Purpose: Find your drive and motivation

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Purpose: Find your drive and motivation

Why am I actually walking on the earth? What is my purpose? What is the purpose of my existence? Does my Life has any meaning at all or do I just exist until I die? Does my existence make any difference: what is my Purpose?

These questions have occupied people since time immemorial. We all wish that our existence has a meaning and that we do not walk meaninglessly on earth. One thing we can tell you at this point already: Yes, all our lives have a meaning, of course! Our task is to find out what exactly that is.

Definition: What does Purpose mean?

The word "Purpose" comes from English and means "meaning", "destiny" or "task". The focus here is above all on meaningfulness, which makes Purpose almost a philosophical and moral matter. Why do people act the way they do? What meaning do they see in their existence? What higher purpose do they pursue in their lives? These are all questions that Purpose answers.

Why is Purpose so important?

Every person needs something to drive him. He needs something that motivates him from within, an inner motor, so to speak, for his actions. If he sees a purpose, i.e. a meaning in something, then he acts purposefully.

Basically, everything you do every day serves a Purpose. For example, you are especially nice to your fellow human beings because you want to form a more positive society. Or you study hard and continue to educate yourself in order to gain new knowledge that could possibly advance humanity. Or maybe you spend a lot of time with your family and children because you see it as your purpose to make their lives as good as possible.

No matter what your Purpose is, it drives you every day. Without it, you would have no reason to get up in the morning, and sooner or later that can have a negative impact on your mental health.

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What is my personal purpose?

Every person asks himself this question again and again in life. There is no universal answer that we can give you at this point. You have to find out for yourself what your own personal purpose is. Yes, unfortunately this is easier said than done. No one wakes up one morning and knows exactly what their Purpose is. You have to discover it first and for that you have to be active.

If you have not yet discovered your Purpose, nothing will change if you continue to stay in your familiar environment and go through the same daily routine over and over again. You need to get to know yourself and the world better to find out what your Purpose really is. So try out new things that arouse your interest and feel your way closer and closer to your own personal purpose in life.

It is of no use to you to orientate yourself on others, because the Purpose is something very individual. If you try to copy the purpose of another person, you may have an orientation for a while where your path could go, but you will soon realize that it does not fulfill you.

The Big Five for Life

Have you ever heard of the "Big Five for Life" heard? No? Then it's high time you did! You are based on a Book by John Strelecky. These are 5 things you would like to achieve or experience, so that you can call your life perfect and later look back on it happy and satisfied.

The Big Five are your heart's desires, so to speak. Allow yourself to think big. What would you want if fears, finances, or attachment of any kind were absolutely irrelevant? The idea behind this is to realize what the true purpose of your existence is by listening deeply into your heart.

12 Purpose examples to inspire you

Even though purpose is a very individual matter, it can be helpful to take a look at how others define the meaning of their lives. But at this point, once again the important hint: Simply copying the Purpose of another person will not make you happy. So see them only as Inspiration and not as a template!

But now we have talked enough. In the following we have summarized 12 Purpose examples for you. Let yourself be inspired! I ...

  1. Wants to change the status quo and advance humanity.
  2. Desire to bring people together and provide for a more loving togetherness.
  3. Resolve to enjoy every little moment of life to the fullest.
  4. Set a goal for myself to help parents interact with their children.
  5. Would like to provide a better educational experience.
  6. Wants to help seniors enjoy their twilight years to the fullest.
  7. Plan to create things with my hands that make other people happy.
  8. Wish me, Writing booksthat take people to another world and put a smile on their face.
  9. My goal is to sensitize my fellow human beings to socially relevant topics and to ensure greater understanding.
  10. Would like to get involved and fight for more equality.
  11. Give everything to give my family a fulfilled life to enable
  12. Just wants be happy.

Your Purpose doesn't have to change the world. The only thing that matters is that it makes you happy and satisfied. You don't have to become a top politician or scientist or belong to the super-rich. Just listen deep inside yourself and ask yourself honestly what your life should be like so that you can look back on it with pride and satisfaction when you are old.

You don't have to fight on the front lines to rearrange the whole world. However, if that's what you want, then we can only say: Go for it! But if you just want to be there for your family, rescue animals from the shelter or simply have the freedom to do whatever you want, there's nothing wrong with that. All that counts is your personal happiness. Only that should be your inner drive.

How to find your purpose in life

There are people who spend their entire lives searching for their personal purpose, but never find it. At some point they give up the Hope and resign themselves to the fact that they are probably just a small fish in a huge tank, whose existence makes no difference at all, no matter how hard they try. But this is not true at all!

Everyone has a purpose. The only question is: Who actively goes in search of it and who waits for someone to suddenly knock on their door and tell them in no uncertain terms what their purpose in life is?

Of course, the latter will not happen. If you want to find your purpose and align your life accordingly, you have to become active yourself. If you follow the following three steps, you will soon reach your goal on your journey to purpose. So try them out!

1. remember moments that have shaped your life

Think about the things that have happened to you that have had a lasting impact on your life - both positive and negative. Write down three moments that were formative for you. Which situations have changed you? Which events have had a particularly strong emotions evoked in you? When did you have the feeling that a turning point was being created here?

Try to describe these moments as concretely as possible. This is not about phases in your life that somehow felt different, but about very specific situations and experiences. Try to remember when these took place, where you were at that time and who was present. Also think about how you felt and what thoughts these moments triggered in you.

2. get to know yourself better

Choose a positive experience from your list and ask yourself very specific questions about it. What exactly made this experience so special? Why did this moment feel so different from all the others before it? What specific role did you play in it and how did you influence the situation? Did you change it for the better or maybe even for the worse?

How did others present react and influence the moment? How do you think you affected others and how did they react to you? What did you learn about yourself in retrospect because of this situation?

The aim of all these questions is to learn more about yourself and to find out which events are particularly important to you and which have given you great happiness and fulfillment. They should make you think and give you a clear picture of yourself.

It is important that you take plenty of time to answer these questions. Think about them calmly and simply interrupt this step if your mind is not fully on the task at hand. Once you've worked through one experience on your list, move on to the others.

3. formulate your purpose statement

You have learned a lot about yourself in the first two steps. You know which situations fill you with particular happiness and when you were able to shine with your strengths. It is precisely these strengths that you can use for something great, namely your Purpose! On this basis, you can formulate possible Purpose Statements. These could be structured as follows: "With the help of my [strength] I can achieve [goal]."

For example, a Purpose Statement might read, "With the help of my strong empathy, I can help others to improve their interpersonal skills. Relationships to work." Or, "Thanks to my ability to motivate others, I can help them work toward the job they've always wanted."

With each of your strengths and the effects they have, you formulate a purpose statement. This will give you a valuable overview of what exactly could give your life a deeper meaning.

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Your path to becoming a Big Five for Life Coach

You can also find your purpose by following the Big Five for Life. You can learn how to do this in our Big Five for Life Coaching Training. Here, everything revolves around your personal Big Five and how you can integrate your heart's desires into your life in 14 steps. In the process, you will also repeatedly move into the perspective of a coach and, after passing the final exam, you can call yourself a "Big Five for Live Coach"!


How to find your purpose in life again

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