Mastering crises: Alexander Müller and Tobias Beck in conversation with Laura Malina Seiler

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Mastering crises: Alexander Müller and Tobias Beck in conversation with Laura Malina Seiler

Crises can pull the rug out from under us and plunge us into a deep emotional hole. But how can such crises be mastered? What can we do to get back on our feet?

As part of the Greator Festival Online Alexander Müller & Tobias Beck Laura Malina Seiler have interviewed on this very topic. If you are interested in this exciting topic, then read on now and learn how you too can master crises in the future and get back on your feet.

How you can master crises

Laura Malina Seiler is a true power woman to the core. She is a proud mum, successful entrepreneur, passionate coach and publisher. This raises the question for all of us "How do you balance it all?"

Laura comments: "I decided at a certain point in my life to just let go of these boundaries that we keep setting for ourselves."

Because of this attitude, Laura is always able to overcome crises, overcome challenges, come out on the winning side of life and make her own way. 

Why do so many other people not succeed? What is the reason that many people do not follow their heart? The answer: Many people are guided by their mind and set their own limits. 

Laura's take on it is: "I live very much by the motto that the only Bordersthat exist are the ones we set for ourselves in truth. When you stop listening to that voice, it gets easier."

Further, Laura says: I'm not waiting for myself to feel ready. Many people wait for the feeling: Now I am ready. That feeling does not come. I live by the motto: I correct on the way. I look on the way. Is this working? Does that feel good?"

With such an attitude, you can master crises. Because in the end, perspective determines how one reacts to a certain situation (for example, the loss of one's job). 

Mastering crises in times of Corona

As an entrepreneur, of course, was also Laura by Corona. How did she react? How was she able to cope with Corona and the accompanying personal and professional crises? 

Laura's take on it: , "It confirmed for me how important the work we do is. I felt stronger than ever because I saw myself helping even more people stay mentally and emotionally healthy."

Laura goes on to say: "It's my nature. When a big storm comes, I go in the eye. Because the more stable your inner world is, the less the storms around you make you crazy."

With this attitude, Laura was able to overcome all the crises that came her way during Corona. The result: she emerged from the crisis even stronger. Especially in the entrepreneurial context, she was able to set a new course.

Laura on this topic: As an entrepreneur, it was a challenge, of course. We had planned a festival and had to cancel it a month before. We then did it online. And that ability to adapt quickly to the environment is critical. Fear is not a good advisor."

How you can gain strength in life

Every human being has the ability to visualize things. The advantage: Where our mind goes, our energy follows. This means: If we constantly think only of the negative, then only negative things happen to us. If, on the other hand, we only think about the PositiveIf we do this, only positive things will come into our lives. Moreover, crises can be mastered in this way. 

Thus, what often drives us crazy is not the moment, but what we project. Laura comments: Imagine you're 90, you're sitting in a rocking chair and you've just achieved everything you wanted. Take that energy and pull it into you. Take that energy and make decisions from that."

Tobias Beck also reacted similarly during the Corona crisis. He said to himself: "Right now, I have to be there for the community." This means that every moment you step out of the Comfort zone out helps you put things into practice in real life.

If you want to master crises, it is important to come into your own creative power. One must not surrender to the prevailing circumstances without a fight. It is much more important to take the initiative and go your own way in order to reap the fruits of your own labor. However, one must be aware that one must first go through the total of 7 phases of the Change must go. 

overcome crises

The 7 phases of change 

Mastering crises means going through a change process. This process takes place in a total of 7 phases. We would like to show you here how these phases are structured.


In a crisis we always react shocked at first. In the first moment, we don't know what to do and remain rooted to the ground. 


Subsequently, we usually react negatively. We do not know how to react to the situation and build up an inner resistance. 


Next comes insight. We begin to understand that whether we overcome the crises or not is in our hands. Now it is time to face the challenge.


In this phase the turning point occurs. We become aware that we need to replace old thought patterns and behavior patterns with new (purposeful) ones. 

Check out

We start to go new ways, to try ourselves and thus initiate a new phase in our life. This phase is also accompanied by an increase in setbacks. 


We begin to understand how much we have changed. We become aware of the long path that now lies behind us and has led us to a higher self. 


In the last step, we have firmly integrated new beliefs and behaviors into our everyday life. Now we can master crises and successfully go new ways. 

Mastering crises is a process

One important thing first: change is a process. It also means that you will leave the old behind and start a new chapter in your life. So you should process this part and not get over it. smile. In addition, it is important to look where you will be when you have gone through this transformation phase.

We need to look at the Ask question: Who do I want to be in times of change? Because it is precisely in the darkest hours that we experience the moments in which we bring our brightest light to shine. Once we have found this light, we can master all the crises that confront us in life. 

One last thing: We have linked the entire interview between Alexander Müller, Tobias Beck and Laura Malina Seiler in full length below this article. Watch the video right now if you want to learn how you too can master crises and become a better version of yourself. 


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