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Self-motivation expert, speaker, trainer & best-selling author.

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Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Stefan Frädrich, MD, has been a successful motivational expert, continuing education trainer, professional speaker and coach since 2003. With passion and a profound psychological knowledge, Stefan trains and motivates people to actively Change want to live.

The inventor of the popular motivation mascot "Günter, the inner pig dog" and founder of the further education platform GEDANKENtanken is an expert for coaching that brings sustainable success: Whether finally non-smokers, changing habits or finally finding the way to the dream figure - with his coachings and various guide books Stefan already helps thousands of people on their journey to themselves and to live their dream life.

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Strengths and self-discovery

Do you want to finally know who you are, what you're really good at, and what you [...]
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Be productive

How do you really use your time wisely? Does time management work at all? Stefan is convinced: We [...]
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Günter, the inner pig

What if you always did everything you set your mind to right away? Maybe [...]
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Change habits

He bitches whenever you do things you don't really want to do - [...]
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Slim without diet

Be slim without giving up pleasure and strict diet rules? Yes, it is possible! Because [...]
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You want to have a fulfilling, happy relationship? Maybe you already have a great relationship [...]
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Dr. Stefan Frädrich on the Greator stage

Dictatorship of thought: How we shut down unproductive thoughts

Just sitting there for a moment. Close your eyes. Develop an awareness of the world. Perceive it. Let thoughts come, just send them on. Don't judge. Just shut down. Being successful doesn't necessarily mean being successful. Because all too often, it's the to-do list that has become a habit that offers a solution to a problem - but isn't the solution to the problems. The key to success is in your attention. In meditation, in the here and now. Take a break from your everyday life, learn to feel consciously again, find your peace and be with yourself again.

This is how you find yourself, walk your path and achieve your goals

In this video, Dr. Stefan Frädrich talks about how you can change your life and start a new one. A life in which you do not have to achieve goals that are dictated to you by society. A life where you can find your own personal goals and pursue them. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Would you like to boost your self-esteem? Do you sometimes dream of finally being on the right path, but haven't dared to look for it yet? Then we promise you one thing: Dr. Stefan Frädrich's lecture could change your life forever - and in a positive way!

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