Heartbreak: The best tips against heartbreak

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Heartbreak: The best tips against heartbreak

Suddenly the world seems gray, dreary and desolate. Nothing seems to make sense and happiness also seems to have said goodbye to life. 

How to overcome such a condition? What can you do when your heart is literally ripped out of your chest? How to overcome heartbreak?

What is heartbreak?

Heartbreak is an emotional state accompanied by deep pain that can completely pull the rug out from under you. 

The answer to these questions we would like to tell you in this article. You will receive from us a total of 5 valuable tips against heartbreak. 

Before we get to the tips, however, we would first like to talk about the 5 phases that go hand in hand with heartbreak. You have to go through this phase so that you can also successfully overcome your heartbreak. 

The 5 stages of heartbreak 

How long does heartbreak last? What stages do people go through after a painful breakup? 

In total, there are 5 phases to go through during the pain of separation. Now you can find out which phases they are.

1. recognize the signs

No breakup comes out of nowhere. It is always preceded by warning signs that a breakup is imminent. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Groundless arguing
  • Hardly any leisure activities
  • Little or hardly any sex
  • gossip among friends
  • Fading feeling

Can you think of any other examples that point to an imminent breakup? In any case, it is immensely important that you notice warning signals early on, in order to be able to take countermeasures in the best case. 

2. the moment of shock

It actually happened! The relationship is over. Your partner has left you and made it very clear that he will not come back. 

In this state, one is paralyzed. The heartbreak unfolds its full effect and you feel like you are in shock. 

3. negotiation or activism

After a few weeks, the initial state of shock has subsided. Suddenly it is possible to think clearly again. 

During this phase, many men and women try to get close to their partner again and win him back with grand gestures. 

However, these often seem quite pushy or desperate, which puts the former partner even further at a distance and the former love happiness is now finally sealed. 

4. anger or admission

In this phase, the heartbreak slowly subsides. Because now it is clear: the ex-partner will not come back. 

About this realization affected people eventually react with anger or admission. From here, however, one also begins at the same time to close with the ex-partner.

5. despair or acceptance

Depending on how one chooses, the final phase is one of despair or anger. 

Here the heartbreak germinates one last time until it subsides after a few days or weeks and you have enough strength to go new ways. 

The most common symptoms of heartbreak 

Heartbreak is often accompanied by numerous symptoms that contribute to the fact that one's quality of life suffers massively. 

We would like to briefly list the most common symptoms here so that you have a good overview and can prepare yourself well.

  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Concentration problems
  • Depressive moods
  • Power slumps
  • Heavy weight loss
  • No joie de vivre
  • Crying Cramps
  • Social isolation
  • Inner restlessness
  • Dyspnea
  • Stomach problems
  • Food cravings
  • Broken Heart Syndrome

The symptoms mentioned above are some of the most common symptoms of heartbreak. Of course, there are other symptoms that can limit your quality of life. 

Can you think of any other symptoms of heartbreak? 

What can you do about heartbreak?

"Those who leave do not feel the pain of parting. Those who stay behind suffer."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"The tsunami of transformation is blowing ever more forcefully through marriages and partnerships, through women and men, sweeping away that which has love on it but no love in it." Robert Betz is an expert for transformation, partnership and personal development. He is one of Germany's top speakers and has his own theory on why more and more relationships are falling apart. Look forward to his tips for heartbreak.

The sad fact is that Relationships ended faster today and marriages are divorced much more often than a few years ago. But this article is not about the reasons for separation, but about the pain of separation - specifically, how to defeat it and find your way back to life after the breakup.

5 valuable Tips against lovesickness

What should you do when your relationship is in shambles and the heartache is growing? How can you learn to let go of the common past? And what tips against heartbreak really help? We have collected five practical tips for broken hearts and tell you how to overcome the pain.

1. end the contact

The first step is the most difficult. But if you want to deal with the breakup with your ex-partner as well as possible, you should stop all communication with him. End the contact and do not try to find out what he is doing or how he feels through mutual friends and acquaintances. Because every attempt at contact contains the faint hope that he might change his mind after all and that you might get back together.

Not your ex-partner has ended the relationship, but you? In this case, too, you should avoid contact for the time being out of respect. The person who is faced with a fait accompli is usually hit harder. That's why it doesn't help if you break up but keep in touch. And what was that again about "staying friends"? In principle, this is possible, but in many cases it is rather difficult. Because a broken heart can't just switch from "love relationship" mode to friendship mode. Instead, let the dust settle and avoid direct and indirect contact with your ex-partner. This may be a drastic step, but it will help you to reacquaint yourself with yourself and get your feet firmly back on the ground soon enough.

2. let the pain out

Unrequited love and a broken heart are painful. That's why you should give yourself time to heal the wound in your own way. Let your feelings out. Cry if you feel like it. Eat what you feel like. And give yourself time off so that your body and mind can understand and cope with the loss. At the same time, it's important not to get too wrapped up in the pain. Let it out, but then come back to life stronger!

3. do not sink into self-pity

And that brings us to the third point: It is not uncommon for the abandoned person to feel like a victim and sink into self-pity. However, you should avoid this at all costs in order not to fundamentally destroy your self-esteem. Just because your ex-partner and you won't continue your life together doesn't mean you aren't worth loving. A breakup can be for an infinite number of reasons. It simply means that a new chapter is now starting. Let out your heartbreak pain, but don't sink into grief! Try to accept the breakup. Because acceptance is the most effective way to regain your courage soon.

4. dare a new beginning

Now it's time to start over. Realize that the breakup also brings positive qualities for you and that you are ready to start anew. People are adaptable and you too can adjust to the new situation and make the best of it. Don't get lost in the heartbreak. Don't give up, fight your way back into life! Take as much time as you need to do this. Some people get over heartbreak after a few days, others take months. Go at your own pace and trust your inner voice.

5. reflect on your ex-relationship

Once the heartbreak subsides, you should rationally reflect on your ex-relationship again: Why didn't it work out? What did you learn about yourself? What could you do differently or better in your next relationship? Every breakup is a chance to learn. Recognize the mistakes you don't want to make again and make peace with yourself. Take these insights into your new relationship. And who knows, maybe your next partnership will last the rest of your life this way. We wish it to you from the bottom of our hearts.

create a positive mindset

Heartbreak is just a phase that goes away

In this article, you learned what heartbreak is, how it occurs, and what symptoms can be used to determine it. 

Moreover, we have given you 5 useful tips to help you successfully overcome your heartbreak so that you can quickly get back to a happy life. 

As soon as you have succeeded in this, you will have enough strength again to continue on your way. You will set new goals for yourself, develop yourself personally, and certainly find a new life partner who will fill you with happiness. 

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