Body Symptoms: When the body says what your soul desires

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Body Symptoms: When the body says what your soul desires

"I'm fed up", "My head feels like it's about to explode", "My neck hurts" (...) Who of us hasn't heard these phrases when it's pressing somewhere in our body? But have you ever seriously asked yourself if your body is trying to tell you something? We show you how you can not only learn to notice your body symptoms - but also to talk to them.

Recognize your body symptoms

Have you ever observed how your body reacts to stressful situations? Maybe you have back pain, your head feels like a ticking bomb, or you feel like a cord has been pulled around your neck... We could list so many more bodily symptoms that show up when something is bothering us, stressing us, or challenging us.

Body symptoms - that's what they stand for

"Primal pain processing is based on the hypothesis that early childhood psychic pain is numbed or blocked. We act on them because we have never processed them. And we can't process it because the mechanisms we're responsible for blocking (the defense mechanisms) prevent us from even perceiving our pain," says John Bradshaw, US philosopher and psychologist.

Emotional blockages show themselves to us on the body level. Some emotions are really stuck in our bodies. "It's as if the cells there are holding on to the anger, fear, powerlessness, sadness, guilt or other stressful emotions. Because we have not been able to accept them," explains Christina Hommelsheim. She is a trainer for the Greator Coach and writes in her book "Heart Over Head - The Simple Formula for a Happy Life".It is as if our body stores the repressed emotions until we finally get them out and look at them, finally notice them and allow them. Actually, our body wants to do us a favor. Because behind every repressed emotion there is an important message for us.

Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim speaks at the speaker night about fear of loss
Christina Hommelsheim is a coach and trains you to become a Greator coach.

How to interact with your body

Perhaps you might open yourself up to a new way of looking at your bodily symptoms. "Instead of always thinking of constant headaches as a burden or a limitation, look at them from a new perspective: namely, that the physical expression of your emotional pain is a special ability isFor which you are grateful in many ways," Christina suggests. "You can no longer overlook your innermost needs. This will give you the chance to change yourself and the way you treat yourself."

Hero story: How body symptoms saved Jens from burnout

Jens was a successful entrepreneur. He worked hard, was diligent and successful. He had everything other people only dreamed of. A big house, an expensive car and a great family. However, when he drove into the office one morning and flipped open his laptop, he felt like 1,000 little lightning bolts shot through his head. What followed was a strong buzzing in his head. "What's happening right now?" wondered Jens. "Am I having a stroke?" Jens' heart raced. Over the next few weeks, the symptoms occurred more frequently.

Jens was full of worry that he might die soon. But then he realized one thing: work isn't everything! A big house and an expensive car mean nothing if your health doesn't play along. Much more important than material success is personal happiness. For a long time Jens lived and worked for things to be right on the outside. Now he put the focus on his inner self. On his personal well-being.

The first step: Jens slowed down his everyday life. He no longer worked overtime, put his spasmodic ambition on hold and devoted his attention to the important things in life - his family! It didn't take long for the flashes and the buzzing in his head to disappear. Suddenly Jens was happier than ever before.

Meditation exercise: Be aware of your body!

How do you do that - listen to your body symptoms? Practice, practice, practice! The more you engage with your body symptom(s), the more you will get a sense of noticing them in time and communicating with your body. We have a wonderful exercise for you:

  1. Make yourself comfortable on a chair.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat this three times if you like.
  4. Feel inside yourself. Where is the "shoe pinching" right now? Locate the place in your body where the symptom currently appears.
  5. Now, let it be there. You can say to yourself as an inner mantra: "Everything that is there, may be there."
  6. Feel free to take a deep breath in and out and observe how the body symptom changes in you. For example, does the pressure in your head decrease? Or does it move to your throat?

This exercise is simply about letting the uncomfortable body symptom be there for a moment. Feel what it does to you. You may even be able to thank your body symptom. For having served you for a long time for something.

Meet your pain and unleash your full potential!

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