Understanding people - Trust your emotional intelligence

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Understanding people - Trust your emotional intelligence

Understanding people and recognizing their intentions is not always easy. In life, everyone gathers their own experiences. Childhood, our friends and our way of life shape us. In adulthood, the child has become a personality that wants to be understood and appreciated.

In order to communicate and build relationships, it is important to know what makes people "tick". The ability to understand people is called empathy. Having empathy means being able to put yourself in the shoes of others. Knowledge of human nature is gained through life experience, life experience and Wisdom acquired. Learn how to understand people and use your insights for professional and private purposes in this article.

Understanding people: Why is it important?

Understanding people makes it easier to deal with others. There are friendly, helpful people, but also difficult and complicated ones. At work, you depend on good cooperation with superiors and colleagues.

Understanding one another is an essential prerequisite for successful coexistence. Understanding the motives and intentions of others helps to make living together more positive. Only those who can understand other people are in a position to lead them.

empathy is an important social skill. The willingness to empathize with the views of others influences our professional and private success. Understanding is not always easy. If you can understand people, it is easier to understand their actions.

5 tips for effective employee management and understanding people

Employee management determines performance, Motivation and cooperation in the team. The understanding of man of the Team management plays a major role in this. Can you understand people with psychology? In any case, empathy helps to better assess people. Do you also want to understand and guide unreliable people?

Here are 5 tips on effective people management to help you do just that:

  1. Treat all employees with respect
  2. communicate directly and appreciative
  3. ensure a positive working atmosphere
  4. be a wise mediator in case of disagreements
  5. Give responsibility to your team

Respect for colleagues and superiors is a prerequisite for good cooperation. The Leadership style says a lot about the personality of the leader. If you want to understand people and lead them successfully, communicate openly and directly.

A person's emotional state can often be recognized by their facial expressions and gestures. Sometimes, however, employees manage to hide their anger. You can tell by their behavior that something is wrong. Arrange a meeting if you suspect problems in the team. Be a smart mediator in case of disagreements.

Show appreciation

Use empathy to defuse difficult situations. Give your team more responsibility. People who complete tasks independently and independent are allowed to act, feel valued.

Ensure a positive working atmosphere. Working in a friendly environment is fun. If you want to understand people, you should give them Trust give. This enables employees to develop more initiative and come up with innovative and creative ideas.

Whether you really understand people is reflected in your leadership. The understanding of people of good Executives is characterized by a positive view of people. You will achieve more with goodwill and trust towards your team than with a strict management style.

complicated people

Overcoming prejudices on the job: 4 steps for an inclusive corporate culture

Globalization makes it possible to communicate worldwide and work in other countries. Companies are becoming increasingly international. Where people from different parts of the world come together, there is a certain potential for conflict.

Overcoming prejudices against people who are different or look different is important. An inclusive corporate culture is created when everyone works together instead of against each other.

This can be achieved in four steps:

  1. Create values
  2. Maintain open communication
  3. Promote team building
  4. Set common goals

Understand people better and support them in personal development

If you want to understand other people, you need Empathy. Active listening helps to find out what the other person is talking about. Let the other person finish without interrupting the flow of conversation. Ask for explanations if you cannot understand a person's behavior.

When communicating with other people on their body language. You may be able to empathize better with the person if you adopt the same posture. Nonverbal expressions, such as gestures and facial expressions, will feelings and intentions. Pay attention to these signals to better understand other people.

Do you want to support others in their personal development? Then you should know their strengths and weaknesses and understand these people. Encourage your employees by expanding the range of tasks. Individual development can be supported through training, praise and encouragement.

Conflict resolution and compromise on the job: 7 proven methods for better solutions

There are conflicts in every workplace. When different opinions clash, it can lead to disagreements, misunderstandings and disputes. When interests differ, compromises must be made. There are several approaches to resolving conflicts quickly and efficiently. The seven best-known and proven methods for better solutions are:

1. the LEAF model

The LEAF model is based on the principles of "listen", empathize", apologize" and fix". This concept is used in acute disputes that can be resolved quickly.

2. the Gordon model

The U.S. psychologist Thomas Gordon developed the Gordon Model, named after him, for peaceful conflict resolution. It originally served to improve the Communication in families. The goal is to improve the dialogue between the individual interlocutors and to find a solution together. The Gordon model is applicable to various areas, for example, conflicts at work and in private life.

3. the iceberg model

Deeper-seated conflicts are more difficult to resolve. The term "iceberg" illustrates the principle of this model. Only the tip of an iceberg rises above the surface of the water. The much larger part is hidden under the surface of the water. This problem-solving method takes into account interpersonal aspects and not just factual content.

4. change of perspective

In a change of perspective, the parties to the conflict put themselves in the other person's position. Statements and actions are viewed from the other person's perspective. This makes it easier to understand people and develop suitable solutions.

5. the Harvard concept

The Harvard Concept is a method for successful negotiation. Disputes are classified according to their importance and clarified in fact-based discussions. The aim of this negotiation method is to reach constructive agreements. The goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone.

6. conflict resolution model ALPHA

The technique of the ALPHA conflict resolution model is defined by the initial letters of the term. The individual steps are:

  • A for order clarification (need for clarification)
  • L like list (list of questions to be clarified)
  • P like positions (interests and Needs of the parties involved)
  • H for eureka (Greek: "I found it", here: solution development)
  • A for final agreement (create binding regulations and agreements)

7. non-violent communication (GFK) according to Marshall Rosenberg

In this relatively simple method, empathy and Appreciation as the basis of good communication and conflict management. It is not about the question of guilt, but about being clear and honest to express themselves. Other people are treated with attention and respect. Nonviolent communication (NVC) is suitable for solving intercultural conflicts and creating peaceful coexistence.

Successful team management through understanding people

Empathy and understanding others are important foundations of successful team management. Good team cooperation improves the working atmosphere and motivation. Understanding people, their different motivations and intentions, increases the likelihood for better team efficiency.

Benefits of successful team management through understanding people are:

  • better togetherness in the team
  • more motivation
  • higher Productivity
  • Fewer cases of conflict

A team that feels comfortable in the company will be performance-oriented and committed. Learn to understand people so that you can deploy all team members according to their strengths. People-centered team management creates an open, trusting corporate culture.

Encourage your team members to open up to others and allow for different opinions. Be understanding of other people's idiosyncrasies and communicate that to your team.

Want to learn how to better understand yourself and others? Our free masterclass offers answers to the question of why the other person acts the way they do. You will also learn why misunderstandings arise when we cannot correctly classify personalities.


Understanding and correctly assessing people will get you further in life. Empathy and understanding people can be learned. Understanding people, their intentions and actions enables peaceful conflict resolution. In professional and private life, empathy and People skills important for forming positive relationships.


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How to better understand yourself and others

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