How to take control of your voice

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How to take control of your voice

A magical moment. You meet your blind date for the first time. The eye says: Great! Your counterpart starts the first sentence and immediately the ear determines: Get out of here! There are voices that you like to listen to and others that you just can't hear.

If you haven't liked the way your voice works yet or want to learn how to use it properly, we have good news for you: 

You can train and optimize your voice - so you always have it and its sound under control in every situation! Monika Hein explains how to "keep a strong voice even in weak moments".

The more you work with your voice, the more you will understand how to use it like an instrument. And you can use and train this instrument more specifically with the help of different "controls".

These are the 4 most important "controls" to give your voice more power:

  1. Your body: Straighten up as soon as you speak. Proper body tension automatically makes your voice sound much more powerful. This is because the power of your voice comes from your diaphragm, which can develop better when you stand up straight.
  2. Your breathing: Try to breathe calmly and deeply when you speak. Relaxed breathing into the belly leads to a calm, free voice and also calms your vocal tone.
  3. The sound of your voice: You sound most confident when you use your chest voice. This sounds loud, powerful, mature, and especially confident to your listener because you speak in a lower pitch. You can tell if you are speaking in your chest voice when you feel a slight vibration in your chest while speaking.
    In contrast, your head voice sounds more delicate, soft and childlike, as you primarily use high-pitched tones here. In the head voice, your vocal cords vibrate faster and you don't feel any vibration in your chest when you speak.
  4. Your articulation: This is about the clarity of your pronunciation. The clearer your words, the better your voice sounds. Therefore, to speak more clearly, you can warm up your voice by turning your tongue in a circle behind your closed lips with your mouth closed.

Dr. Monika Hein has an exciting resume: She started in the musical business and dreamed of being successful on the very big stage. Despite her strong voice, a special voice kept her from realizing her dream: her inner voice. Today, she uses her voice to share her knowledge on big stages. She is a speaker, voice coach, communication coach and book author. Her advice is to "use your voice for peace and freedom."

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