Positive Beliefs: How to strengthen your mindset

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Positive Beliefs: How to strengthen your mindset

"Faith can move mountains." You've probably heard this quote from the Bible many times. But have you already applied this quote to yourself and your life? Do you have more positive or negative beliefs? Which ones govern your actions more? Why are you at the point in your life where you are right now? And what do your Beliefs to do with it? We'll show you how to use positive beliefs to improve your mindset stronger.

Turn negative thoughts into positive beliefs

You probably know it too. Those moments when you just can't take it anymore. And your Hamster wheel nevertheless keeps turning steadily. The moments in which the negative thoughts predominate. Everything seems to be going wrong anyway. You wake up with a bad gut feeling, after all, your boss was already in a bad mood at work yesterday, and it's certainly not going to get any better today. And also with the partner choice everything goes wrong. Nobody wants you anyway. And if they do, they're just nasty heartbreakers.

Negative beliefs prevent success

These thoughts prevent you from achieving your goals. They stop beautiful and positive elements from coming into your life. These are your thoughts telling you that you are not good enough. That you're too fat, too thin, too stupid, too unmotivated. Thoughts that make you unfree. Self-critical thoughts. But these thoughts are not valid. These are negative beliefs in the subconscious.

How do beliefs arise?

Your beliefs are based on the various experiences that you have had throughout your life. These can arise from incidents in your early childhood that manifested themselves as attitudes and beliefs in your brain or influenced by people around you who have shaped you. These experiences are burned onto your hard drive, and we often forget to put new input onto it. So what shows up on your hard drive may be all your previous life. Phew! It's high time to clean up, OK? It's in your hands, and you can change things. So let's turn negative beliefs into positive beliefs.

Subconscious rules of life

And yes, you also have beliefs and rules deep within you, even if you may not have been aware of them. They determine your everyday behaviour and are subconscious rules by which you live.And rules are actually a good thing because these rules of life can give you stability and security in your life. A kind of safety net in certain situations and an interpretation aid for what's happening around you. But depending on which beliefs have established themselves in your subconscious, they can have negative or positive effects on your life. What you subjectively feel to be true will also prevail in your life.

Negative beliefs: accept instead of fight

You must know those people who always complain that they are unlucky in love. And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, these people always end up with the very heartbreakers they've been avoiding all along. Fear have. The set of beliefs is confirmed. Because for these people, this is the truth. Beliefs can also be your obstacles to success. Negatively charged, they are like an anchor that you threw out at some point and now have to fight against again and again.

What does this mean for you?

It all depends on how these negative thoughts were anchored inside you. And that's why you must deal with them. Take apart your beliefs and review them. Is everything floating around in your head really true? You don't have to believe everything you think. Question your beliefs. Negative beliefs can be, for example,

  • "I am not good enough."
  • "Good looking men/women are always unfaithful."
  • "I'm not worth loving."
  • "I'll never find another job."

Most of the time, it's easier for an outsider to see your beliefs. For you, they already form your subconscious rules of life. But now the moment has come! Make yourself AWARE of the thoughts which you take with you through your life. Often, you make it harder than necessary. So replace your negative thoughts with positive beliefs and start living a happier life! Because by consciously changing your rules of life, you are also changing your life.

Negative beliefs reflect fears or anger

Beliefs are coupled with emotions. With negative thoughts, it's often fear or anger that's reflected in them. But that doesn't mean that there is nothing you can do about your situation. Because in the end, you can break down everything you build up for yourself. Logical, right? Then it will be time for you to turn your negative beliefs into positive ones. Use affirmations, self-affirming phrases,to steer your ship of life in the right direction and replace negative thoughts with positive beliefs! So how can you convince your subconscious that you are absolutely fine the way you are?

Positive beliefs

More clarity in 7 days

The two Visions coaches Christina and Walter Hommelsheim show you in the free 7 Day Vision Challenge how you can achieve more clarity in your life in seven days. And among other things, there are exciting exercises in your workbook on how you can take a closer look at your positive and negative beliefs. Curious now? So what are you waiting for? Check your old beliefs and see what's behind them. Learn your emotions instead of suppressing them. Most of the time, fear is behind the negative attitudes. Fear of failure. Fear of being "not good enough".

Face your fears

As soon as you suppress your fear, it becomes bigger and more engaging. So don't run away from it. Turn and look it in the face. Reprogramme your beliefs and think about which inner beliefs could also be helpful for you.

Exercise: Check your beliefs

Take a quiet moment and a piece of paper. Answer the questions.

  1. What positive thoughts arise when you think about your visions and dreams?
  2. And what negative beliefs do you hold?
  3. What's the real truth about the negative beliefs?

By consciously engaging with your thoughts, you are on the right path to a happy life. So let's go, strengthen your mindset with positive beliefs. Distance yourself from your negative beliefs or change them so that they have a positive impact on your life. Did you do the exercises? Please comment and let us know how you're feeling. We look forward to hearing about your experiences!


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