Mental Training: Take control of your life and align yourself positively

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Mental Training: Take control of your life and align yourself positively

Even though you might be the kind of person who finds this sentence overrated, it's still true: thoughts have immense power. They affect your entire life, whether you like it or not. Sure, we all wish we could just change it up overnight. How great would it be, please, if there was a switch in our brains that we could flip? The magic word is: Mental Training! We'll show you what it's all about and how it can change your life.

What is Mental Training?

Mental training includes various psychological exercises that help you become more resilient, efficient and self-confident and simply feel good in your skin. You can also train your social and emotional skills.

Basically, mental training follows the approach: You can only achieve what you can imagine. If you see yourself as weak and fearful, you will also show this to the outside world. If, however, you talk to yourself in your thoughts about more Self-confidence and joie de vivre, it will be much easier for you to put this into practice in real life.

In short, your thoughts have a strong influence on your behavior. And that's exactly what you make use of in mental training. With the help of various exercises, you anchor certain images and behaviors in your subconscious, which over time become established in everyday life as if by magic.

By the way, mental training has its origin in sports psychology. There, it is primarily used to internalize certain movement sequences. Athletes not only go through the pure movements in their heads, but also follow every single muscle that is used and every breath they take. It has actually been scientifically proven that the brain does not distinguish whether the movement is real or only in the mind. The same areas of the brain are active.

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How to train mentally?

There are countless different techniques that you can use for mental training. Especially the training of positive thoughts plays an important role. Also Neuro-Linguistic Programming, short NLP, is a helpful element. Behind this is the assumption that processes in the brain can be reprogrammed with the help of language.

Not to forget cognitive training. The main aim here is to strengthen your mental performance. Classic brain jogging tasks are particularly helpful here.

An orderly and creative mind

But all that doesn't help you if your mind just won't come to rest. Your thoughts are circling around wildly, your head is in a mess and you just can't manage to bring order into this chaos. Do you know this as well? Then relaxation exercises are also an important element in your personal mental training. Meditations and breathing exercises will help you at this point.

When your mind is relaxed, you finally give it the opportunity to be creative. After all, there can be no room for new ideas in your head if it is full of unsorted thoughts. Once you've tidied up your mind with relaxation exercises, it's worthwhile to follow up with creativity techniques. They help you track your ideas and get them down on paper. From brainstorming to mind mapping, everything is allowed here.

How to visualize your goals

At this point we would like to introduce you to a small exercise that will help you to mentally anchor your goals and later transfer them into real life. All you need is a quiet place and you're ready to go.

Take ten to 15 minutes and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. Then mentally immerse yourself in a situation that has always caused you difficulties and change it in your mind as you wish. Visualize the images in as much detail as possible and pay attention to every little detail.

Where are you right now and who else is there? Who are you looking at and talking to? How do you feel in the situation and when exactly will the point come where you want to change something? Build in that change immediately when the time comes, and in your mind's eye, watch yourself handle it with flying colors. The more realistic you imagine the situation, the more effective this exercise will be.

If at the beginning you do not manage to steer the situation 100 % according to your wishes, then do not hang your head. Imagination also needs some practice. But you will see, from time to time it will be easier for you and your inner critical voice will slowly but surely fall silent.

With new stimuli in everyday life you challenge your brain

As you already know, mental training means much more than just visualizations in your mind. It also stands for challenges with which you lure your brain out of its reserve again and again. You can easily integrate such exercises into your everyday life. For example, how about brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand or holding your knife and fork in each other's hands at lunch? What sounds simple at first is often not. You're really putting your brain to the test.

Even on your way to work, you can challenge your mind. Why not drive a new route to the office today? Or why not park one street over and walk a bit? Pay close attention to the sun's rays on your skin, the birds chirping, and the gentle breeze blowing through your hair.

There's a weekly market in your town? Great, that's the perfect place for mental training! As you stroll through the stalls, immerse yourself in the world of smells. Try to identify all the scents you perceive. Fruits, vegetables, spices, plants and so on provide a great basis for this exercise.

For whom is Mental Training suitable?

Mental training is suitable for all who want their lives happier, successful and more efficient. And who doesn't want that? No matter whether it's stress at work, relationships with family or partner that need improvement, or overcoming Fears and doubts - Mental Training supports you in overcoming various hurdles. It gives you back the power over your thoughts and thus over yourself. And you focus on the things that are really important to you.

In which situations is mental training useful?

Mental training is always useful when you are facing a challenge. For many of us, that's especially the case on the job. Do you feel the same way?

One deadline follows another and you need to keep your focus. Now you're at a crossroads. Are you crumbling under this pressure because you think you can't possibly do it? Or does this situation motivate you all the more because you know you can handle it?

Your body first reacts to stress with the urge to flee or fight. This is simply due to evolution, because for our ancestors stress was synonymous with danger. So if they wanted to survive, they had to quickly run away or bravely face the situation. So the question now is: Which option do you choose? Of course, it's clearly against fleeing and in favor of showing what you're made of! Mental training helps you to make this decision with conviction and without any doubts.

Face the boss with courage

It's not always the job itself that becomes a challenge. Sometimes it's also the people you have to deal with at work. Especially if your boss is the "difficult person" type, dealing with him can really put you to the test. If he takes out his frustration on you because you're unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, it starts to bubble up inside you. "Keep calm," you whisper to yourself as you imagine giving him a piece of your mind.

But of course you don't want to lose your job and you dutifully turn both cheeks. Nevertheless, all the emotionsthat are building up inside you right now, somewhere. That is why the so-called introvision is an important part of mental training.

This is about not dwelling on a negative situation for days so that it builds up. You learn to pause for a moment, remember that you didn't do anything wrong (if you really did), and move on with your head held high. Why should you let an outburst of anger from your boss slow you down?

Other situations in which mental training supports you

You lack self-confidence, which is why you keep putting off things that you would actually like to dare to do? Mental training helps you visualize your inner strength and finally trust in it. The same applies to overcoming fears.

We have already discussed the fact that training helps you to cope better with stress. This can also take the form of excitement, Stage fright and inner restlessness become noticeable. Mental training therefore also provides a remedy here.

It can even make a valuable contribution to your health. There are physical complaints that have no organic cause. They are psychosomatic, i.e. they arise in the mind. This does not mean that you are imagining headaches, digestive problems and so on. But your mental health can have a negative effect on your physical well-being, although you are actually healthy in this respect. Since mental training is dedicated to your psyche, it can support you in finally leaving these complaints behind.

Mental training offers these advantages

Mental training offers you numerous benefits to steer your life in a more positive, confident and fulfilling direction. And the best part is, you can do it anytime, anywhere! You don't need any tools or even an expensive therapist. You only need yourself and the will to change something. A better condition for the start into your new life, self-determined life can hardly exist!

Mental training also has disadvantages

Mental training, if you are not careful, can unfortunately also develop in a negative direction. The problem is that you do this training almost permanently, even if you are not aware of it. Imagine, for example, that you are sitting in a restaurant and would like to order a dish, but you can't pronounce its name correctly. Instead of trying, you order something else because you're afraid others will laugh at you.

With these negative thoughts you have Uncertainty and lack of self-confidence. All your successes that you have already made thanks to mental training, you can unconsciously undo again.

How to become a Mental Coach

You've been on a long journey through the world of mental training and are just overjoyed at how your life has changed? You would also like to help others to get the best out of themselves and to go through life in a positive and strong-willed way? Then simply become one yourself mental coach!

If you are enthusiastic about working with people, are able to learn and have a confident appearance, then find out here now about our training as a Greator Coach!


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