Stay true to yourself: Your path to authenticity

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Stay true to yourself: Your path to authenticity

Staying true to yourself is an often-heard piece of advice in many areas of life. However, putting this into practice is often not so easy. Below, we explain what it really means to be authentic and how you can achieve this goal.

What does it mean to stay true to yourself?

Staying true to yourself means that you don't pretend for other people in order to please them. You know and protect your personal boundaries, whether in a professional or private context. A frequently used synonym is the term authenticity. This comes from the Greek and means something like "genuine".

To be authentic Self-reflection indispensable. This means that the first step is to find out who you really are and which Values you represent. Because only then can you represent them to the outside world.

The importance of authenticity in personal relationships

In personal relationships is authenticity This is particularly important in order to maintain an honest and open exchange. You've probably experienced it yourself: you don't feel particularly safe building a relationship of trust with someone whose opinion literally twists in the wind. So avoid simply agreeing with other people just to be liked.

Stand up for your convictions honestly so that other people always know where you stand. This way, your personal boundaries will be respected and it will also be much easier to build friendships that are truly harmonious. You will feel more comfortable in your interpersonal relationships if you don't have the Feeling constantly having to play someone else's role.

stay true to yourself in a relationship

Stay true to yourself sayings: inspiration for every day

Below we have put together the best sayings on the topic of "staying true to yourself" for you. You are welcome to write the sayings down and keep them in your wallet as a post-it note. Or you can design a collage if you're feeling creative:

  1. "If you want to stay true to yourself, you can't always faithful to others stay." -Christian Morgenstern
  2. "No matter what other people choose: Decide to stay true to yourself." - Author unknown
  3. "You can't please everyone. Even if you walk across the water, someone is bound to come and ask if you're too stupid to swim." - Author:
  4. "Always stay true to yourself and don't let yourself be distracted from your goals." - Michelle Obama
  5. "Staying true to yourself. That's my definition of strength." - The TagesRand comment
  6. "The greatest challenge in life is to remain true to yourself." - Carl G. Jung
  7. "Staying true to yourself and being authentic is more important today than ever and is crucial for inner and outer growth." - Angelika Keil
  8. "I tell my truth and live my life for myself. I will stay true to my truth." - The law of attraction

Staying true to yourself in a relationship: How to succeed

In a romantic relationship in particular, it often happens that a partner is unable to remain true to themselves. After all, you go out Dear and make all kinds of compromises. The latter is by no means wrong, but there is a fine line between compromising in partnership and denying one's own Needs.

To find out whether you can remain true to yourself within your partnership, your own well-being is the most important indicator. Your own Crossing bordersmakes you unhappy and even ill in the long run. If you have the feeling that you are always putting yourself on the back burner in favor of your partner, you urgently need to take action. Of course, this includes talking to your partner.

To prepare for this interview, you need to reflect in advance on what exactly you want from your Relationship you want. Communicate your ideas openly and honestly. Overcome fearthat your partner might no longer love you if you set boundaries. If this is actually the case, then - as harsh as it sounds - the partnership was doomed to fail anyway.

5 steps to get closer to your true self

1. strengthen your self-confidence

Be aware of your strengths and realize what you have already achieved in life. You have no reason to feel small and weak. Those who are self-confident are also less likely to relate potentially negative experiences to themselves, which makes the Self-confidence further increases. Have the courage to show your true personality to those around you.

2. engage in self-reflection

In order to be and remain authentic, it is important that you regularly reflect on your beliefs and behavior. Never confuse authenticity with dogmatism! If you realize that one of your beliefs was wrong, then say so openly and don't be afraid to ask others to apologize. No one is infallible.

3. words should be followed by deeds

Repeatedly emphasizing your values verbally, but acting contrary to them in an emergency, will self-explanatorily affect your credibility. Even if your personality continues to develop over the years, your core values remain the same. Live by them.

4. honesty

We've already explained it: to be perceived as authentic, you shouldn't pretend. You shouldn't make yourself look small or try to cover up your weaknesses completely. You should be open to constructive criticism.

5. be respectful

An authentic personality treats others with respect, even if they have different opinions. You can express your opinion without attacking others personally. Everyone has their rough edges - and that's okay.

The role of self-confidence in staying true to yourself

Self-confidence plays a crucial role in staying true to yourself! Without self-confidence, an authentic appearance is not possible. Being self-confident means that you recognize your value as a person and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses are conscious. To put it simply: you accept yourself as you are.

If you struggle with yourself, you radiate this to the outside world and are therefore not perceived as authentic. If, on the other hand, you accept your personal weaknesses, you appear less vulnerable.

How coaching can help you to live authentically and stay true to yourself

Coaching can be a valuable Be a support to learn how to stay true to yourself. Together with your coach, you will reflect on your values and ideas: Who are you really and how do you want to be perceived? Straightforwardness is an important keyword here. An authentic appearance comes almost naturally when you consistently stand up for your convictions.

At the beginning of coaching, it is often essential to first look at why someone is unable to remain true to themselves. Often, unprocessed experiences and firmly anchored Beliefs from childhood play a role. These need to be identified and dealt with.

Staying true to yourself: Challenges and how to overcome them

Staying true to yourself is sometimes not that easy. We humans are social beings and want to belong. This is anchored in our nature. It therefore makes sense to sometimes act contrary to our own convictions in order to be liked and accepted. In the long term, however, constantly overstepping your own boundaries makes you dissatisfied and unhappy.

It is therefore important to find a balance. Appearing and acting authentic does not mean literally offending other people. Present your views objectively and be open to other people's opinions. You can treat each other with respect, even if you have different opinions.

Do you suffer from the Fear of rejectionthen realize that you can do without people in your life for whom your opinion doesn't count. They don't have to share your views, but you should always treat them with respect.

Personal development: A key to being authentic

In order to stay true to yourself and appear authentic, your Personality Development is an important key. Don't stop at your current level of experience, but gather new experiences and use them as an opportunity to learn from them.

It is also helpful to set yourself specific goals: Which aspects of your personality would you like to work on specifically in order to go through life happier and more self-confident? Coaching can also provide valuable support here.

Conclusion: The path to self-trust is the path to happiness

Those who can remain true to themselves live a life according to their own values and ideas - and not according to the standards of other people. The latter is essential in order to be happy. It is therefore worthwhile personal values and live by them. If you need inspiration and support, we would like to offer you our Visions Challenge to your heart.


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