Akuma Saningong: "You are the architect of your life!"

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Have you ever dealt with the development of your potential? Are you actually aware that there is a huge reservoir of talents and abilities within you? "Life is a life of possibilities. Many of us are inclined to think in terms of problems and in terms of difficulties. We can change this by changing our attitude," knows Dr. Akuma Saningong. As a motivational trainer, speaker, coach and mentor, Akuma Saningong uses knowledge from the biology of the Epigenetics. In other words, it deals with the question of which factors temporarily determine the activity of a gene and thus the development of the cell. Would you also like to learn how you can immediately unfold your full potential with small tricks?

Developing potential: "There is true greatness in all of us".

"Life is a life of possibilities. Many of us are inclined to think in terms of problems and in terms of difficulties. We can change this by changing our attitude," Akuma Saningong knows. "You are not a victim of your genes. However, your thoughts and environment can prevent you from unleashing the infinite potential that lies within you. However, be aware that you are the architect of your future! There is true greatness in all of us," he motivates.

Question the stories you tell yourself and believe

A first step - for more productivity, prosperity, and joy in learning new things that grow you personally - is a shift in your mindset. How you live your life is based on the story you tell yourself and believe. Decide on your potential development. "I am convinced that each one of us has the power to change our stress or our Burnout defeat yourself. An exercise for more Serenity in your life and to avoid stress, according to the coach, is dancing. Akuma Saningong calls it natural doping and promises: "Within 30 seconds you'll be a little kid again! This is not hocus-pocus, but scientifically proven. After dancing, you are energized. Because you are a biological miracle. You must never forget that." Why don't you try it right now?

1. stand up

2. turn on some music

3. move to the music and say what's important to you: health, family, job, friends....

4. release your wishes into the universe

5. take a deep breath in and out

So, how do you feel? Can you feel the energy inside you?

Potential development - "Your environment influences your thoughts and feelings".

Diseases that are currently around us also have something to do with our mindset to do - according to the expert. He cites Angelina Jolie as an example. The actress had her breast amputated in 2013 out of fear of breast cancer. Doctors had calculated her to have an 87% risk of developing it for genetic reasons. "Yes, you can believe it, but then you don't have to be surprised when it comes to pass," Akuma Saningong says. But he knows a few tricks to get around the self-fulfilling prophecy:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Be grateful
  4. Pass on orders to your genetic makeup that you stay healthy...
  5. The people who are around you influence you: Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts
  6. Pay attention to what you think: Think positiveThat costs nothing, look at life from a bright side, that's how you get ahead too.
  7. Sports: With exercise you let oxygen into your cells, so it flows into your body and activates your immune system.
  8. Come out of your Victim role
  9. Stop the pity parties
  10. Watch what you eat, it starts with the grocery shopping
  11. Sleep is very important for regeneration and strengthening
  12. Light and air: Go to the forest and enjoy the sun

Potential development: Change your fear pattern

Have you ever asked yourself why you are here? Or where you want your path to take you? What do other people get out of it? "Become aware of these questions more often," appeals Akuma Saningong. "We have responsibility not only for how we live now, but also for our offspring. Change your fear pattern, and your new courage pattern will emerge! Starting today, you have the power to say: 'I am courageous'!"


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