Robert Betz: Love your inner child

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Robert Betz: Love your inner child

We all have an inner child inside of us that tries to please everyone. This is what the successful coach and speaker Robert Betz. For over 20 years, the expert has been involved in psychology. Among his specialties are self-love, meditation and spirituality. He says, "The child in you has often been in the rigidity of powerlessness. It has felt lonely - that is the loneliness wound. You don't want to be alone." Find out what else is behind this and how to get to know your inner child anew in this magazine article.

Your inner child lives inside you

Feelings are created in childhood and then fed by the same thoughts over and over again. Do thoughts like "I'm not good enough, not athletic enough, not slim enough, not disciplined enough" sound familiar? Then you are stuck in the trap of self-criticism. Robert Betz: "As a child you learned that you are not enough. And that is absolutely alive in the subconscious of most of us to this day. And you radiate that thought as well."

The little child in you - the little boy or girl - is the most important figure in your life. The qualified psychologist knows: "She doesn't always make life easy for us. Why? That child lives inside you exactly as you experienced it then left it behind when you grew up." You may have neglected it and forgotten it. Robert Betz: "In these months and years we become attentive to our inner child again, because it calls us and wants to be noticed."

Your inner child is waiting for love

In other words: Every moment of your life is stored in you - also and especially your childhood. During this time you had to adapt and were dependent. You had to pull yourself together and do or think what others thought was right. You weren't completely self-determined. And you wanted to please. Robert Betz: "This child is in you today and is waiting for you to perceive it and love it and give it what it wanted from its father or mother back then - namely to be accepted as it is. With all its feelings, its wildness, its restlessness, its thoughts, its play instinct and its desire for free existence."

Surely you experience unpleasant feelings now and then. There are certainly situations in which other people annoy you and make you angry or sad. Be it in relationships with partners or at your workplace. The expert says: "This feeling is not felt by the adult woman or man, but by the little girl or boy inside you. And then that child - according to your perception - gives you a hard time."

Free your inner child

If you are sad or angry, the important thing now is to go within, close your eyes and notice how the child in you is sad, angry or powerless. Robert Betz: "These feelings want to be accepted in the child in you, so to speak. Your heart wants to open for exactly this child. And that is the solution for the liberation from old patterns and the way out of old limitations. The door to your freedom is called: Free the inner child in you!"

Accept it, talk to it and tell it that it is lovable and wonderful. The successful life teacher and seminar leader is convinced: "Through your address, your love and acceptance, your inner child in you will change. It enters the field of your love. And when you go through life as an adult man or woman with an inner boy or girl who feels loved, you are a different person."

Open your heart to your inner child

The most important MeditationsRobert Betz offers in his seminars are therefore based on healing and liberating the inner child. He says: "I invite everyone to face this little child inside you, to open their heart, to get to know the state and feelings of this child, to love and accept it, and to transform it in this way. Transform your inner child into a happy child! This is an important prerequisite for making your life more peaceful, joyful and easy."

Robert Betz is certain: "Walk this path and you won't regret it. You will feel very rewarded because you are rewarding yourself with this work."

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