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Positive beliefs: How to strengthen your mindset

"Faith can move mountains." I'm sure you've heard that quote from the Bible before. But have you ever heard this quote applied to you and your life? Do you have more positive or negative beliefs? Which ones guide your actions more? Why are you at the point in your life where you are now? And what do your beliefs have to do with it? We show you how to strengthen your mindset with positive beliefs.

Away from negative thoughts - towards positive beliefs

You probably know it too. Those moments when you just can't do it anymore. And your hamster wheel keeps spinning. The moments when negative thoughts prevail. Everything seems to go wrong anyway. You wake up with a bad gut feeling, after all the boss was already in a bad mood at work yesterday, so it won't get any better today. And everything also goes wrong with the choice of partner. Nobody wants you anyway. And if they do, they're just mean heartbreakers.

Negative beliefs prevent success

These thoughts are obstacles to success. They prevent beautiful and positive elements from coming into your life. These are your thoughts that tell you that you are not enough. That you are too fat, too thin, too stupid, too unmotivated. Thoughts that make you unfree. Thoughts that criticize yourself. But hey, you can already tell yourself: Those thoughts are not true. They are negative beliefs in your subconscious.

How do dogmas come into being?

Your beliefs are formed from the different experiences you have already had in your life. These can be experiences in your early childhood that manifested themselves as attitudes and beliefs in your brain, or fellow human beings that have shaped you. These Experience are burned to your hard drive and often we forget to put new input on that drive. This means that what has manifested itself on your hard drive may already be your whole life old. Whew. It's about time to clean up, isn't it? You have it in your hand and you can change things. So we turn negative into positive beliefs.

Subconscious life rules

And yes, you too have beliefs anchored in you, even though you may not be aware of them in advance. They determine your everyday behaviour and are subconscious life rules. And rules are actually a good thing. Because these life rules can give you stability and security in your life. A kind of safety net for certain situations and an interpretation aid for what is happening around you. But depending on which beliefs have established themselves in you, these negative or beneficial consequences on your life. That which you subjectively feel to be true will prevail in your life.

Negative beliefs: accept instead of fighting

You must know people who always complain that they have bad luck in love. And as in a self-fulfilling prophecy, these people always get into the hands of the mean heartbreakers, of whom they are afraid all the time. The dogma is confirmed. Because for these people this is the truth. Therefore, dogmas can also be your success preventers. Negatively loaded they are like an anchor that you have cast out at some point and now have to fight again and again.

What does that mean to you?

Depending on how they were anchored inside of you. And that's why it's especially important that you deal with these beliefs. Take your beliefs apart and examine them. Is all that really true, what's going on in your head? You don't have to believe everything you think. Question your beliefs. Negative beliefs can be, for example:

  • "I'm not good enough."
  • "Good-looking men/women are always unfaithful."
  • "I'm not worthy to be loved."
  • "I'll never find another job."

It is usually easier for an outsider to recognize your beliefs. For you they already form your subconscious rules of life. But now the moment has come: Become aware of the thoughts with which you walk through your life. Often you make it harder than necessary. So get out with your negative beliefs and into a new life! Because by consciously changing your rules of life, you also change your life.

Negative beliefs reflect fears or anger

Beliefs are coupled with emotions. In the case of negative beliefs, it is often fear or anger that are reflected in them. But this does not mean that you cannot change your situation. Because in the end you can dismantle everything you build up for yourself. That makes sense, doesn't it? Then it's time for you to turn your negative beliefs into positive ones. Use affirmations, self-affirmative sentencesto steer your ship of life in the right direction! So how can you convince your subconscious that you are good as you are?

In 7 days to more clarity

The two vision coaches Christina Grahn and Walter Hommelsheim show you in the free 7-day vision challenge how you can achieve more clarity in your life in seven days. And among other things there are exciting exercises in your workbook on how to examine your positive and negative beliefs. Are you curious? Then take a look here over! So what are you waiting for? Check out your old beliefs and see what's behind them. Learn your Emotions instead of repressing it. Most of the time fear is behind the negative attitudes. Fear of failure. Fear of not being enough.

Face your fears

As soon as you suppress your fear, it will also become bigger and more engaging. So don't run away from that fear. Take it by the hand and face it. Reprogram your beliefs and think about which inner convictions could be useful for you.

Exercise: Check your beliefs

Take a quiet moment and a piece of paper. (You can also find this exercise in the workbook of the 7 Day Challenge by Christina Grahn and Walter Hommelsheim). Answer the questions.

  1. What positive thoughts appear when you think of your visions and dreams?
  2. And what negative beliefs do you have in you?
  3. What is really true of negative beliefs?

By consciously occupying yourself with your thoughts, you are on the right path to a happy life. So go ahead, strengthen your positive beliefs and distance yourself from your negative beliefs or change them so that they have a positive influence on your life. You have done the exercises? Then feel free to tell us in the comments how you feel. We are looking forward to your experiences!

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