Becoming a children's coach: Training, requirements and tasks

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Becoming a children's coach: Training, requirements and tasks

Every person has all the resources to successfully master his life. This is already true for children. However, more and more children are unable to access their potential. As Children's Coach you can help them take the lead in their development process again. The necessary Methods you'll learn in a Training as a children's coach.

Children's coaching: How it supports the youngest members of our society

Not only adults have to face new challenges again and again, but also children and adolescents are increasingly under pressure. Pressure to function in modern society. Performance is expected at school, along with social demands, leisure time stress and problems at home or with friends.

To master all this, the children and young people of our younger generations need Confidence, trust in one's own strengths and motivation. The reality of adolescents often looks different. Self-doubt, fears and blockages prevent them from developing their full potential. This is exactly where professional child coaching an. This form of counselling focuses on the child with its individual characteristics, talents and possibilities in the focus. As with other forms of coaching, the same is true here: Every child already possesses the necessary resources to overcome challenges and to develop his or her Achieving goals.

The tasks of a child coach

The task of the child coaching is to work together with the child to in an age-appropriate and playful way to work out solutions. In the sessions, a child coach applies proven methods and procedures based on studies of brain research and modern psychology. In addition, a child coach provides the child with effective methods that he or she can use in the future. In this way, the child can actively influence his or her development process. Possible goals of coaching can be the following:

  • Solution of blockades (e.g. when learning)
  • Personality development
  • Strengthening motivation
  • Imparting concrete strategies for action
  • Editing negative beliefs
  • Development of perspectives
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Kids coach about Corona?

As a children's coach, you will quickly experience that every child is individual. The problems can be of a very different nature - and the approach in the coaching process is just as different. Often the cause of the problems lies in the school environment, but difficult situations and life circumstances can also trigger anxiety in children, cause stress and thus lead to Behavioral problems that was set.

An Example for this is certainly the Corona Pandemic, which turned the lives of children upside down overnight. In fact, an experienced Children's coach at Corona or other drastic changes in the life situation give children the necessary tools to cope better with the situation.

Possible topics include:

  • low Self-esteemnegative self-image
  • Fear, to fail in school
  • Difficulties with concentration
  • lack of motivation
  • Mobbing
  • Separation The parents
  • Loss of a close person
  • Behavioral problems and problems with social interactions
  • Stress Management

Child coach vs. child psychologist: a complement, but not a substitute

As with the Life Coaching of adults also applies to children, that the sessions in case of more serious problems or even mental illnesses not replace psychotherapy can. So if children suffer from depression or Anxiety disorders suffer, they belong in the hands of psychotherapeutic professionals.

Since the presence of such clinical pictures is not always obvious to laypersons, the necessity of medical treatment may only become apparent in the course of the coaching sessions. Serious child coaches recognise this need and make a recommendation accordingly.

"Children's coaching and psychotherapy do not have to be mutually exclusive, but. can also complement each other. As part of their training, child coaches learn some techniques that are also used in traditional psychotherapy."

Sad child - a case for the child coach?

A children's coach should have the following qualifications

Who Become a coach should bring along an important basic requirement: Interest in the topic of personality development. Also, you should definitely Pleasure in dealing with people and especially with children have. If you are already working with children, you probably already bring this with you. However, if you have not yet been in close contact with children, it is best to find out in advance whether children's coaching is right for you.

Even more than when coaching adults, you should have a high level of social competence and emotional intelligence bring with you, because children not infrequently react unpredictably. Calmness and patience are just as key here as the Ability to empathize with different personalities and react flexibly to the counterpart to be able to.

In children's coaching, it also pays to be able to express verbally in a way that is understandable and appropriate for children and at the same time possesses the ability to give your counterpart easy to listen to. Contrary to what many people think, on the other hand, it is not absolutely necessary that you an extrovert are. While shyness is out of place in coaching children, reserved, empathetic individuals with a confident demeanor are often particularly good listeners who can sensitively respond to children's special needs.

Last but not least, as a coach for children you will of course gain a confidence bonus if you can present an officially recognized certificate. You can obtain this, for example, from our Greator Learning Coach Training. Within three months, you will learn the techniques you can use to make learning fun again for children, so that they can get good grades without any pressure!

You too can become a children's coach!

The Kindercoach training is aimed at these persons

Various people are particularly qualified for training or further training as a children's coach:

  • Coaches for mental training Adultwho would like to expand their methodological toolbox and are interested in working with children.
  • Coaches and therapists who have already worked with children work and would like to further their education.
  • Pedagogical staff such as teachers and educatorswho want to improve their methodological competence in dealing with children's problems.
  • Parents or other legal guardianswho would like to support their junior staff on their own initiative.

Children's coach: These training opportunities are available

As with coaching for adults, coaching for children has become various approaches The coaching of children has proven to be successful, for which there are separate training courses. Child coaches who can look back on many years of experience can often show certificates for the common approaches. They combine their knowledge The methods used are always adapted to the individual issues of the child. Because: There is never THE one right counseling that fits all children.

Learning Coach

The overriding credo for the Learning coach training is: Make learning fun again for children. You'll also learn how to help your child, or other children, to learn with a strong self-confidence and ease through the school years. Because with the correct learning strategies the child learns for himself that it doesn't have to be hard at all, good grades to write. In your Learning coach training you get all the skills you need to help children go back to school with joy and ease.

NLP Children's Coach

For example, a NLP Children's Coach a collection of conversation-, behaviour-, hypno- and body-oriented methods, which are aimed at the development of potential. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming, i.e. the effect of language on the neuronal processing of information in the brain as well as the possibility to influence through language.

IPE Children's Coach

At the Integrative development of potentialIPE for short, are the natural resources of the child are the focus of the coaching. A IPE Children's Coach helps children become aware of their abilities and use them to solve their problems. Among other things, coaching helps children become more self-confident and develop learning skills.

In addition to the basic training courses, there are also training courses in the area of coaching for children which Methodological competence expand and deepen. An example of this is the use of child-friendly role plays in counselling. Meaningful further training opportunities are also offered in the following areas Pedagogy and communication.

Who can call themselves a children's coach?

The term "children's coach" is not protected, which is why people without the appropriate certification may also call themselves such. Nevertheless, a sound training remains a quality feature in this area as well.

IPE Kindercoach in playful exercise with child

Children's coach training: online and face-to-face training possible

One question is particularly interesting for people who have a full-time job or for other reasons do not have time for face-to-face events: Is the Kindercoach training available online? Basically, the training to become a child coach always includes both theoretical and practical modulesHowever, these are designed quite differently depending on the provider.

In fact, it is possible to Training as a children's coach online only to complete the course. Theoretical content is transferred via video from the seminar rooms to the laptop at home or in practice. For practical exercises, participants connect with each other online or persons present, such as their own children, partners, etc., become the training object. More comprehensive training programs usually combine face-to-face and virtual seminars.

Our Learning coach training for example, takes place completely online. In your training as a learning coach, you will receive all the important background information, techniques and approaches within three months - with over 90 intensive videos - so that children can enjoy learning again and write good grades without any pressure!

FAQ: The most important questions about child coaching

What does a children's coach do?

A children's coach helps children to inner Resources to discover and their potential under their own steam to unfold. The children's coach works out solutions together with the child using tried and tested methods.

How do I become a children's coach?

The designation is not protected. So you could become a children's coach without any training. However, this is not recommended. Only with a Children's coach training with certificate you learn the necessary techniques for qualitative and successful coaching.

Who is the training to become a children's coach aimed at?

People who are involved with children and would like to expand their competence to act will benefit particularly from the children's coach training - i.e. Teaching and educational staff, therapists and also parents. In principle, however, the training is all interested parties open.

How long does the training to become a child coach take?

The range is wide. You can both in a single weekend become a certified children's coach as well as for long periods Attend seminars. However, a well-founded training takes time. So in about three months you will become a Greator Learning coach. Our expert Markus Hofmann gives you the methods to start exactly there as a learning coach. After the 12 weeks you can call yourself a certified learning coach.

Can I also complete the Kindercoach training online?

With certain providers in the German-speaking countries you can attend online seminars. However, face-to-face seminars pay off especially in the coaching area, because here you can put the methods you have learned into practice under the supervision of the teaching staff.

What do you earn as a children's coach?

Most children's coaches work Self-employed as a sideline. They earn an average of € 145 per session. According to Coaching Report 2017 come coaches about 112 meetings per year. However, this value is more for experienced children's coaches.

Successful coaching for children

Your calling is to become a children's coach? You bring so far still no coaching experience and therefore you would like to get a holistic education before you become a children's coach. Foundation stone for your future success ...or you? Or you are already a children's coach and would like to optimize your business even further?

In our free e-book "The 10 best tips for more fun and success in learning". you will learn how your child can successfully go through the school years with less learning effort and more joy. Learning expert Markus Hofmann shows you 10 tried-and-tested tips that will help you give your child the best possible support in learning.


The 10 best tips for 
Fun and success in learning

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