Christian Bischoff

Expert for personality training, motivational trainer, speaker and multiple book author. 

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Christian Bischoff

Christian Bischoff is one of the best-known coaches for personal development in the German-speaking world. In his podcast "The art of doing your thing", he regularly gives his listeners useful tips on various topics related to personal growth. Mindset & mental strength also play an important role in his content. Namely, his goal is to help people come into their own power in order to unleash their full potential. 

In addition, the former professional basketball player is also a keynote speaker and book author. He has already published several successful books, including "The Way of the Master: How to Realize Great Visions", "Self-Confidence - The Art of Doing Your Thing", "Invincible" and most recently his new work "Consciousness". In it, he theorizes that conscious living leads to more personal happiness and, through that, more peace in the world.

Christian Bischoff on the Greator stage

Peace within yourself: Why You See the World the Way You Are

You want to find peace within yourself and no longer let yourself be negatively influenced from the outside? Then our brand new video is just right for you! In it, top speaker Christian Bischoff explains why you don't see the world as it is, but as you are. Curious? Then click on play now!

The art of doing your thing

The art of doing your thing is one of the programs of motivational coach Christian Bischoff. Christian Bischoff has developed his own system for motivation, success and happiness - The Pyramid Life Work. Let Christian Bischoff take you on a journey that will motivate, inspire and ultimately make you successful and happy. So: Do your thing!

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