Find your purpose of existence - What fulfills you in life?

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Find your purpose of existence - What fulfills you in life?

The term existence is described as the fact of being. Colloquially, the word refers to the economic livelihood of each person. This usually means the financial situation, which has a great influence on the standard of living. However, we determine the purpose of the existence ourselves!

With every decision we make, we have the opportunity to steer our lives in a new direction. But what is the purpose of our existence? Is a carefree life the purpose of existence, are we to fulfill one or more tasks or is it about career and professional success?

In fact, much of life is spent doing routine work. We work to earn a living. Whether the job is fun or whether another career would have been a better option is something most people hardly think about.

The Life goals largely refer to earthly successes, such as having an impressive career, starting a family, or going on a world tour. Have you recognized the purpose of existence in this, or do you have other ideas about how you want to spend your lifetime on earth?

This article deals with the question of the purpose of existence. Find outwhat you want, what makes you happy and how to achieve your goals in life.

How to find your purpose in life again

Do you feel trapped on the hamster wheel and drained by life? Then our free e-book "How to find your purpose in life again" by bestselling author John Strelecky is just the thing for you.

Purpose of existence (ZDE) - What is it?

What is the meaning and purpose of my existence? Have you ever asked yourself this question? The purpose of existence is the reason for being in the world. What are we here for?

The purpose of existence is philosophized and discussed. Thus the human existence is called existence. Other explanatory approaches assume that the existence of a state in reality represents existence. Economically seen the existence is our basis of life.

Determining the purpose of existence is not an easy task. Have you ever thought about the reason for which you are here on earth? Is the purpose of existence something like your personal destiny?

What role do you want to play in your life?

Do you shape your life yourself or do you let others determine it? These questions have to do with the purpose of life, that is, the purpose of existence. What role do you want to play in the drama of life?

For centuries ponder famous thinkers and philosophers about this question. So far, there has been no conclusive explanation. Now the successful author John Streleckyto have found the answer. In his books, the well-known author, successful speaker and inventor of the concept "Big Five for Life" deals with personality development.

Recognizing one's own potential as well as personal development are closely connected to the purpose of existence. What fulfills you? Are you a good leader? Answers to the question of the meaning and purpose of life has John Strelecky in his book "The Café at the Edge of the World.

The most important question on the mind of this successful best-selling author and strategy consultant is this: "Why is so much time spent preparing for a time when we can do what we want, instead of just doing those things right now?"

The story of the book is about a Managing Directorwho, sitting in a small café, is confronted with three questions. They are the questions about the purpose of existence. They are: Why are you here? Are you afraid of death? Are you really living a full life?

what is your purpose of existence

Examples of the purpose of existence

The purpose of existence is not a fixed quantity. Every person defines the meaning of life differently. While some focus on their career, want to become rich and famous, for others a stable Relationship and a happy Family life more important.

The most commonly cited ZDE purpose of existence examples are:

  • Make a career
  • Start a family
  • Invent something that benefits other people
  • Experience unusual things
  • Financial independence reach
  • Social commitment

What is your purpose of existence? To start a business, to have visions or to lead a corporation as an executive? Or are you a family man who prefers to stay at home, take care of children and create a homey atmosphere?

The purpose of existence is based on the personality of the person. Do not compare yourself with others when you are looking for your purpose in life. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Life offers the opportunity to learn new things and develop yourself. Whether you want to make a career and Inspiration It's up to you whether you want to be there for others or whether you prefer to enjoy your private life undisturbed.

Your purpose of existence is your life goals

Your own purpose of existence is your life goals. These can be material or emotional goals. The purpose is based on individual values, evaluations and the experiences you had in your childhood.

Throughout life, ideas about the purpose of existence can change. If, as a student, you dreamed of traveling the world, important events may cause your future plans to change. Therefore, existence is a snapshot. It reflects the particular moment when you are thinking about how to shape your life.

At the same time, the purpose of existence is the overarching whole to which individual life plans, stages of life and future plans are subordinated.

How do I find my purpose of existence?

Everyone is shaped by experiences in early childhood. We often allow ourselves to be influenced or restricted by experiences and events. The knowledge we acquire is rarely used to develop our own Life plans to develop. Most of the time, we do what others do. So that you can reach your full Potential To be able to use and develop yourself, you should know your purpose of existence.

Realizing that you always have a choice in life to do what you really want is the first step to finding out the true purpose of existence. Don't wait for the future. Live in the here and now instead of drifting like a leaf in the wind.

Live a full life without fear of death

Do you remember the second question in John Strelecky's book? The question was whether you Fear before death? Probably most people are afraid of the end of life because no one knows what comes after. However, best-selling author Strelecky is convinced that only people who do not know their personal purpose of existence are afraid of death. According to his conviction, this is because people always have in mind what they could do later in life.

On the other hand, if you know the purpose of your existence, you do every day exactly what you have decided and planned yourself. In this way, one leads a fulfilled life and does not have to Fear have more before death.

The question of being fulfilled in life is the last of the three questions Strelecky asks readers in his book. Thus, it is important to recognize the personal purpose of existence and to act accordingly.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

How do I find my purpose of existence? If you don't yet know your purpose in life, take some time to think about it. Close your eyes and imagine a journey to your own self. Where do you see yourself in one, five, or ten years? Is your goal to make it professionally, to be successful, and to have a remarkable career? Does it fill you with joy when you can help and support other people?

If you want to find the meaning and purpose of your existence, then ask yourself what you are particularly good at, what gifts and talents lie dormant in you. Is there a goal that inspires you, so that you are ready to motivate yourself and overcome challenges?

Make a list of all the things that are important to you in life. Look at the order in which you listed your interests. You will notice what your priorities are.

5 steps to get closer to your purpose of existence

Finding your purpose in life takes time. Five steps will bring you closer to your purpose in life. The number 5 plays a major role in John Strelecky's Big Five for Life concept.

The Big Five are the five animal species elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion. These wild animals can be seen as a traveler with a little luck during a safari in Africa. The successful author Strelecky has from it the method Big Five developed for life.

At the heart of the concept are five letters representing five things that every person should have seen, experienced or done in their life in order to be able to say at the end of life that this life was worthwhile. Working just to earn money is therefore not the purpose of life. Rather, the goal is to work in order to find personal fulfillment.

Are you asking yourself right now, "How do I find the purpose of existence?" Here are the five steps that will bring you closer to your purpose of existence in detail:

  1. Formulate your goals
  2. What does a fulfilled life mean to you?
  3. Make a list of your talents and gifts
  4. Write down the 5 most important things in life for you
  5. What do you definitely not want to do without?

All life in the world follows a certain rhythm. Nature ensures that plants blossom, trees grow and lose their leaves in autumn. People have to find their purpose of existence themselves. It can take weeks or months to find out the true meaning and purpose of your life. When you know what is important to you and what you definitely do not want to do without, you come closer to the purpose of your existence.


The purpose of existence is something personal and individual. The earlier we deal with finding the meaning of life, the better we can decide on our path in life.

Our thoughts and actions are influenced by our purpose in life. However, the purpose of existence is not to live a carefree and comfortable life. What is meant by the purpose of existence is to realize our own purpose on earth and to do things that are important to ourselves.

It is about living a fulfilling life that makes you happy. Your purpose of existence is that at the end you can say your life was worthwhile!

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