What is a Holistic Coach and what topics does he deal with?

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What is a Holistic Coach and what topics does he deal with?

The term "holistic" comes from the English language and means "holistic". Holistic Coaching is about exactly that: The person is not reduced to his symptoms, but considered as a whole. It is an increasingly popular form of coaching, often complementary to medical treatment.

Are you considering whether Holistic Coaching is an option for you to improve your current life situation? Then you will find the answer to this question in the following article. Perhaps you are also interested in the professional career of a Holistic Coach. In the following you will find out which requirements have to be fulfilled.

What is Holistic Coaching?

Holistic Coaching can provide clarity and new orientation for numerous problems and questions. As already mentioned at the beginning, Holistic Coaching looks at the person as a whole. The aim is not to conceal the disturbing symptoms, but to find out and eliminate the causes. This is the only way to ensure that the quality of life improves permanently.

Symptoms, whether psychological or physical, are often an expression of deeper issues. For a layperson (or even for yourself) it can be difficult to understand the connections between a symptom and the core conflict behind it. This is where the Holistic Coach comes in. Holistic Coaching views body, mind and spirit as one.

Body and soul are also modern psychiatry is now regarded and treated as a single entity..

In the first step, the Holistic Coach will take a detailed look at your life story. Then you will put the pieces of the puzzle together in individual conversations to form an overall picture: In what situations does the behavior that triggers your distress occur? When did you first notice the symptoms? Which measures can help you to act in a self-determined way (again)?

In which situations is Holistic Coaching useful?

Holistic Coaching is suitable in the following situations:

  • You suffer from repetitive, destructive patterns of behavior.
  • You feel like you've lost your bearings in life.
  • All attempts to change something in your life situation by your own efforts have failed.
  • You're tired of being reduced to your symptoms by doctors and therapists.
  • You wish you had better access to your subconscious.

All the situations or trains of thought listed can be both private, professional as well as health concerns. For the latter, however, a medical professional should always be consulted.

What can you expect from Holistic Coaching?

Holistic health means more than just the absence of symptoms of illness. Holistic health is someone whose body and soul are in harmony. In order to achieve this, sometimes somewhat larger, but sometimes only smaller Changes in daily life necessary. Both internal and external influences play a role here.

You cannot always control external influences. Your inner handling of such situations, however, can. A Holistic Coach will work with you on different solution strategies to take away the power of your personal stressors over your well-being. One well-known method is, for example, learning different breathing techniques.

That the breath has a great influence on the mental well-being is scientifically well documented. This is particularly clear from the following reference book "Breathe slower, live better" by Thomas H. Loew:

Another important part of Holistic Coaching is to understand the wholeness of yourself. This means that if you neglect your body, your soul will suffer - and vice versa.

In summary, a Holistic can help you in the following ways:

  • You learn to use your personal values and convictions and to remain true to them.
  • Stimulation of mind and body through Relaxation techniques (e.g., yoga, autogenic training, and meditation).
  • Identify the negative external influences in your life: Which of them can be stopped? Which ones do you have to learn to deal with?
  • Encouraging your resolve.
  • Sensitization to one's own inner voice.
  • Promotion of Self-confidence and independence.
  • New orientation: Which Life goals are you pursuing and how can you achieve them?
  • Health and nutrition theme: discourage harmful behaviours and promote healthy lifestyles (e.g. stop smoking and change diet).

What topics does a Holistic Coach NOT cover?

All coaching services are designed for psychologically healthy people who want to improve their life satisfaction. A Holistic Coach is in no way a substitute for a psychotherapist, although the methods used do overlap. In case of acute mental or health problems (depression, addictions, severe obesity, etc.), medical treatment is mandatory.

However, it is possible to combine Holistic Coaching with psychotherapeutic and/or medical treatment. However, Holistic Coaching remains only a supplement, it is never a substitute!

How do you find a competent Holistic Coach?

Since the job title "coach" is not protected in Germany, you should check the coaching offer carefully before you take advantage of any paid services. Theoretically, anyone can call themselves a Holistic Coach, which unfortunately makes it particularly easy for black sheep.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should definitely ask for references. Furthermore, the following criteria are important:

  • At which academy did the coach complete his coaching training?
  • What professional skills qualify him or her to work as a Holistic Coach?
  • Is the homepage seriously designed or is it teeming with spelling mistakes?
  • Are the costs incurred transparently presented?
  • Is there a possibility to exchange experiences with other clients?

A serious coach will always offer you a free meeting to get to know each other! After all, the first thing is to find out whether you harmonize with each other at all interpersonally. If the latter is not the case, the cooperation makes no sense. Be sceptical if you are asked to sign a contract without a preliminary meeting or if you are asked to pay in advance.

Becoming a Holistic Coach: What are the prerequisites?

There are also no uniformly regulated training guidelines for a non-protected professional title. Which requirements are necessary to complete the training as a Holistic Coach therefore depends on the respective provider. Some institutes require explicit professional experience or even a completed degree in the respective coaching field, while others only require a minimum age.

Basically, as a coach you should enjoy working with people and be tolerant. After all, your clients entrust you with personal truths that may contradict your own beliefs and values. Even in such cases, it is important to remain professional and to look for solutions together. Also keep in mind that as a serious coach you are bound by professional secrecy.

As a Holistic Coach you should also believe in the principle of wholeness and live by it yourself. It does not seem very authentic to preach about the unity of body and soul, while you yourself attach little importance to relaxation or healthy nutrition.

How long does a Holistic Coach training take?

This question cannot be answered universally either, as it can vary from provider to provider. For a well-founded training as a Holistic Coach you should plan about six to 12 months.

The training can be completed both online and in a classroom course. For working people, however, the former option is usually more practical, as online courses offer more flexibility in terms of time and, above all, location. How long you need to complete the course depends on your own pace of work.

What contents are included in the training?

The training to become a Holistic Coach should include both theoretical and practical content. In theory, you learn what holistic health means and how to view symptoms in the overall context. In this regard, the training addresses specific topics in the areas of psychology, relaxation and nutrition. You develop a structured and yet adaptable way of working.

In the practical part of the training you are allowed to deal with "real" cases, ideally under the guidance of an experienced Holistic Coach. This gives you the opportunity to apply the methods you have learned in theory in practice. The feedback of a mentor is essential.

Greator Coach as basic training

Holistic Coaching focuses on the human being as a whole with all his or her Needs and dreams in focus. In the nine-month Greator coach training you will learn all the basic methods to later continue your career as you wish. In addition, you will benefit from our extensive network, which can facilitate your start into self-employment.

In the first part of the Greator Coach Training you deal with your own life issues. In doing so, you apply the methods that you will later use in your work with clients to yourself. There can hardly be a more effective learning effect.

In the second part of the training, we will familiarize you with the method of the lying eight. Through retrospection and vision, you will open up completely new dimensions of possibilities for action. After successfully completing the training, you will receive the Greator Coach Certificate: your first and most important reference.

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