Dr. Joe Dispenza: Breaking through space and time

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Dr. Joe Dispenza: Breaking through space and time

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a neuroscientist and one of the international leaders in personal growth. His worldwide seminars are almost always sold out. What is special about his approach? He has managed to combine spirituality and science in a unique way. In the interview he talks about mind and matter and reveals why we should focus more on quantum fields to find happiness, fulfillment and inner peace.

Joe Dispenza: "Inside You endless potential"

Dr. Joe Dispenza believes that each of us has the potential for incredible greatness and unlimited abilities. He says, "I want to help people overcome their own limitations. After the last ten years, I'm sure there's a formula that we've studied and understood. And when people repeat that formula and get really good at it, they see the effects in the outside world. But to do that, you have to be methodical and step by step."

Age of information

In his seminars, Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about energy and quantum fields. Science is a major factor for him. He says, "Science gives people a chance to understand what they are doing and why." Once you understand the what and the why, the expert says it's much easier to implement. He says, "In this age of information, you have a choice to ignore information or use it. With knowledge, you get strength. And whenever you learn something new, you get a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you."

But what exactly are quantum and information fields? Dr. Joe Dispenza explains: "Albert Einstein once experimented with subatomic particles. He found that electrons gain energy and then lose it again. And suddenly a connection was established between mind and matter. Quantum fields are therefore invisible fields of energy and information that exist independently of space and time. You can't see them. But that doesn't mean they don't exist."

Joe Dispenza: "Pull your Using quantum fields

Many people spend their entire lives focusing their attention on matter. In the interview, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains, "Often we focus all our energy on our bodies, on places, on other people, and on everything in the external world. We want to build the future on the past. And yet we only have a certain amount of capacity when we move on the material plane of space and time. Therefore, we must include the quantum field. We must not separate the planes."

But how do you connect with this field? The expert tells: "Our research shows that your energy is exactly where your attention is. If you focus all your attention on the three-dimensional reality, then you play by the rules of matter and physics. And that takes time. On the other hand, if you stop focusing your attention on the three-dimensional reality and expand your consciousness, then you get closer to the field. You cannot perceive the reality of the quantum field with your senses, it exists on another plane. You have to perceive it with your consciousness."

Create new awareness

At his seminars, Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches his participants how to get to that level of consciousness and connect from there to a frequency and to energy. He says, "When you create that connection, you feel connected to something higher. Our senses normally separate everything from each other. But when you connect with the help of Meditation get to that level of consciousness, then everything is connected and you're less in want."

According to the expert, at this level you start to feel like you already have everything you want. Dr. Joe Dispenza: "When you are in the place called the quantum field and you feel like you already have everything you dream of, you don't have to fight anymore. Creating something through the field creates changes in three-dimensional reality. This can be healing from illness or negative experiences, for example."

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