Email Marketing: How to reach your target group cost-effectively

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Email Marketing: How to reach your target group cost-effectively

Email marketing - It often raises eyebrows. The first thought: annoying mails that immediately end up in the spam folder and rather trigger frustration instead of honest interest. Is that what you want to do to your customers these days? Do you need email marketing in the age of social networks at all? The answer is: Yes, you still need it! In fact, it's far too often underestimated. You should definitely use this marketing tool and not miss out on your added value. Because email marketing is cost-effective and you can reach your target group personally.

In this article, you'll learn why email marketing should be the heart tool of your marketing.

First of all: Conversion is important. Your success factor depends on your conversion rate. To generate conversion, your customers need to find you in the big wide world of the internet. Email marketing offers you a high Conversion rate and helps you create a long-term Customer loyalty build up. By regularly receiving newsletters, your customer will engage more intensively with you and your company. And ideally build up so much trust that they buy your product. Because the variety of brands on the market is huge. The competition is strong. There is nothing that does not exist. Good and competent email marketing can help.

Email Marketing: Start with an email list

In email marketing, your list of customer addresses is your most important tool. Think of this list as your life insurance policy. It will bring in your sales, so nurture and cherish it. In doing so, steer clear of certain tools or social networking platforms. Unlike third-party platforms that can delete you and your profile, for example, no one can take your email list away from you. You are therefore not dependent on third-party providers!

In today's times, it's getting harder and harder to hold your own. Traffic Sources can't just be tapped like they used to be. There are more hurdles that come your way. It's up to you to overcome them and stay one step ahead of your competition.

The right approach

Even if you have a big Range you want to achieve: The right approach to your Target group is the be-all and end-all. Adapt your newsletter to your target group. Write in the language of your target audience. Your emails should have a specific added value tailored to your target audience. To make this work, analyze your target group! Where is the shoe pinching the most? What problem does your target group have and how can you solve it with your offer?

Email marketing: exchange added value for email address

You want Leads but you don't know how? How about a barter offer? For example, you offer your customer a free Webinar if they register with their email address on your website. And bam, you already have the first lead! And your customer has a positive experience through your free webinar. A win-win situation.

Stick to your topic

Even if you want to reach everyone now, remember: relevance is your essential Success Factor. If your mails are not interesting, the Opening rate stay low. Send exciting mails, but always with reference to your Business. It's no use sending out emails where the content is not relevant to your target audience. Then it looks like spam and your customers could quickly get annoyed. In the worst case they will order the Newsletter off. It doesn't have to be. Create content that is sound and appropriate. Emails and newsletters should create a benefit for the customer. Ideally, your customer looks forward to the weekly newsletter. Because if the newsletter contains useful information of interest, your mail will not be perceived as spam.

You've already created a nice, informative newsletter? That's great. Before you send it out, make sure that it opens optimally on your smartphone. The mobile phone is the daily companion and organizer in life for many. Even e-mails are increasingly opened on the mobile phone. But if the loading time of the mail is too long or the display is not user-friendly, your customer will not engage with your content and close your mail quickly.

Email Marketing: Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Subject Line

Which Subject line is best suited? This is an important question. Because your customer will decide on the basis of your subject line whether he wants to open the mail or not. You can use various tools to test how well or poorly a subject line is received by your customers. Use the name of your customer to address them directly. Draw attention to your content. And apart from that, the only thing that helps is: test, test, test!

Be personal

A simple tip that guarantees success: Send your emails using your name. Imagine you receive two emails. One has the sender, the other is from [email protected]. Just by personal name, the second mail address awakens the feeling of closeness and personalities. And if you then address your mails directly to your customers, everything is fine. Because a mail with personal address is perceived much more than a "Dear Sir or Madam". Direct address increases the chance that your mail will be opened. The combination of brand name and your real name is a good way to promote your company. Branding increase.

Tip: If you Tag-based email marketing you avoid annoying double mailings. The possibility that your customer continues to receive mails about an offer that he has already accepted is eliminated.

Please no mails after work

Even with your emails, there are different good times when you should send your emails. For example, the weekend is not the best time to send out your newsletter. Your customers have weekend. Your newsletter will go down. The same goes for late afternoon. Avoid sending emails after 5pm. Probably your potential customers are already in the end of the day and don't have the time to deal with your newsletter. And: Send your emails regularly. After all, you want to be remembered by your customers, don't you? Fixed dates when your emails go out help to build up regularity and predictability.

And last but not least...

Email marketing is going extremely well at B2B - Target group. But watch out, younger target groups, for example the Generation Z have a much harder time of it. Emails are not very relevant for this target group. They are better reached on other channels. So remember, always have your target audience in mind.

Online Marketing - 4 tips to reach your target group better // Thomas Klußmann

And, already sent out a newsletter? Email marketing is important and can get you on the road to success support you in any way we can. What are you waiting for? Dive into the world of email marketing. Good luck and have fun!

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