Meditation in the morning gives you a new attitude towards life

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Meditation in the morning gives you a new attitude towards life

Does it sound familiar to you that you wake up stressed and don't know how to cope with the tasks of the day? Feelings of inner restlessness and excessive demands can be detrimental to your health in the long run, which is shown by several Studies is occupied.

Morning meditation can provide gentle relief or even prevent burnout from happening in the first place. We'll be happy to explain how here!

What are the positive effects of meditating?

Meditation had a rather religious or spiritual touch for a long time. This has changed in recent years. More and more people are discovering the benefits of meditating regardless of religious or spiritual motives. Science has now also looked at the positive effects.

Basically, meditation is a generic term for different techniques for inner contemplation and relaxation. All techniques have in common that the observation of the breath plays an important role. A calm breath has been shown to have on the heartbeat and the sensation of pain.

The psyche also benefits from regular meditation. Inner blockades dissolve, the tensions of everyday life are released for a moment, which allows you to draw new strength. In the following we would like to show you the positive effects of a (morning) meditation:

  • Reduction of fears
  • Solution of inner blockades
  • Relief of stress symptoms (stress-related headaches or neck pain, sleep disorders, etc.)
  • Calming heartbeat and breath
  • Pain relief
  • Inner Retreat
  • Alleviation of depressive moods
morning meditation

The importance of a morning routine

Rituals give you a sense of security. Everyone needs their fixed anchors in everyday life, that's perfectly normal. However, not all rituals are positive. If your morning ritual consists of a cup of coffee and a cigarette, for example, you will damage your health in the long run.

Try to replace your harmful habits with health-promoting rituals. A morning meditation can help you start the day on a positive note. Basically, a Meditation perform at any time of day. However, the effect is proven to be greatest in the morning. This is even in the Buddhist teaching established.

That's why you should meditate in the morning:

  • In the evening or afternoon, your head is already filled with stressors that make it difficult for you to switch off and thus meditate.
  • The morning mood in combination with meditation has a doubly calming effect.
  • Meditation in the morning can help you wake up properly.
  • Meditation in the morning can be done anywhere, for example, even when traveling.
  • Meditation in the morning promotes your self-care and health awareness.

Your morning meditation doesn't have to take more than five minutes. It's not the time that matters, but the quality. After a while, you'll notice how much positive energy you'll get from it. the learning of meditation donates. Morning meditation boosts your cognitive performance as anxiety is released and you can make your decisions more rationally. Investigations have also shown that morning meditation is one of the most common rituals of successful people.

Are you ready to give it a try yet? We have prepared a guided morning meditation for you:

Anna Gutkina: "Meditating helps me achieve inner clarity!"

Anna Gutkina also knows how wonderfully refreshing a morning meditation is. She has been Customer Success Manager at Greator for two years and also enriches the team with her ritual: "We meditate every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. - in times of Corona via Zoom. Otherwise, we have our own meditation room in the office," Anna says.

She has been meditating for six years, attending various retreats and Dr. Joe Dispenza's legendary meditation week. "By meditating regularly, I feel an absolute peace within myself. Meditating is my me-time, and I wouldn't want to miss it."

Anna Gutkina discovered meditation for herself six years ago.

Tips for morning grouches and night people

Maybe you're a night owl and feel woozy in the morning. All the more reason to start your day with morning meditation. "Meditating gently releases your sleepy drowsiness so you feel awake faster," Anna motivates.

"As mentioned earlier. Meditation not take long. If you find it difficult to get out of bed, it can still be useful to take a look for your personal Morning Routine set the alarm clock about half an hour earlier," she advises. Continue to make sure you get regular bedtimes. After meditating in the morning, an alternating shower can also help you to wake up.

Meditation in the morning

Basic morning meditation techniques

In order for morning meditation to serve its desired purpose, the first step is to figure out which technique works best for you. There are different meditation techniques:

The breathing meditation:

Here you concentrate solely on the flow of your breath. This has a very calming effect and is also successful for meditation beginners.

The candle meditation:

If you find that your thoughts drift quickly, candle meditation might be right for you. Here you set up a candle and focus your attention solely on it. Disturbing thoughts have no chance.

The Guided Meditation:

Nowadays you can find guided meditations on various online platforms. Here, a calm voice guides you to relax. You can imagine it like a kind of dream journey, often there is also soothing background music. Many meditation beginners prefer guided meditations.

The Mantra Meditation:

In mantra meditation, you repeat a guiding principle that is positive for you over and over again in your mind.

The walking meditation:

It is a widespread misconception that you have to sit still in one place when meditating. In walking meditation you consciously focus on your body sensation while walking, on your breath and on external influences (cold, warmth, wind, smells).

Mindfulness meditation:

In mindfulness meditation, you focus your attention fully on what is happening right now. How does your body feel in this moment? What are you feeling right now? It is important that you perceive your sensations in a non-judgmental way and do not judge them.

Tips for starting a morning meditation

How do I start a morning meditation?

Now you have experienced the benefits of meditation in the morning. Now we would like to give you some practical tips that will make it easier for you to really start your day with a morning meditation in the future. "You really don't need expensive equipment to do this. For example, I started with meditations that lasted five to ten minutes," Anna Gutkina recalls.

  • Find a suitable place to meditate where you feel comfortable and undisturbed (e.g. your living room).
  • Decide whether you want to do a guided or non-guided meditation.
  • Make sure the room temperature is right. You should neither sweat nor freeze.
  • Do not be disturbed during your meditation: Turn off your mobile phone beforehand.
  • Prepare all the things you need for your morning meditation the night before: mat, blanket, scented candles etc.
  • Set your alarm a little earlier.

Top 5 meditations for a positive feeling in the morning

Below we would like to share with you the top 5 meditations for feeling positive in the morning. Have fun trying them out!

1. Positive affirmations (mantra meditation)

Give yourself courage! Convince yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. It is important that the affirmations feel coherent and right to you, e.g. "I am strong" or "I can do it".

2. "I don't know" meditation

Always planning everything down to the smallest detail is extremely exhausting. Allow yourself to admit that you can't influence some things. This meditation is about learning to be comfortable with the unplannable. When you enter Brooding If you get caught up in what might happen, say to yourself, "I don't know.

3. earth you meditation

This is like using a scanner to check your whole body. Start at the head and move the scanner at your own pace over your individual body areas. Maybe you feel a pressure in your head or a stone in your belly. Then just notice that for a moment. Say to yourself, "Everything that is there, may be there."

4. breath meditation

Breathe deeply in and out. Imagine how bad energy leaves your body and how you take in strengthening energy through your breath.

5. guided meditation:

Guided meditations are especially good for beginners. The following guided meditation we'd like to recommend to you:

Meditation and self-development

Regular meditation in the morning can help increase your self-satisfaction. Only when you are in harmony with yourself, you can achieve your personal accomplish goals. Independent scientific studies show that 95 % of all people who have started meditation perceive positive changes in their well-being and everyday life.

The Greator team meditates together every Wednesday morning - right now via Zoom.

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