Infidelity in relationship: the final end or even a chance?

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Infidelity in relationship: the final end or even a chance?

Few things are as painful as the experience of being betrayed by a loved one. This can be both sexual and emotional infidelity. But why do so many men and women cheat? And are there ways to prevent it? This and more you will learn in the following article.

Why does infidelity occur in relationships?

The reasons why infidelity occurs within couple relationships can be manifold. However, the issue of dissatisfaction almost always plays a role. Perhaps you no longer feel desired by your partner, so you long to finally be with him again. Appreciation and admiration.

Another reason for sexual infidelity is the worry of missing out. This can be especially the case if you met your partner very young and have not had any other sexual experience. Also the feeling of routine and boredom, which occurs especially in couples who have been together for many years, can be a cause for sexual infidelity. Cheating be

However, as mentioned above, infidelity does not necessarily have to be sexual in nature, which is different Studies prove. Even if you turn to another partner emotionally, this can sometimes be perceived as cheating. Defining a boundary here is difficult. A common cause of emotional cheating according to Studies Differences of opinion and differing views of life.

The effects of infidelity on a partnership

There's no question about it: infidelity, whether sexual or emotional, shatters the manifest of any partnership. A clearer sign that your Relationship is no longer intact can hardly exist. Nevertheless, infidelity does not necessarily mean the end of your partnership. If both parties are willing, the incident can give the necessary impetus to work together on the partnership.

The biggest challenge is to keep the shaken Trust to rebuild. Depending on the mentality, someone who has been cheated once remains for a long time suspicious. You may even feel the urge to control your partner after such an incident, for example, by secretly reading his messages. This is understandable, but still counterproductive.

If the incident of infidelity has opened the eyes of both of you and you subsequently work hard on your partnership, you can emerge strengthened from the crisis. In this respect, the infidelity does not necessarily have to change your relationship for the worse, but can even have the opposite effect. However, the latter requires a lot of patience, empathy, and also regression.

when does infidelity begin

What to do if you are affected by infidelity?

Your partner has cheated? First of all, you should get the necessary Time to process the pain. Become aware of your emotions conscious: What emotional wound has the cheating opened up? Has the incident affected your Self-doubt regarding your own sexual attractiveness? Or do you feel first and foremost humanly hurt and fight with strong disappointment?

All emotions are okay. Allow them and express them to your partner. Here we are already at the next step: Provided that you have your Save relationship a clarifying conversation is indispensable. But even if the Separation is in the room, it is important that you do not swallow your grief, but give it expression.

If talking to your partner is not possible, there are other options: Talk to a trusted person or write a letter that you burn afterwards. Power yourself up with the Sports go for a run or punch a punching bag. Anything that takes your inner pressure off of you is allowed.

Can a relationship be saved after infidelity?

Yes, under certain circumstances infidelity can even be the basis for a new beginning. In this case, the incident is interpreted as a wake-up call and you both deal with the deficits and disappointed expectations within your relationship: Why did the cheating occur? What did the other person miss in your partnership?

Sometimes, however, it is not a problem within the relationship that is the cause, but rather personal trauma and Beliefs from the past play a role. For example, a major topic is Commitment Anxiety. Here it can help to work with a therapist, at least temporarily.

Is infidelity in relationships avoidable?

Open communication in all respects - including sexuality - is the most effective way to prevent cheating. However, there is no guarantee. Whether someone cheats or not depends on so many factors within the relationship as well as the people involved, so there can be no magic formula.

Ultimately, though, your goal shouldn't be to get too uptight either. Of course, fidelity is important. However, sometimes constant reassurances and controls achieve the opposite. To love always means that there is a risk of being hurt.

5 tips for a trustful togetherness in the partnership

Trust forms the basis of every partnership and prevents infidelity. So far, so understandable. But what does this look like in practice? The following tips are intended to illustrate this.

1. talk with each other

We cannot repeat it often enough: Talk to each other! This applies to both positive and negative aspects. Tell your partner what you particularly appreciate about him or her and how much you love him or her. But also let him or her know what bothers and annoys you. Anger and dissatisfaction literally eat away at you, is a breeding ground for cheating.

2. be reliable

Reliability strengthens mutual trust. Keep your promises. Show your partner that he or she can talk to you about anything without you judging him or her. Never publicly embarrass your partner, even if you disagree.

3. mindfulness

Do you have the feeling that you are just living next to each other in everyday life? Then it's high time you rediscover yourselves as a couple. How about a fixed couples' evening every week, when you go on a date as if you were getting to know each other?

Also, use the small everyday moments to show your appreciation. These can be loving gestures and touches. Or how about having breakfast together in bed on Sunday?

4. allow yourselves free space

Even within a relationship, the following applies: Each of you remains a separate person with personal interests. If you feel constricted in a partnership, you are more likely to be unfaithful. That's why it's perfectly fine for you to do things without each other from time to time.

5. coaching to dissolve your old beliefs

Sometimes external impulses are necessary to achieve the desired changes. Professional coaching can help you to overcome old Beliefs that are putting a strain on your relationship.

Frequently asked questions about infidelity

Finally, we would like to address the most frequently asked questions about infidelity. You will surely be surprised by some of the answers!

1. do more women or more men cheat?

According to current Statistics there is between the infidelity of women and men none significant difference in numbers. The results differ only slightly.

2. where does flirting end and cheating begin?

A survey by myMarktforschung has shown that already 43 % of respondents rate foreign kissing as sexual infidelity. For another 25 %, cheating only begins during sex. For 12 %, it is already critical when the partner flirts.

3. what are the signs of the wife's infidelity?

For the infidelity of Women show the following signs:

  • New styling (e.g., from sporty to sexy).
  • A supposedly new hobby that takes a lot of time.
  • Going out more often, not talked about in detail.
  • When she's on the road, her cell phone stays turned off.
  • There are constant arguments.
  • Suddenly changed and longer working hours.
  • Little closeness and sex.
  • Mood swings.

4. Which zodiac signs are considered particularly unfaithful?

According to Affair App, the following zodiac signs are considered particularly unfaithful:

  • Rank 1: Aquarius
  • Place 2: Pisces
  • Rank 3: Aries

Conclusion: The art of cultivating relationships

Infidelity is painful, but unfortunately not one hundred percent preventable. Nevertheless, there are many ways to create a strong relationship foundation, which in turn reduces the risk of cheating. In addition to open communication, relationship maintenance is especially crucial. Take time for each other in your hectic everyday life and discover your love anew every day.


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