How your faith can help you through difficult times in life

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How your faith can help you through difficult times in life

The topic of faith and religion has moved into the background for many people. Whereas in earlier times the church still played an important role in society, today it is merely an option. In principle, it is of course to be welcomed that no one is forced to be religious in our country.

Nevertheless, it is a pity that many young people in particular approach faith with skepticism. In our science-dominated world, of course, it's hard to believe in the existence of something you can't see. However, research shows that in faith you can Hope can find. This is confirmed, albeit with points of criticism, by the research findings of the theological faculty in Freiburg.

Faith does not necessarily mean one of the five world religions. Maybe you have your own idea of what you want to believe in. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with it and can draw strength from your personal faith.

The importance of faith in daily life

Sooner or later, every person asks himself what the meaning of his life actually is. Some find an answer, others do not. It is quite possible that faith grounds you. You gain the confidence that everything that happens to you has a deeper meaning. The latter is very healing, especially in life crises.

Think back to your past life crises: maybe you went through a painful breakup. At that moment, you were convinced that you would never recover.... Today, you may be married with two wonderful children. That would never have happened if you had stayed with your ex-partner. Call it fate or divine providence: Sometimes the path to happiness is painful and elusive.

The breakup is just an example, of course. You can apply it to any situation in life: loss of job, times of poverty and illness, interpersonal problems. Disappointments. People who have faith can look at crises as trials. They have the certainty that every crisis teaches them to make the best out of life.

Trials are rewarded - examples from the Bible

In the bible you will find many examples of God giving people trials to grow from. A mastered crisis is rewarded afterwards. Without faith and trust in God, however, trials that require a lot of strength and pain are difficult to overcome.

According to the bible, redemption follows suffering. The most prominent example might be Jesus, who was betrayed and put on the cross. Even in the greatest agony he did not lose his faith. God then resurrected him and raised him to his right hand. But also Job's faith was tested with severe suffering and finally rewarded with healing, child blessing and wealth.

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What can this mean for you?

Of course, you cannot transfer the biblical stories 1:1 into the modern world. Nevertheless, they teach us to stay resilient and not to lose hope.

If you find yourself in a difficult life situation, you should consider the following Ask questions:

  • What is this crisis trying to show me?
  • Why am I being forced to leave my familiar path?
  • What could change for the better if I courageously embrace the crisis?

The belief in a deeper meaning gives you the hope that everything will turn out alright again, even if you don't believe in it at the moment of deepest pain.

How to keep your faith even when life is hard

In theory, you now know that it is beneficial to see crises as opportunities. Nevertheless, it is human to doubt your faith when a heavy blow of fate hits you. Therefore, we would like to give you 5 tips to keep your faith:

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1. generosity

To keep faith in hope and love, you should spread both. Help others in need, even though you may be in a bad place yourself. When you help someone, you immediately feel that good exists in the world. This doesn't have to be world-changing at all. Even small things can help create a harmonious and loving environment.

2. praying frees the soul

No matter what higher power you believe in, ask it in prayer for strength and confidence. In prayer, you can get all your worries off your chest, without Fear of having to fear condemnation. This alone is liberating. There is no prescription as to how you should pray. Do it the way you feel comfortable. You can say your words out loud or just in your mind.

3. surround yourself with friends who strengthen you

Talk about your situation with people you know. Your friends may be able to see your crisis from a different perspective. Human interaction is about helping and accepting help.

4. be inspired

Have you ever noticed that most successful personalities have had a rather turbulent life with numerous strokes of fate? This is no coincidence! Through trials, one can mature and eventually acquire the skills to Life goals to achieve. Study the biographies of people you admire. Be inspired by their journey.

5. take time for your faith

It's best to remind yourself first thing in the morning that every hurdle in your life has a purpose. If it helps you, then start your day with a prayer or a Meditationto remind you of your faith.

Faith can make a difference

What could change if faith were to play a greater role in society again? This question was addressed by the Pew Research Center in the USA. auseinandergesetzt.

What positive effects faith could have on our society, we would like to examine in more detail below.

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Faith can help with depression

There is scientific evidence that people of faith are less prone to depression. Trusting God can keep you from despairing in difficult situations.

But what about if you are already depressed? Basically, depression is a disease that requires treatment through psychotherapy and, if necessary, medication. However, finding your way to faith in the midst of a crisis can help you persevere more easily on the road to recovery.

Faith and morals

Your faith can positively shape your values. The latter influence your thoughts and actions. In most religions, there are clear rules of conduct that are intended to ensure peace and the well-being of the individual and the community. One thinks here of the 10 commandments of Christianity. Violence, envy and Infidelity are clearly prohibited.

The basic moral values, which are similar in all known religions, can also form a good basis for today's corporate and economic life. This would be a good way to promote social responsibility. A pictorial example is the religious concept of "Islamic Finance", which improves ethical practices in the financial sector.

Faith and human rights

All known belief systems are based on the principle of mutual Tolerance and appreciation. Nevertheless, it happens that religions are radicalized. This is one of the reasons why people distance themselves from the faith. Originally, however, religion is supposed to protect human rights.

Christianity says that man is created in the image of God. This applies equally to all people, regardless of their origin and faith. Accordingly, all people should also be granted the same rights.

Faith and peace

As indicated, the point of faith and peace is controversial. Perhaps the religious wars or religiously motivated attacks come to mind. In principle, all religions advocate peaceful coexistence. In almost all faiths, violence is considered a sin. But the followers of religions are (fallible) human beings who define their faith wrongly.

It is all the more important to strengthen the peace-building aspect of faith. An example that this can succeed is, for example, the African peace agreement of the Community of Sant'Egidio concluded in Mozambique in 1992.

Faith and comfort

Faith can also provide comfort, for example after the loss of a loved one. Most religions believe in life after death or even rebirth. The idea that the soul of a loved one continues to exist in some form can ease your grief a little.

You can find comfort in faith in the face of various strokes of fate. Meaning and comfort go hand in hand. Because faith gives you a sense of life, you can also cope with crises more easily.

Faith and personal development

You may be wondering why we have established ourselves as the leading platform for Personality Development deal with the subject of faith. If you have read the article carefully, you will find that your faith shapes and promotes your personal development.

People of faith are more willing to take their destiny into their own hands. They grow through their tasks and challenges because faith gives them strength. We follow the same philosophy of personal growth at Greator.

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