Relationship: How to have a happy and fulfilled partnership

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Relationship: How to have a happy and fulfilled partnership

What makes a happy relationship? Why do only a few relationships last until the end of time? And what is the reason that so many marriages fail and leave behind an emotional shambles?

In this article we would like to take a closer look at various areas of a relationship. Among them are signs that indicate that a relationship is about to end.

There's a sad truth you need to be aware of. Not every Relationship is salvageable. And that is why in this article we would like to look at how you can successfully overcome heartbreak.

Finally, we will look at the most important point. And that is, how you manage to be a happy and fulfilling partnership that enriches your life.

Therefore, continue reading this article carefully if you want to learn how to have a happy and fulfilled relationship can lead. We are sure: There is also the perfect partner for you, who will make you happy.

Why relationships fail

Did you know. According to Statista, the divorce rate in Germany in 2018 was 33%. That means: Every third marriage gets divorced! This is a shocking result. But what is the reason for this?

Fact: Marriages don't get divorced for no reason. Relationships do not break down for no reason. Already in the run-up there are Signs that the love happiness is about to end.

Is the relationship on the brink of breaking up? These are the 5 most common signs

You're not invested in your relationship anymore

Do you prefer to spend your free time with your friends lately? Does it annoy you when partners suddenly want to come along to the company party? If this is the case, then the traffic light is already on dark yellow.

Have you not had a romantic weekend with your partner in a while? In truth, do you no longer feel like spending time with him or her? If this is the case, then the traffic light has already jumped to red.

Your alarm bells should be ringing loudly right now. Because something seems to be going wrong in your relationship and you should ask yourself what it could be. And above all, you may ask yourself what you can do about it.

You find physical closeness unpleasant

You know this? Your partner snuggles up with you under the covers. He is looking for tenderness or wants sex? But you flinch and would like to jump out of bed again?

Heads up! This is a clear sign that you are no longer attracted to your partner. Again, you should think about the reason why you find your partner uncomfortable to be around.

Sex is part of a functioning relationship. When there is a lull in bed for a long period of timeyou should seriously ask yourself what could be the trigger for the current state in your relationship.

You're imagining a future without your partner...

Imagine sitting on a bench and gazing dreamily at the sky. What are you thinking about? Maybe your next vacation? A new start in another city? And what role does your partner play in your future?

If your partner is missing from your vision, then your relationship is in bad shape. You may even wish for a future without a partner, because you would feel much better without them.

As soon as such trains of thought occur more frequently, something is going terribly wrong. In this way, your subconscious wants to make it clear to you that you have already written off your partner.

You don't care what your partner thinks about you...

You and your partner fight every day. Day by day, it gets worse. In the beginning, you racked your brain about what to do about it. But those days have been over for some time now.

The frustration is Indifference given way to. You don't care what your partner thinks about you. If he criticizes you - it doesn't matter! If he nags at you - it doesn't matter! You don't mind because he means less and less to you and you would rather be somewhere else.

That is a frightening realization. A truth that hurts. However, if you have come to this one, then you know that you have Relationship may end should. Even if it hurts, it is still the right way.

Every little thing turns into a fight

After lunch you forget to put the milk in the fridge. Suddenly the situation escalates. "What's the matter with you?" your partner yells at you. "What is it now? That was just the milk"you answer annoyed.

Do you often get into pointless arguments over trivial matters? Would you like to slam the door behind you and run out of the house? Watch out! This is also a bad sign for a unhappy relationship.

Constant arguments over nothing are a sign that your interest in your partner is mendacious. Especially if the quarrels happen over a long period of time, you should seriously question your relationship.

More signs that the relationship is about to end:

  • With friends & family, you speak ill of each other.
  • Mutual caring is not present in the relationship.
  • You and your partner have lost respect for each other.
  • Important decisions are only made individually.
  • You're seriously thinking about having an affair.
  • You don't care how your partner reacts to your behavior.
  • It's been a long time since you've told each other how much you love each other.
  • You wouldn't care if your partner left you tomorrow.
  • Your partner constantly nags you and wants to change you.
Is your relationship healthy?

Find out, Whether your relationship is toxic! Our free relationship quiz will help you see if you're in a harmful relationship - or if everything is in the green.

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How to deal with heartbreak?

That's it. Your partner left you. The relationship is over. He's gone and he's not coming back. Never again!

Suddenly you're sitting alone in your big house. This beautiful house that you wanted to grow old in together. The house you wanted to see your children grow up in. That dream is gone. For good. Forever.

Your heart's bleeding. It's shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. You want to scream your grief to the world... But you can't. You don't have the strength. You're devastated. You feel empty. Burnt out. Exhausted.

There is a yawning emptiness around you. The heartbreak is eating you up. You ask yourself the question: What happens now? Will I be forever unhappy be?

Even if you believe otherwise. Your Heartbreak will pass. The clouds will clear and the sun will come back into your life. You will be happy again. Enjoy life. Laugh. Sing. And soon wake up next to a partner who loves you and makes you happy. At the right time. In your time.

However, until that time comes, you have to go through the valley of tears. In order for you to succeed and overcoming your heartbreak, we would now like to take you through the 5 stages of heartbreak.

The 5 stages of heartbreak

Phase 1: Recognize signs

As already mentioned, no separation occurs abruptly. It is always preceded by a longer process of alienation. The signs of this are often suppressed. Over time, however, they accumulate, which brings the barrel to overflow.

Already in this phase we block out reality and believe to have everything under control. But we don't have that. We like to suppress and sweep problems under the table. And that is the beginning of the end.

Phase 2: The moment of solidification

Your partner has broken up with you. The shock is deep. Despair spreads. The sky is falling and we have to come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over.

It feels like a loved one has stepped out of our lives forever. The world suddenly seems bleak and grey. The consequence: our private and professional everyday life gets out of joint. The world stands still.

Phase 3: Negotiation or activism

The initial paralysis subsides. The shock isn't so hard anymore. Your head becomes clearer. You think about how things can go on for you in the future. The phase of negotiation or activism sets in.

The euphoria of the past returns and you think about whether there is a way to win back your ex-partner. Professions of love follow. One swears better.

The ex-partner, however, feels overwhelmed and goes even further away. In this way, the chance of a new beginning is finally destroyed.

Suddenly there is a lack of understanding about the reaction of the ex-partner. This is often followed by a loss of emotional control, which finally seals the end of the relationship.

Phase 4: Admission or anger

Slowly you begin to accept that the relationship is over. On a logical level, it is now clear that the ex-partner will not come back. What remains is hope.

But these Hope quickly turns to anger. You may ask yourself: "What could I have done better?" and Should I have fought for my ex-partner?" or "What can I do?".

Phase 5: Acceptance or despair

"My ex-partner will never come back to me. We'll never sit at the breakfast table together again. Never laugh together again. Wwe will never cry for joy again. Never again say I love you."

Even if you feel desperate at this moment, that's okay. Because now your healing process begins. The shards of your heart are putting themselves back together and now it's time for you to make new... Joie de vivre scoop.

Or to put it in other words: Your starting signal for a successful, fulfilled, happy and healthy relationship starts now!

How to find your way back into life after the end of a relationship

The relationship is over. The heartbreak is over. But what happens now? How do you manage to find a new partner with whom you can have a long-term and lead happy relationship can?

7 useful tips to make your love happiness perfect

1. independence

You are an independent person. Your partner is an independent person. And this independence must also be preserved in a relationship. In many cases, however, the absolute opposite happens. Often there is always one partner who subordinates himself to the other.

Over the years, quite a lot of frustration builds up in this way. Because if you watch your partner's back and put your own interests second, then you only become his shadow. And when then the Separation comes, you are all the more unhappy because in the past you lived only for your partner and not for yourself.

For this reason, it is important that you maintain your independence. Pursue your goals and realize your dreams. Because that's how you create a relationship at eye level. And that is the basis for you to remain happy and satisfied with your partner even into old age.

2. magic moments

A happy relationship cannot be taken for granted. For this reason, it is important to regularly create magical moments with which the old love is rekindled. After all, you want to wake up every morning and recall the beautiful moments that connect you with your partner.

How about a romantic weekend in a snowy mountain hut? Or why don't you just spontaneously get in the car and drive to the sea? Make a list of five romantic dates you'd like to do with your partner in the near future.

Because in the end, it is the particularly beautiful memories that keep us in the Memory remain. These memories and shared experiences help to make the bond in the partnership even stronger. So, what are you waiting for? What magical moment do you want to create with your partner?

Here you will find a few more interesting date ideasthat I think you're gonna like.

3. common objectives

Are you and your partner living past each other? Or do you have common goals that you are pursuing? Do you have a common passion that binds you closer together? The fact is: Shared goals promote lasting happiness in love and thus make the relationship better.

This could be a joint project or an area of interest, for example. Think about what topics you are both passionate about. What could you do together that would make you happy and satisfied?

Our tip: Sit down at the table with your partner. Think about the topic that both your hearts beat for and then go into action. Are you interested in the welfare of animals? Good, then how about supporting animal welfare?

4. leave room for manoeuvre

Your partner would rather do something with his friends on the weekend than spend the evening with you? Does this drive you crazy? Do you feel offended and make a scene with him because of it? Beware. Especially the latter is one of the worst relationship killers ever.

Constricting your partner, limiting his freedom, constant clinging or controlling only puts him at a distance from you. And therefore: Leave your partner his freedom. He will appreciate you all the more for it, because you trust him. And for that he will show his gratitude to you.

The same goes for you, of course. Because as we have already learned, a good relationship is not a one-way street. You too are welcome to spend time alone or with friends. As the saying goes, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours."

5. accept weaknesses

You had a date with your partner and he is half an hour late again? He has not repaired the gutter, although he had promised? He sits in front of the Playstation again the whole evening and plays some childish computer games?

Is that why you might hit the roof again? The truth is, everyone has their weaknesses. Their bad qualities. Including you. I'm sure there are behavioral traits that drive your partner up the wall as well. That's perfectly normal.

The only important thing is that you accept them and don't constantly nag your partner. This often leads to a useless situation building up. And that, in turn, leads to a quarrel that can be resolved by a little bit of Tolerance could have been prevented. Our tip: Be a little more lenient with your partner. He loves you and means no harm.

6. compromise

You want to spend a cosy evening on the sofa with your partner at the weekend? Your partner, on the other hand, would like to go with you to the long-awaited concert of his favorite band? How do you decide? Do you force your will on him or do you submit to him? What is the right decision?

The answer: Both are wrong! Imposing your own will as well as submissiveness has no place in a relationship. Because a relationship is good when communication takes place at eye level. And that without exception. Always.

In this context, it is important to compromise. So if your partner really wants to go to the concert of his favorite band, accompany him and make him happy. After all, he loves you. He'll remember that and enjoy spending an evening with you on the sofa next time. After all, he also wants you to be happy.

7. sex is important

"Let's talk about sex baby."sang Salt-N-Pepa already at the beginning of the 90s. And yes, we have to talk about sex in conclusion. Because Sex is one of the most important pillars of a partnership. Admittedly, with the years, sex often becomes less. And something can be done about it.

However, lust and passion can not be forced. That is why it is important to seduce your partner again and again. On a sexual level, this is the definition of a good relationship. You may ask yourself: What blocks me? Why is it hard for me to give myself to my partner and just let myself go. Take it a step further: What kind of relationship did your parents model for you? Do you associate love with friendship, distance, struggle or passion?

So why don't you get dressed up again? Go out on the town? Why don't you go back to your first dates? Because that's how you evoke not only old thoughts, but also emotions. At this point, just think of five examples that you can use to bring a little more passion back into your relationship.

Conclusion: A happy relationship is not a product of chance

In this article you have learned what are the most common reasons for failed relationships and marriages. We also showed you the five stages of heartbreak that you need to go through in order to be happy again. And of course, very importantly, we showed you how to succeed in having a happy relationship.

With the tips from this article, you'll be ready to go out into the world and seek your love happiness. Finally, please keep one thing in mind: Even if you've been through an upsetting breakup and currently no longer believe in the great love - this thought is not true. And above all, it's not set in stone. There is the right partner out there for you, too, with whom you can share a happy and above all fulfilled life can lead.


Is your relationship healthy?

Find out, Whether your relationship is toxic! Our free relationship quiz will help you see if you're in a harmful relationship - or if everything is in the green.
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