Flavio Simonetti: "How to optimize your self-esteem!"

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Do you think you can make a difference? And do you think you have a really big impact? How great is your self-esteem? "Yes, if you use your gifts and talents. When we talk about influential people, Angela Merkel might come directly to your mind, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama - people who made history," chimed in Flavio Simonetti (35) gave his lecture at the Speaker's Nights at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz. 

"I would like to make a steep thesis today: Strong or weak. Male or female. Studied or not studied. I believe that everyone here has the potential to make a difference. But we must stop doubting ourselves. Our problem is that we like to compare ourselves a lot. This is unhealthy. It makes you small and weakens you. When you compare yourself with others, there is not much left of you. Starch Your Self-Esteem Now!"

Flavio Simonetti: "What we need are originals!"

We do not only compare "my house, my car, my pool". We also compare our appearance, our environment, our clothes. In the worst case, we compare our personality, the gifts and talents - and thereby reduce our self-esteem.

Flavio Simonetti thinks: "We don't need a new Obama or Allen Musk. What we need are originals. And there are plenty of them here today. The only problem is that we bury our strengths deep down. Each one of us is a personalities. Dig up and rediscover your gifts and talents. Build a new foundation. Discover your influence!"

For your self-esteem, "Make a difference!"

When you know who you are and where you want to go, you can make a difference and shine for others. That's Flavio's experience. Push your self-esteem. Eventually your head will come up with various excuses. But: Do you believe - if you are a Self-confidence of one centimeter - that you can knock down a 100 cm high concrete block? Is that possible? "If you're part of the process, yes!" Flavio Simonetti is sure.

Use your gifts and talents optimally

If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping when there's a mosquito in your room.... Yes, we have influence! The question is, are we aware of it? What does your Self-esteem? "Each of us sows seeds in our lives. Only sometimes we do not know what we are doing. What are we doing with our gifts and talents? We often don't make the best use of them," claims Flavio Simonetti.

Choose a fruitful life

"Gifts and talents - when I talk about them, I always have the image of a big, fat tree in my mind's eye. With lots of leaves, which are really nice and green. A lot of people stop at trees like that, take pictures of them. And when they bite into the juicy fruit from the tree, they are thrilled and say: I've never tasted anything like it in my life,'" says Flavio.

Every day you can make a new decision.

Flavio Simonetti

They pack all the fruit in their car and hand it out to friends for a taste. You can be that fruit. You can be that tree. Every day you can choose to be that.

But there is also the other possibility: a tree with a weak trunk, branches barely there, withered leaves and fruit that you don't really recognize as such. Most of us drive by this tree or dump our trash there. Do you know people who have garbage dumped on them all the time?

Self-esteem: how big an impact you have on your gifts and talents

Let's talk about what it means to make an impact! "I want to tell a story about a boy," Flavio begins. "He had five brothers and sisters, four of whom died in the first few years. The father beat him and his wife with a whip every day until they were both lying on the ground whimpering. At 14, his father died, and at 18, his mother died of cancer. What does that do to a boy who is an orphan so young and always had to be afraid of being beaten up?"

Your gifts and talents: live your great potential

From various stories of some celebrities you can read that in their childhood they were Mobbing, have experienced sexual abuse or alcoholism. But they took that story and accomplished something extraordinary. What could have happened if there had been even one person in the boy's life who could have had a positive influence on his future? Because people with such a story, have great Potential.

Flavio Simonetti: "Believe in yourself and increase your self-esteem!"

"This boy was Adolf Hitler.... In most cases, we don't know how big our influence is. But the fact is: Hurt people hurt people. And loved people love people. I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for dozens of companions who invested in my life," Flavio is completely honest.

Hurt people hurt people.

Flavio Simonetti

You too probably wouldn't be here if so many others didn't believe in you. We need more of the people who care about their children, work colleagues, friends and all fellow human beings.

For your self-esteem: Give others a laugh

"A laugh, a gesture, a good word. It's so easy to make a difference in Germany - where most people walk around like an empty train station!" says Flavio Simonetti. Sometimes it all starts with just a Smile. In this way, we signal to our counterpart that he is safe!


So you finally become really self-confident

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