more important: sport promotes your health in all situations. For example, it helps to prevent diseases. At the same time, it alleviates existing diseases and promotes healing. So exercise is a real superpower! Are you a real sports muffler and still can't quite bring yourself to do it? Then read our ten reasons why you should start right now! Bet you'll want to grab your running shoes and sprint away right after! But for now, have fun reading!

1. sport promotes happiness hormones

Admittedly, the first training sessions will take some effort. But you will soon notice that sport is actually a real happiness booster. Because exercise releases endorphins. And these are known to make us happy, happy and grateful. That is why sports are excellent for depression. It has been proven that thanks to regular fitness, the symptoms of the condition can subside and even disappear completely.

2. sport reduces stress

You are stressedYou have pressure and actually no time for sports? Then you should not do without it! Physical exertion is the ideal way to relax. Numerous studies prove that your muscles and brain can switch off much better than when you lie on the sofa and stare at the TV. Give exercise a chance and give it a try!

3. self-confidence strengthen

Sure, fit and well-trained people are attractive. However, this attractiveness is not so much due to their six-pack, but rather to their posture and charisma. People who feel good in their own bodies are much more self-confident. And Self-confidence is in turn crucial for many everyday situations. Whether at work or in your private life - when you Strengthen self-confidence you should start exercising immediately.

4. sport alleviates anxiety

Similar to depression, exercise is also useful for Anxiety disorders a real wonder weapon. During endurance or strength training, the brain can also relax wonderfully and release blockages. This has been scientifically proven.

5. brain jogging

Speaking of the brain: Your grey cells age. Exercise can't do anything about that - but it can help stimulate new cell growth. Especially the part of the brain that is responsible for learning and influences the long-term memory is promoted. So let's be clear: when we exercise, the brain is always exercising too.

6. outdoor sports inspire

Exercise can be wonderfully combined with fresh air. And that in turn provides oxygen and better vitamin D production. Sport in nature is therefore particularly effective. Another plus: You don't have to sweat in the gym, but can be outdoors, collect new impressions and thus a lot of new inspiration.

7. increases productivity

Inspiration + motivation + fitness = productivity. It's a simple yet important equation. Thanks to sports, you feel balanced and yet full of energy. You're inspired, motivated and ready to give 100 percent. This is the best prerequisite for your brain to run at full speed and your productivity to increase many times over.

8. sport improves your sleep

Numerous studies show that your sleep quality improves significantly through exercise. Why? Because your body temperature rises during exercise. As soon as it drops again, your body knows that it is now time for relaxation and regeneration. Ideally, you should exercise in the evening, allow time to wind down and then go to bed. That way you'll fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night.

9. helps with addiction

When you exercise, your brain releases the Happiness hormone dopamine out. This is also produced by the consumption of alcohol and drugs. If you have a serious addiction problem, you can get a better grip on your addictive behaviour with the help of sport. Exercise is not a substitute for withdrawal, but it can help to produce dopamine in a healthy way and thus make it easier to give up alcohol or drugs.

10. sport strengthens friendship

Exercising together is the best - and even more fun. When you arrange to do sports with your friends, your motivation increases. At the same time, joint training sessions provide new experiences that further strengthen your friendship. Now it's your turn: Grab your best friends, comfortable sports shoes and let's go!

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