Kinesiology: Free your life energy from old blockages

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Kinesiology: Free your life energy from old blockages

Maybe today is just the right day to start living truly?! You want a fulfilled life, but you don't know exactly where to find the strength to pursue your goals? Kinesiology would be a way we would like to tell you more about. 

In kinesiology, it is assumed that physical and mental problems arise when the energy flow in the body is disturbed. Kinesiology does not focus on specific symptoms, but tests and corrects imbalances in the whole body-mind system.

We would like to show you an option with which you can Life energy free yourself from blockages and activate your inner resources. 

Kinesiology - a method to lead a fulfilled life

Kinesiology helps us to unfold, to become a lead a fulfilled life and to come into brilliance. Those who engage with the method in an open, interested and playful way often experience a significant improvement in their original problem - and their mood. 

Whether you haven't thought about it for a long time believegetting a permanent job or finding the perfect partner. Or your child is finding it difficult to learn to read and write at school. Kinesiology can be used to resolve negative experiences in the body - even if the method has not yet stood up to scientific scrutiny. At the same time, you can have your physical or mental complaints checked by conventional medicine. 

Kinesiology - this is how the method works 

At the heart of kinesiology is the muscle test, which we will introduce to you later on. It goes back to the American chiropractor George Goodheart, who developed it back in the 1960s. His conceptual basis was as follows: as the human skeletal muscles are not only controlled by our conscious will, but also by the autonomic nervous system, our muscles usually "know" much more than we do. 

Muscle testing determines what we really believe or have experienced. Hidden Beliefs come to light. Experiences in early childhood that still shape you today. One explanation for this is why you react the way you do in certain situations today. Nevertheless, they can give you information about allergies or intolerances. A great book to better understand your inner-emotional connections is available from Dr. Christa Keding ("Practice book psychological kinesiology“). 

The client finds the answer on his own

By the way, the method of kinesiology works within a short time. Because by persistently questioning the muscle, it very quickly gets to the core of a problem. In other words, the kinesiologist gradually works his way through the yes/no answers to the sometimes tiny, very specific thing that was actually meant. Hidden Beliefs are unmasked and old programming is changed. In this way, kinesiology supports you in creating new pathways in the brain, instead of trudging along those old trails that always come to mind first when stress has hit us again.

As with our Greator Life Coach Training the answer always comes from the client: The coach or therapist will not dictate anything, put anything in the client's mouth or venture their own interpretation. A pleasant atmosphere is very important during treatment. 

Kinesiology brings you back into balance

The muscle test is a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in one. Many other tools are often added, including above all reflex treatments to release blockages, work with meridians and muscle points, but also with color cards and powerful, fragrant color essences. 

A session with a kinesiologist can easily give you a boost and help you achieve more. Self-awareness lead. Many also say that you can use muscle testing to find out what you are allergic to and whether you have any organic ailments. Look forward to the miraculous and healing experience of regaining your balance through kinesiology. 

The muscle test in kinesiology

The muscle test often takes place in a sitting position. To do this, you stretch your arm forward with slight tension and without effort. The kinesiologist asks you something and presses very lightly against your arm from above.

  1. If your body answers yes, your arm stays where it is. It stays in its power. 
  2. When your body answers no, your muscle tension yields to the pressure for a moment, and your arm sinks down slightly.

This shows you that the content of the question is stressing you out. Your body is not maintaining its strength. You know this from moments of great surprise and exertion. Kinesiology makes use of this effect. Your "body yes" or "body no" is an answer that comes from deep within you. 

Greator Life Coach Training: Find your inner peace and clarity

If you have been searching for many answers in your life for a long time, kinesiology is not the only way to find peace of mind. 

Our Greator Life Coach training also aims to ensure that you inner clarity and calm find. You've always wanted more from life? We'll show you how to get it. Each week, over 9 months, you'll find videos, workbooks and meditations. 

The first step is to work on and resolve your issues. This is the basis for your work as a coach. In other words: in the first part of the training - in the Greator Life Coaching Practitioner - the focus is on you. Because in order to become a good coach, you must first look at your own issues.

Then, in the second step, you will learn how to use the most important coaching tools - all combined in the method of the horizontal eight. By combining retrospection and Visionyou will learn the holistic and extensive repertoire of possible actions and solutions that you need as a professional coach. You will adopt the attitude of a coach and in doing so further explore your own issues and promote your development. Are you curious? Then sign up now here for the Greator Life Coach Training!



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