Mareike Awe - "Your body is a miracle."

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Mareike Awe - "Your body is a miracle."

Mareike Awe has a doctorate in medicine. But instead of working in a hospital or clinic, the nutrition expert is successful in her own business - wholeheartedly and with a lot of passion.

Together with her life and business partner Marc Reinbach, she founded the intuMIND GmbH a company whose mission is, among other things, to free people from the ubiquitous diet craze and help them achieve a healthy feel-good weight.

In the interview, Mareike Awe talks about her personal path and love for healthy, intuitive food. We hope you enjoy reading or watching the video.

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Who is Mareike Awe?

How do you manage to build a successful business at such a young age? For Mareike Awe it all began in her studies: there she noticed that patients are often not helped with the root cause of their illness, but that only symptoms are combated. She says: "In medicine, one rarely works preventively.

Instead, you usually treat patients when they are already sick and have acute symptoms. I found that quite frustrating. Because even back then I was dealing with Personality Development and learned that there are other ways."

Your Vision and business idea, which later developed into intuMIND, also arose from a problem of her own. In the interview, Mareike Awe reveals: "I myself weighed ten kilos too much and my perception was totally distorted. Although I was not overweight, I felt exactly like that. When I looked in the mirror, I had to start crying because I was so unhappy with myself.

As a result, I tried numerous diets and tried to eat as little as possible. But it wasn't until I started, to eat intuitively, my body settled back down and found its way back to my new comfortable weight."

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Eat yourself slim - The recipe for success

The simple recipe for success

Many people find it extremely difficult to listen to their body's natural feeling of hunger and satiety. Yet the recipe for success for one's own well-being is actually so simple. Mareike Awe: "Through intuitive eating, you learn to listen to your body's natural hunger and satiety system and to be in harmony with it again. So you learn to eat when you feel hungry - instead of at any meal times - and to eat what really tastes good and is good for you. Because every body is different."

Listen to your gut feeling

Mindfulness and enjoyment also play an important role for Mareike Awe. She also says that you should stop eating when you are full - not when your plate is empty. On the other hand, she doesn't think much of prohibitions and ratings when it comes to eating. She reveals: "The terms 'healthy' and 'unhealthy', for example, are evaluations. However, what is unhealthy for one person may be good for another. If you listen to your body, then you feel what is healthy for you. And that can be a bar of chocolate sometimes."

Social ideals

But not only the diet, also mental stress plays a central role in gaining and losing weight. Mareike Awe remembers the time when she didn't feel comfortable in her skin at all. She says: "It was unbelievable. My thoughts only revolved around my figure and my food. I think a lot of women know the feeling of stressing and pressuring themselves enormously with these issues. Because we are told by society: As a woman, you're only valuable if you live up to the ideal."

Emotional eating can also be dangerous and can lead to extra kilos. The expert knows: "Some of us have already learned as a child to eat out of boredom or to cope with pain and sadness with food. Advertising also programs us to do this throughout. Sweets also look like fun because of their packaging. They are colorful, cheerful, and embody exactly what children and adults love. As a result, we lose our natural feeling for food."

Key to freedom

Mareike Awe broke her own habits and began to combine personal development with nutrition. She dealt with mental training, visualization and neuro-linguistic programming. In the interview she says: "That was my key to food freedom. And the more I changed my habits, the easier eating became. Mindful eating is something everyone should practice - because it's only when you connect with your body that you can tell you're full.

Here's how to melt away your kilos through intuitive eating, according to Mareike Awe

Intuitive eating - developing a healthy lifestyle can be so easy! Because as soon as you start to listen more to your body, your gut feeling and your inner voice again in the area of nutrition, completely new possibilities open up. Mareike says in this context: "I have also started to listen to myself more in other areas of my life - in all decisions in my life, in my relationships and in my professional life, I trust my gut feeling again since my change of diet. I listen to myself and no longer to what others say or what is cool and trendy at the moment." You can learn more about intuitive eating in the second part of the interview. Feel free to watch it now.

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Instead of intuitive eating, dieting & emotional eating are preferred

Excess kilos are often the symptoms of deeper problems and negative beliefs. In addition, if you try one diet after another, you tend to gain weight rather than lose it. Emotional eating also plays a big role.Mareike Awe explains: "Already in childhood, most of us learn to eat emotionally. For example, we are comforted with a lollipop or get a big bag of sweets when we start school. That's fine as long as you can regulate your feelings in other ways. Food, however, should not be seen as a miracle cure to calm or entertain your children. Because then emotional eating quickly becomes a burden on your own well-being."

Intuitive Eating - Mindful Eating

But not only that mindset, but nutrition education is also part of Mareike Awe's concept. She says: "It's amazing how many people actually know exactly what is healthy without being told. More mindfulness is therefore extremely important. But not from the outside in, but the other way around: If you have heard, for example, that proteins are healthy and therefore only eat quark, then that is not healthy. That's why I do it differently: I offer myself something that I know could be good for me. If I'm not hungry for it, though, I don't force myself to eat it just because someone else said it's healthy."

The unhealthy trap

Over time, Mareike Awe developed an appetite for foods she didn't like at all before she changed her diet. She noticed that her body began to crave natural foods and reveals her secret around intuitive eating: "At the same time, take a look at other motivators: If you want to eat as cheaply as possible, as quickly as possible, or with as little effort as possible, mindfulness isn't at the forefront of your mind. And then you fall into the trap again. Becoming aware of this can therefore lead to a positive change lead."

Intuitive eating promotes a healthy mindset

One of Mareike Awe's most important principles is to ask yourself exactly what is good for your body and what is more of a burden. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What foods make you feel fit and happy?
  • What foods make you feel full for a long time?
  • What foods make you tired and sluggish?
  • What foods make you feel hungry again shortly after eating them?

The expert's tip is: Don't pay attention to calories or ingredients, but to what feels good and what your body is craving. In short, try to switch off your head and trust your gut.

Intuitive eating - a psychology of nutrition

Mareike Awe also explains in the interview: "Many of us act too much on external principles when it comes to food, as we do in almost all areas of our lives. We're guided by something we've adopted from others instead of what would actually be right for us."

If the expert had her way, nutritional medicine would have to focus much more on psychology and behavioural therapy. After all, in almost all cases it makes more sense to get to the bottom of the causes than to just fight the symptoms - i.e. obesity or an unhealthy diet.

In the third part of the interview with Mareike Awe, you will find out how exactly you can do this and what you have to pay attention to.

YouTube video

Back to self-worth

It went from strength to strength and within a very short time Mareike Awe and Marc Reinbach brought their start-up to life. Today, the two founders can look back on a success story with 13,500 participants. Mareike Awe tells: "The most rewarding thing for us is that we've really been able to help so many people by offering an approach that actually works. Thanks to intueat, people are gaining their Self-esteem back. It's so fulfilling and beautiful. And we still see a great need. Because really, all people should learn to listen to their bodies again and achieve their feel-good weight in a relaxed and enjoyable way."

Mareike Awe: Perfectly Imperfect

transmit. She wants to be a source of inspiration that is not perfect, but authentic. Because what truly inspires others is not perfectionism - but problem solving. She says: "The more we focus on helping others, the more we make the right choices. It's not about me separating myself from others, it's about me working with them to solve the issue."

More from Mareike Awe

In the next few years, Mareike Awe would like to reach even more people with intueat and, in the long term, open up other areas. She says: "We believe that health is an area where everyone can take care of themselves. With the right mindset, anyone can learn to live a healthy life. It all starts in the mind with the inner mindset. We want to show people how to live healthy with ease and stay healthy permanently."

Conclusion: Through an intuitive diet you do your body and mind a huge favor

In this article or interview with Mareike Awe, you learned how you can lose weight without starving yourself. Ideal weight you can reach. 

You've experienced that healthy eating also goes hand in hand with personal development, and you now need to pay more attention to the topic of mindfulness.

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