Digital Detox - How to focus more on real life

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Digital Detox - How to focus more on real life

We live in a digital world. Our smartphones and tablets enable us to be accessible anytime and anywhere. The Social media consumption is already a matter of course in the young teenage years. However, it is now well known that constant media consumption and permanent accessibility trigger mental stress. This applies not only to young people, but to everyone. Digital Detox has therefore become increasingly popular in recent years.

Digital Detox: What is it anyway?

You may be familiar with the term detox in connection with fitness and weight loss. Basically, it means nothing more than detoxifying the body for a while by abstaining from foods that burden the organism.

Digital Detox works according to the same principle. However, here one does not abstain from certain foods, but from the use of technical devices as well as from the use of social media.

For a set period of time, you consciously refrain from using your cell phone, computer or tablet. Depending on how the principle is interpreted, the TV may also be taboo. During this time, you focus on real life away from the screen: you meet up with friends, play sports or enjoy a walk in nature.

What does research say about Digital Detox?

Leading experts agree: excessive use of technology and social media causes Stress. This can be seen, among other things, from the following Survey results American psychologists.

Despite all the relief that technology brings to our lives, it also puts us under massive pressure. Do you also sometimes feel guilty if you don't reply to text messages immediately or don't check your mail every hour? The opportunity to do so is not infrequently accompanied by an unspoken obligation that we impose on ourselves.

In addition to the main factor of stress, researchers have identified other negative effects of too much screen time:

The quality of sleep is affected

According to experts, it is not advisable to have a TV in the bedroom or to chat on the cell phone in bed. In the evening hours, our body wants to come to rest. Consuming social media upsets us internally, even if we don't necessarily feel it right away.

As a result, it's not only harder to get to sleep: the quality of sleep actually suffers enormously. The sleep phases are often shortened and in extreme cases the deep sleep phase is no longer reached.

Swedish researchers have also found that social media use at bedtime increases the risk of nightmares and Anxiety significantly increased. During the day, we literally feel exhausted and are less efficient.

digital detox benefits

Constant reachability disturbs the work-life balance

The feeling of being constantly available can blur the line between professional and private life. In order to remain productive in the long term, regular recovery times are important. If these can no longer take place, you will eventually feel completely burnt out.

Researchers have also intensively studied the connection between work (in)satisfaction, burnout and constant accessibility. A study published in the journal "Applied Research in Quality of Life" supports the above explanations: Constant accessibility not only makes people unbalanced, but in the worst case even sick.

Of course, there are professions in which temporary on-call duty is unavoidable. However, it is all the more important to take time out on your days off and during vacation. Digital Detox is ideal for this: if you switch off your technical devices, you won't even be tempted to read your work emails.

Adolescents become more susceptible to behavioral problems

The lives of modern young people are largely lived online. The use of social media in particular plays a key role. Young people not only exchange information with each other on social platforms, they also compare themselves with each other. According to a study published in the journal Child Development, this can lead to regulatory disorders, ADHD and depression.

An image of perfection is reflected to us on social channels. Many young people cannot look at the postings of famous influencers in a differentiated way: A picture on social media only shows a snapshot that is as perfect as possible, which does not necessarily have to correspond to reality. However, those who use the perfect lifestyles (and bodies) as a yardstick quickly feel a growing Dissatisfaction.

Young people are particularly at risk of succumbing to beautiful appearances. The prevalence of social media consumption and eating disorders, for example, is a recurring theme. Even though other components certainly play a role here, the use of social platforms can help existing Symptoms possibly strengthen.

How long should Digital Detox last?

The duration of Digital Detox is variable. You can choose to do without digital media for hours, days or even weeks. Most people find it easiest to deactivate their accounts and technical devices for hours at a time (e.g., after work until the next morning). Even short periods of technical downtime can reduce stress enormously!

If you like, you can increase your personal Digital Detox program and do without digital media for an entire weekend. Or how about a 24-hour Digital Detox Challenge together with your partner?

Are you particularly motivated? Then why not go on vacation without your cell phone or tablet? Of course, this is a somewhat more daring undertaking that should be well planned. Not being reachable in an emergency can leave you with an oppressive feeling. Therefore, you should at least tell your relatives the phone number and address of your hotel.

Advantages of Digital Detox

Digital Detox brings with it a number of benefits:

1. you have less stress

During your Digital Detox phase, you don't have to respond to any messages or calls.

2. you can concentrate better

Since the distraction of digital media is eliminated, you can better focus on your respective daily and work tasks.

3. your posture improves

Surely you have heard something about the so-called cell phone neck. By giving up your smartphone, you can walk through life more upright again!

4. you live again in the here and now

Are you constantly taking pictures and filming everything with your smartphone? Digital Detox helps you to perceive the world through your own eyes again.

5. you have more time

You can use the time you no longer spend in front of the screens for nice activities.

Digital Detox Disadvantages

Provided you plan your digital detox correctly, there are no disadvantages. However, you should inform your most important contacts before your digital break how they can reach you in case of an emergency (e.g. via landline phone).

7 signs you're in desperate need of a digital timeout

If you notice the following behaviors, you should definitely consider Digital Detox:

  1. You get anxious when you can't find your phone right away.
  2. Because you spend too much time in front of screens, you don't manage your tasks anymore.
  3. You're constantly afraid of missing an important post or message.
  4. Consuming social media makes you unhappy.
  5. You have trouble sleeping at night because you're still playing on your phone.
  6. You're always looking at your cell phone and have trouble concentrating.
  7. Your Self-worth you define via likes and comments in social media.

8 tips to perform Digital Detox

Performing Digital Detox requires a certain level of self-discipline. The following tips should support you in your "technology and social media diet". successful to persevere:

1. initiate your fellow men into your plans

Letting others in on your plans can be motivating. After all, you want to prove your stamina and will therefore not reach for your cell phone in the presence of friends and relatives during the specified period. The other people, in turn, can be considerate if they know about your plans, e.g. by not sending you any e-mails.

2. set digital detox zones

There should be technology-free zones in your everyday life. The best place for this is the bedroom: Technical devices have no place in your personal quiet zone. In addition to defining spatial digital detox zones, you can also set time limits: For example, prohibit the use of digital media between 9 pm and 8 am.

3. get an old fashioned alarm clock

Your cell phone has to be on your nightstand because you use it as an alarm clock? When it's within reach, it's tempting to check your e-mails or browse the web a bit. However, there is a remedy for this: Get yourself an oldschool alarm clock and banish the smartphone from your quiet zone.

4. set absence notes

Worried about friends or business clients expecting a quick response when they write to you after hours or on the weekend? Set up out-of-office notes to take away that stress. That way, your contacts will know when you're available again.

5. insight is the first step to improvement

You constantly have too little time and feel in everyday life overwhelmed? Then it can be useful to evaluate your screen time, e.g. with the help of special apps. The result can be really frightening under certain circumstances. Now try to reduce your screen time every day. Make it a challenge with a reward waiting at the end.

6. use analog alternatives

When was the last time you used a map or a camera? It's probably been a very long time. No question, when you're in a hurry, the digital options are more convenient. On vacation, however, it can be a real adventure to rediscover the analog alternatives.

7. change your Habits

Often we just look at our phone or tablet out of boredom. How about keeping your hands busy with a meaningful activity instead? Learn needlework if you're passionate about it. Alternatively, turning to a book or magazine when bored is an option.

8. use the "do not disturb" mode

Almost all modern smartphones have the above-mentioned mode, which allows you to prioritize your contacts. Set who can always reach you and who will not be notified.


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