"The Big Five for Life": Define them for your personal growth

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"Working to make money was yesterday." This powerful statement is one of the central messages of the Spiegel bestseller "The Big Five for Life: What Really Counts in Life." Written by John Strelecky, this masterpiece has been translated into numerous languages and has inspired hundreds of thousands of people on every continent since its publication. It offers a wonderful introduction to personal development and is suitable for anyone interested in personal growth. If you don't yet know your purpose and your "Big Five for Life," it's high time. In this magazine article, we'll tell you why "The Big Five for Life" is so successful and what you can expect from this extraordinary read. Have fun reading!

Working to make money was yesterday.

John Strelecky

DISCThe Big Five for Life": The summary

Joe is dissatisfied with his life, especially with his job. By chance he meets the successful businessman Thomas and learns about his profound corporate philosophy and the secrets of his success. The story begins and takes its course: Thomas becomes Joe's mentor and shows him the guiding principles of his companies. This consists of two essential factors: First, every employee must know his or her personal purpose, the so-called purpose of existence (ZDE).

Secondly, each employee must have his or her individual "Big Five for Life" and live by them. The "Big Five for Life" are the five goals that you should definitely achieve in life. What really counts for you in life? The exciting thoughts touch Joe and move him a lot. With the novel "The Big Five for Life" you also hold Thomas' collected thoughts in your hands.

How to find your purpose in life again

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John Strelecky: Integrating "The Big Five for Life" on the Job

In his companies, for example, Thomas asks at every single interview what the Big Five of the respective applicant are. Only if the candidate can explain what he or she wants to achieve in life, and if those goals fit with the company's goals, does Thomas hire the applicant. Everyone who works at one of Thomas' companies has their Big Five taped as a note above their desk. Employees regularly talk to their supervisors about whether these five goals still fit their job - or whether something should change about their job because their goals have shifted.

As a result, the employees in his companies are motivated. And not because they are well paid - they are, of course - but because they are convinced of the company's purpose. So they simultaneously pursue the Company goals and their own goals. This not only motivates, but also makes happy. And it's no surprise that employee turnover at Thomas is almost five times lower than at comparable companies. Because once you've really come on board, you don't want to leave the team. 

mirror bestseller

DISCThe Big Five for Life": The Message

At its core, it is about how every employee and every company should recognize and fulfill the purpose of their existence. But "The Big Five for Life" is not a normal guidebook or even a leadership read for top managers from John Strelecky.

On the contrary, the novel is based on a moving story that is told in an easily understandable and equally sophisticated way. It is in-depth and thought-provoking. And although it deals with entrepreneurship, it is suitable not only for executives, but for anyone who is concerned with the meaning of life and personal growth.

John Strelecky's Big Five for Life: 3 essential impulses for you

In addition to the central message of the ZDE and the "Big Five for Life", many valuable impulses are conveyed in the novel. We would like to introduce you to three of them today.

1. create good museum days

When the two protagonists first meet, Thomas asks the question, "Is today a good museum day?" Joe is irritated and surprised in equal measure. He doesn't know what the question means or how to answer it. When he meets Thomas again a few days later, he explains the following thesis: "What if all of our feelings, our hobbies, our work, and the people we surround ourselves with were cataloged? What would happen if every day of our lives were recorded in the form of pictures and videos? Then, at the end of our lives, a museum could be built that would show exactly how we lived."

Now imagine that you would spend most of your life doing activities and people you don't like. Then most of your museum would also be filled with unfortunate Moments and memories filled. How would you feel if you walked through the museum and knew that this is how your life would be remembered forever? Because the memory is not based on the life you dreamed of, but the one you actually lived. We remember: Create good Museum Days! "Live your life in such a way that you will be able to look back on it proudly and with joy one day", John Strelecky says.

2. John Strelecky: „Do it while you can!"

Another statement of John Strelecky's novel. is: "You must do what you want while you still can. At some point it will be too late to change your Achieve goals and dreams." So why wait? With the "Big Five for Life" you define for yourself what you understand by a successful life. You name exactly the five things you absolutely want to do, see or experience before you die. If you have achieved these five things, then your life has been successful. Start chasing your dreams now! Dedicate yourself to them every single day and you will live a happy life in accordance with your ZDE.

Profit from the experience of others.

John Strelecky

3. John Strelecky: „Orientate yourself on pioneers"

If you want to do, create or achieve something new, then turn to people who have experienced, felt, seen or created your project themselves. Because you yourself have only a limited amount of time and energy. Therefore, orient yourself to pioneers, learn from them and concentrate on profiting from their experiences.

big five for life summary

John Strelecky's "The Big Five for Life": Examples

Do you already have an idea what your "Big Five for Life" are? In the following, we would like to give you a few examples as an impulse along the way. Maybe it will also help you if you already know your values for life - such as health, lightness or authentic communication - and link them to a concrete goal. In other words, you want to feel healthy and stay fit in the long term. Maybe you can achieve this by going jogging three times a week... You can definitely achieve your "Big Five for Life" like items on your bucket list, check them off, and find or redefine them at any time.

  1. Book writing (Fulfillment)
  2. Travel or spend half a year abroad (freedom)
  3. Fulfillment on the job
  4. Financial abundance, financial independence
  5. own pet
  6. start own family
  7. Adventure like bungee jumping
  8. family conversation that has been pending for a long time to give you more clarity and inner peace to give
  9. let go of the past
  10. Self-love: Putting yourself more in the foreground and giving yourself gifts. With what would you succeed?
  11. Mindfulness: Integrate meditation into everyday life

What are your "Big Five for Life"?

The big five things describe what counts in life - you may now face this possibly challenging task and find your "Big Five for Life". Broken down, you can say that these are the five aspects that you would like to do, see, experience and experience in life - in order to be able to say in retrospect at the end of your life that you have been a fulfilled life you have lived. These values only have to be right for yourself, for no one else. It is about the five big things that lead your life to success!

You may take the "Big Five for Life" as synonymous with your heart's desires. Allow yourself to focus on your Heart to listen, dream and think big. The purpose of existence, the idea of the Big Five helps us reconnect with the heart. What is it that makes you fully happy? Where do you forget time and space and everything around you? What would you most like to do right now if money didn't matter?

The answers to these questions give you valuable clues to your heart's desires. Find your values, define your aspirations and then bring them to life - then you can look forward to a fulfilled life!

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